2015’s Best Protein Powder

While in Petco tonight, I was questioning my normal choice for dog food and needed assistance. Under great duress due to my indecisive nature and love for our animals, I decided to head over to a reliable website. While we might look to Amazon and Yelp for reviews or thumbs up on YouTube for that matter, we often forget that anyone can contribute to those ratings. The result is something far more subjective and far less consistency.

When I need to make a more important decision, I might head over to Cnet or review.com because I know that they are professionals, getting paid for what they are doing, and therefore to a certain degree, their lives depend on providing high quality and far more objective reviews. While I don’t know them personally, their reviews seem to be extremely in-depth and considerate of more than just, “we’ll give you some money to recommend our product.” Sadly that happens far too often, especially in the fitness and nutrition industries!

Gotta get our protein on to stay hungry and fit!

Gotta get our protein on to stay hungry and fit!

Therefore, this link is not necessarily my choice for the best protein powder of 2015, but rather a result of a nearly 200-hour project that took 697 protein powders into consideration. Who decided which was the best? No one person. It wasn’t Lebron James or your favorite model. It was 32 fitness nutrition experts along with another 4000 registered dietitians. The person you’ve probably been taking recommendations from isn’t either of those two and while they might have made some serious gains on the outside, who knows what toll it is taking on their long-term health.

So, out of those 697 protein powders, there are three brands that garner any recognition. I’m not telling you to do anything but educate yourself a little more and then reconsider your decision when you jump on Amazon, Tiger Fitness, or Bodybuilding.com to make a purchase. This is just a great resource we wanted to share with you, but if you have any questions after reading the article, please leave a comment below!

Being an educated consumer is important in an industry where there are so many scams, lies, and people trying to simply make money. Honestly, I don’t want to see anyone get ripped off because there are just some awful products out there. You might as well put dirt in a 2 lb tub and sell it for $50, because that is what a lot of people are selling, and buying. Being an educated consumer is also a crucial step to becoming hungry and fit!



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  1. Kai

    November 9, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    Wow that’s awesome, I wish everything was so reviewed so scientifically

    • hungryandfit

      November 9, 2015 at 8:21 pm

      Seriously! We have another one coming up!

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