30-Day Yoga Program

Last week, I told you guys that I need to learn how to stretch again. I’m here to report I’m doing a fairly good job! What’s one of the best ways to stretch? Yoga! I wanted to restart my stiff, non-flexible body so that I could feel limber again and be able to touch my toes. I found that I had really isolated a big part of my physical health: my flexibility. These 30 (hopefully) consecutive days of yoga will open up my hips, my hamstrings, and overall help my flexibility. I learned the hard way that you can’t ignore one part of your fitness; each part of our physical health is important. If you ignore one part, something bad is going to creep up on you. I am happy and look forward to my yoga each day. But how did I pick one?


Well first things first, I knew I wanted to do an online program. I know that in-person is way better, but I’m not the one with the car, so it’s important for me to be able to do it every day just at home. So, I narrowed it down a little bit, maybe cut it down by fifty. Now I had to face the overwhelming decision over hundreds of 30-day yoga programs on the internet. I mean, there are tons! How did I decide? Well, first you have to decide what’s important to you. Are you looking for a good workout? A sweat? To get more flexible? To find spirituality and peace? To get strong? Are you a beginner? Advanced? There are so many places to start and so many questions to answer. YouTube is host to many free yoga programs. 

You end up needing to just choose one and sample them. Have your answers in your mind as you test them out. Do they fit your needs? Does the instructor meld with your vibe? Even if it’s not live, you still need to like the instructor. Does their voice annoy you? Are they too fast-paced? There are a lot of questions to ask while going through a sample class. It’s important you can find someone you want to learn from and who will guide you in the direction you’re looking for.


Source: Yoga with Adriene

After trying a few different people, I finally decided on Yoga with Adriene. Why did I choose her? Well, first, she had an already laid out 30-Day yoga program, so that was great. Second, it’s hard not to be happy while “taking” her class. I do these after long stressful work days, and it’s become something I really look forward to. Why? She’s a goofball. I know we all think of yoga teachers to be all serene and already have reached enlightenment about four years ago, but she’s so authentically herself. It makes you smile and laugh through the difficult poses. She makes you feel like you can do it. She’s a weirdo, just like me. She makes stupid silly jokes and then makes fun of herself afterward. But beyond that, she encourages you to try things, to be brave, but also to listen to yourself. She makes each class able to be taken by anyone, and I really appreciate that. The only thing I feel that’s missing is that she doesn’t stay in corpse pose with you for a meditation after the physical practice.

Even if you’re not doing a 30-Day Yoga Program, I really encourage you to check out Adriene’s page. She has more things like Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for the Mornings, Yoga When You’re Sick, and so on and so forth. I guarantee she will make you smile and you will feel better after taking her class. I look forward to carrying out my 30-day journey with her! Take yoga to stay hungry and fit!


My love

My love

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