Buff Bake: Nut Butter With a Purpose

Recently, we (might have) introduced you to a product called PB Crave that offered one of the best-tasting peanut butters we ever consumed. While the focus of the product seems to be tasting good, using natural ingredients, and something even greater, it isn’t a revolution in the field of healthy peanut butters (for the body). Buff Bake has created a line of products that is trying to accomplish that level of maintaining the joy of consuming peanut-butter-like substances while increasing the level of nutrition at the same time. The result? That’s up to your taste buds

Buff Bake 3 Cookie Sample Pack (2.8 oz. each)

I give Buff Bake credit for a few things. First, their customer service is tremendous. Second, their logo is so damn cool. Seriously, it’s really similar to our logo but where we crossed chopsticks and dumbbells they used a spoon. We’re basically twins. Finally, they created an absolute genius ingredient in their Birthday Cake Protein Almond Spread and I have no idea how. To go back to the first two for a minute before elaborating on the third, customer service is king nowadays. With the amount of competition in the food/supplement/fitness industry, the smallest difference in a positive/negative experience can make or break a customer’s chance to return. Buff Bake also does much better than many other companies in attracting new customers with a great name and amazing labels… smart branding. Well done.

IMG_0534 (1)

Buff Bake Protein Peanut Spread, White Chocolate, 13 Ounce

The cookies are protein cookies and the single spreads are a nice little snack. They aren’t game-changing, but their taste and texture are a bit better than most of the competition. Still a bit bland because it’s so healthy, but no weird feelings in your digestive system, which is always nice. The game changer here is the Birthday Cake spread. When I went to try this, after having the cookies and spreads first, I had a feeling it wouldn’t taste too great, but would have good texture and be healthy. I love being wrong. 

Growing up, we used to play Home Run Derby at summer camp and winner would get a tub of confetti cake frosting. This tastes like confetti cake frosting. It must be the white chocolate but looking at the ingredients and macros I’m not entirely sure how they managed to pull that off. A one tablespoon (half) serving has about 100 calories in 8 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein. While it doesn’t necessarily deliver this huge amount of protein, it does help minimize the fat and sugar in other peanut butter options. Well done again. 


Buff Bake Protein Almond Spread, Snickerdoodle, 13 Ounce

It’s made in the US right here in California and the product advertises about a one year shelf-life, which is great. The thing is… there’s no way this is lasting a whole year. Keep an eye out for a recipe with this and check out Buff Bake if you’re getting tired of the same old thing. UPDATE: I just noticed they have a Birthday Cake protein cookie. This could be troublesome for me. Oh, and remember, staying happy while finding that healthy lifestyle is a key to staying hungry and fit!

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