Street Food Fail: Zoe Ma Ma (Boulder)

Here’s a quick review of a “restaurant” in Boulder that advertises that they serve yummy street food. It was a beautiful Friday night so we walked downtown and I was even wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We always want to try new food despite having some favorite locations. I had a craving for Chinese a few nights earlier after working out, and this arrived on Yelp, but we couldn’t make it because we didn’t have enough time. I’ll say that it was not the Chinese food that I was in the mood for, or will ever be.

They are right about one thing, it is street food. I, however, did not think that it was yummy. It also cost us $30.00 and did not fill us up at all. I ordered every piece of their three/four piece dim sum menu. They all tasted the same, very starchy and lacking keen flavors (even though one was chicken, one pork and one veggie). Alana ordered a veggie noodle bowl and I ordered the daily special, a duck noodle soup. It was the best part of the meal but still just lacked flavor and was insanely overpriced.

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In the end we have no reason to return. It was average street food at restaurant prices. If you’re in Boulder County and want a good bowl of noodles, go to Kho’s Asian Bistro in Longmont. Health tip alert! (because that’s why we’re here right?) When traveling, have street food (find good stuff!) in small quantities to keep that metabolism working and to try different flavors in a new and exciting place.

Kho's Shrimp Ramen

Kho’s Shrimp Ramen


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Sleepy Sajah

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  1. gwoning

    March 28, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    if yall are ever in denver, yall should go to pinche tacos. i think it used to be a food cart, but now has a “brick and mortar” location. legitimately good street style tacos (and margaritas). Coming from Texas, I think I can make this claim

    • hungryandfit

      March 28, 2013 at 5:53 pm

      Ooh gotta try this out!

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