Personal Training: Choosing a Specialty

There are tons of personal trainers and fitness coaches out there. As a health-seeker or enthusiast trying to get in your best shape possible, you need to find someone that has the knowledge to work with you specifically, and the ability to relate to your goals. As an aspiring fitness professional, use a specialty or specialties to increase your marketability and continue to train the clients that you enjoy working with for longevity in the industry.

In this video, Fit addresses all of you looking for the right trainer to reach your goals without spending a ton or wasting money on trainers that aren’t right for you. Hungry uses his experience to explain to new trainers how they can make themselves more desirable by finding area where they excel. 


This concept is key for both parties. Think about it this way… if you want to become a powerlifting champion, are you going to hire a personal trainer from Planet Fitness? Or are you going to hire a USAPL Certified Coach with competitive experience?

Because not wasting your money, or time, gets you one step closer to being hungry and fit!


Precious sleeper

Precious sleeper

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