How to Keep Up Your Hobbies on a Budget

Here at Hungry and Fit, we know all about hobbies (from video games, to reading, to board games, to card games, to writing, to working out and more), but also know about how important it is to stay on budget! We’re happy to share this post from SuperSerp!

We don’t need to be told twice – we’re all going through a tough time financially at the moment. The country is in a period of austerity, but does that mean we need to be living a dull and fruitless life? There are so many ways to keep active and engaged without needing to spend a fortune, and one way to do this is by having a range of hobbies. Here’s how to keep up your hobbies whilst on a budget:

Try some online gaming and develop your strategy skills

Playing games can be good fun and a relaxing way to unwind after a hard day at work. You may enjoy logical games like Sudoku or ones which test your strategy skills. Many sites also offer the opportunity for users to compete or play for money, such as Spin Palace, where your skills in poker or on the slots could actually end up making you a bit of cash! Another viable option is to take up more brain training exercises by using the tests developed by the BBC with top neuroscientists. There’s also the game ‘Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training’ which is available to download in the AppStore, if you have Apple products, or as an Nintendo game if you have a DS.

Keep an eye out for events in town halls or community groups

Joining a gym and going to exercise classes can (unfortunately) be on the pricey side – but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out! There are lots of options available – but if you want to combine your work out with a hobby than it could be a good idea to check out your local community. There may be a football club nearby or a Zumba class in the evenings and usually these come with minimal costs as there aren’t many overheads for the instructors. That said, if you already have an active lifestyle maybe you might want a more sedate hobby like a local photography group – you’ll never know what’s available until you get out and have a look!

 Have a clear out and raise some pennies

Look around you. Are you surrounded by unnecessary clutter and stuff you’ve never used before and probably never will? It could be the ideal time for a clear out – which will stop you slouching out in front of the TV all night. It can also be beneficial for your mental health as you can unclutter your life of unwanted objects and emotions. If you have lots of books you could sell them on Amazon, clothes and household items sell well on eBay whilst the other clutter might fetch some money at a car boot sale. There are lots of options available so you don’t have any excuses!

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