Giveaway: Lululemon Bag from Phitt

It’s just two months away from the most wonderful time of the year, for us at least. What’s our favorite part of the last two weeks of the year? Giving, of course. Thus, we want to share this opportunity with you. Our friends over at Phitt are currently giving away an amazing Lululemon Gym-to-Win Duffel Bag. This bag runs about $150 and could be the perfect holiday present for yourself or someone else, so you might as well try.

Image Source: Phitt

Image Source: Phitt

reliable bag can sometimes be the reason you do, or don’t end up going to the gym or working out. If you’re worried about valuables falling out because of a broken zipper, not being able to carry the groceries after going to the gym because the shoulder strap isn’t strong enough, or just not being able to find your iPod or MP3 player inside one giant pocket, this bag will definitely help.

The giveaway has nothing to do with Instagram or Lululemon, it’s just based off of Phitt’s generosity. The rules are simple and you’re only required to have a public profile on Instagram. If you don’t have it, you could just sign up since it’s free. All you need to do is follow two amazing accounts, tag them in a photo that shows your daily essentials, and in the caption tell everyone your why. This link will help you enter but don’t wait, the contest ends the first of November, 11/1!

For example, I would post a picture of a protein shake, a watch, my planner, my boxing gloves and wraps, my cell phone, wallet, keys, and a leash. Then I’d explain how I work endless hours every day and still find time to eat and train because I have a family to take care of and protect. Everything in the picture represents my hustle and grind to be successful enough to take care of my family. Obviously, you could say a lot more or less but the choice is yours. They want to know your why, and your why is completely unique to you because your drive and motivation will help you, more than anything else, stay hungry and fit!

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