How to Increase Your Pull-Up Game

Pull-ups can be one of the most difficult exercises–especially for adult-aged women. It’s also funny and frustrating that they are also one of the most simple exercises out there. If you’ve been following us on our summer fitness journey, you know that one of my summer goals is to do four pull-ups in a row. Right now, I’m at two. However, I’m doing grueling workouts (still feeling it everywhere) in order to get to that goal. Do the exercises below to increase your pull-up game (if you’re brand new to pull-ups, we have something for you too!). Remember that we’re going for strength here so keep the number of reps low


1. Aussie pull-ups. Yes, I know I’m a Kiwi, but these are amazing! Use a smith machine, set the bar down low, lay down on the ground and pull yourself up to the bar. 

IMG_1906 IMG_1905

2. Lat pull downs. A very basic back exercise, but important to build those wings. You can use a basic machine or a plate-loaded machine. 


3. Assisted pull-ups. Be cautious with these–you don’t want to be too dependent on this exercise. This should just be another way you can work out your back and get strong enough to do pull-ups without them. 


4. Negative pull-ups. These are huge in your pull-up game! Get something to stand on below your pull-up bar. Grab the bar. Then jump high and slowly lower yourself down. All your muscles will fight as you do these negative exercises. Go as slow as you possibly can for the best effect on your muscles.


5. Seated cable rows. Another great isolated exercises to build that muscle in your back. Keep your knees slightly bent and your back upright as you pull the weight towards you.


6. Pull-ups. You may get 0.5 pull-ups but just try every time. Never hurts to try and you might surprise yourself. This is the whole goal!


7. Bar hang. Save this for the last part of your workout. Get a good grip onto the bar and just hang there for as long as your hands can take it. This is to build up your hand strength and your skin durability. It hurts so good.

Pain face

Pain face

That should be a pretty good start in learning how to increase your pull-up game. Remember, we’re going for strength so keep reps below six and sets at a minimum of four. This isn’t an easy workout but it is incredibly satisfying and makes you feel like a beast. Work hard at it and you’ll be reppin those pull-ups! Do these exercises to stay hungry and fit!


Sajah, those don't fit!

Sajah, those don’t fit!

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