Bulu Box Review: Unique Health in a Box

I was thrilled when I was chosen to review a Bulu Box: who doesn’t love samples? What kind of samples, you ask? Well if you’re interested in this important thing called health, you may be interested. How often have you scoured about in magazines or online to find that exact product to fit your needs? Those organic, healthy items that you can’t find anywhere. Or maybe you just want to try something new, something to shake up your game, to give you a boost. It sounds like Bulu Box is for you.

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Bulu Box is the first of its kind: a health, nutrition, and weight loss “discovery box” to find out about new products that work for you. Each box comes with 4-5 high-quality, premium samples to try and see if you’re interested. It’s a definite try-before-you-buy type of deal. What I love about it is that you get incredibly unique items you would never normally see in stores or think about buying. It provides a way for you to discover new things. For example, mine had cricket protein powder–CRICKET! Pretty cool. My other items included: a mediterra savory bar, Earth’s Care Anti-Itch cream, Island Boost renegade (workout fuel), more-T tooth-brush, and Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula. I can’t wait to try everything!


For each box you receive, you receive a card, with the description of each item on it, the price and also quantity. It also shows which category each falls into which is also pretty cool. You can get each thing in a full size on bulubox.com. It works on a subscription basis: you can either choose the Bulu Box Original or Bulu Box Weight Loss if that’s more your goal. Then you subscribe for either a month, three months, six months, or a year–all with free shipping (only $10/month). You can also gain bonus reward points by filling out the survey that comes in each box. 


We are in full support of discovering new things and trying them! Be brave! Try that cricket powder, maybe it’s the sustenance you’ve been looking for! There is a huge variety of items that you can receive each month–I love that you can get anything! It makes each box a delightful surprise. If you use SWEATPINK on a three-month subscription, your order will be 50% off. Pretty good deal! So go out there, see what you receive and stay hungry and fit!


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