How to Get Better at Push-Ups

Just like pull-ups, push-ups can be a really tough point for most people (especially females who aren’t used to strength training). However, you can get there! As you may know, one of my summer goals is to be able to do 20 consecutive push-ups. And I am already at 14! I really hope to be able to finish my goal by the end of October, and I think I can do it! It’s all about practice. And what are you trying to practice exactly to reach multiple push-ups? Muscle endurance

Those major and minor pectorals need to build up their endurance if you want them to be able to carry you through twenty repetitions of full body-weight! I’ve built a few different workouts, but here are some exercises that will help you get there. Remember, to build muscle endurance, you want to do at least 12 reps for each set. 


1. Push-ups. Yep. To get better, you need to practice the real thing. If you can’t do a real push-up, you can do knee push-ups. Make sure your body is rigid, like a board. Your neck or hips shouldn’t droop or raise.

2. Incline chest press/bench press. Set a bench to an inclined position. Not too high, but that so you’re elevated off the flat angle. This angle makes it a lot harder, so it’s good to do this early on in the workout before your muscles are too tired. Use two dumbells or a barbell, and press above you. Just come down to shoulder level.


3. Incline pec flies. You’re going to be at the same angle for this one. I also call these “tree huggers” as well for clients to understand the exercise easier. Basically, you’re going to spread your arms out wide, but keep your elbows at a bent angle. Now keeping the angle, bring your arms together then back out again. Keep that angle! Go nice and slow.


4. Incline push-ups. Use the bench to simply do elevated push-ups. Do as many as you can, putting your hands on your bench, and your feet on the ground.


5. Flat chest press/bench press. Same thing as #2, but keep the bench flat. Be mindful of your form.


6. Flat pec flies. Same as #3, but, again, keep the bench flat. Make sure your elbows stay at that bent angle. Imagine you’re hugging a tree laying down!


7. Tri push-ups. Put your hands together to make a diamond shape. Now do a push-up. Hard, isn’t it? This one especially engages the triceps, which will help you get to your goal. If you need to go to your knees, do so.


8. Plank to push-up. This one will certainly get that ticker ticking. Start in an elbow plank, and then push up to a push-up position. Then go back to plank. Then use the other arm to get to push-up position. 

Remember, at least 12 reps with around 3 sets to each exercise. Now, you don’t have to do all of these in one workout–mix them up! You can also use things like plated apparatuses and cables as well. Try to do this every days, mixing in with the rest of your muscle workouts to get better at push-ups! Do this workout to stay hungry and fit!



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