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How to De-Stress Yourself

Mental health is just as important as physical health! Life needs balance, there’s many sides to health: physical, mental, emotional/spiritual. So let’s talk about how to de-stress yourself. Life can be overwhelming. It can suck, it can be hard, it can be unfair. But you’re still going to be at the center of feeling those painful emotions. Work can be stressing you to tears, your partner could put you on the brink, or maybe your family is just driving you insane. Then it’s easy to get sucked into those emotions, like a whirlwind. It’s hard to see any positivity and everything looks real bleak. I know most people has felt this at some point: overwhelmed by stress and/or negative thoughts.

But wait! You don’t have to drown in that pool of painful thoughts and feelings. There’s an exercise that my dad taught me that can really help.

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A New Kind of Champion

This post brought to you by Sports Authority . The content and opinions expressed below are that of hungryandfit.

As you guys know, I’m on a mission with some certain summer fitness goals. More specifically, I’ve been working on bodyweight exercises like increasing my pull-ups, push-ups, wall sits, handstand push-ups, and planks. It’s a mix of muscular endurance and strength. I need fitness apparel and clothes that aren’t going to confine me and give me seamless comfort, letting me give pure performance. Have you ever had clothing that were just too tight in some place and distracting during your workout? No bueno. That’s why I choose to take Champion GEAR on my workout journey and fitness goals. 

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No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Cake (Vegan)

This weekend, I was lucky enough to have a playdate with my two friends who are married. Besides stuffing me like a little piggy with delicious food, we also got to make it from scratch! This was alongside a marathon of Once Upon a Time season 4 that just got uploaded to Netflix! Can you say a good Saturday? Heck yeah. One of my friends is a vegan (mostly) and she had been talking about this vegan cake forever. I was finally getting my chance to make, and more importantly taste it! The one, the only no-bake chocolate mousse cake! She goes off of this recipe

This recipe may seem intimidating, but I can honestly tell you that it was over before I knew it. A food processor certainly helps, though! Close your eyes. Imagine a velvety, smooth mousse atop a nutty-chocolate crust. And then after, imagine no guilt, but instead feeling the healthy fats helping your body thrive! Yep, ladies and gentlemen–a HEALTHY chocolate cake. And doesn’t it feel rather warm out? I’d say so. Guess what: this recipe is a NO-BAKE recipe! Thank goodness! The oven always gets our apartment cooking. So take some time today, make this cake for a special someone, and don’t tell them how healthy it us until after they eat it! And then thank my friend for sharing this recipe with me. 

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How to Swim Programs: Which is the Best?

There are many ways to learn how to swim. Everyone has a different school of thought. But what are the real pros and cons of each one? Fear is a big issue concerning water and it stops people from learning how to swim all the time which is incredibly dangerous. Drowning is a huge cause of death around the world. We’re here to try to educate you on what is the best way on learning how to swim. Watch this video to learn more about it from the master!

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Easy Biscuit Dinner Rolls

We had a family get-together over the weekend and I had to think of something for a side dish. We had no butter, no veggies–nothing in the fridge or pantry. But one thing we did have…baking ingredients! Why don’t I make dinner rolls! Perfect. However…I didn’t have butter. But, thanks to the internet, I found my way around it! I used this recipe. However, again, it called for an ingredient I didn’t have–mayonnaise. I looked up a few different ways to “substitute” mayo and decided on my winner (egg yolk + oil). Either we were going to have some great dinner rolls or we were going to stop at Whole Foods. Spoiler alert: they turned out great! This is an incredibly easy recipe for some delicious biscuit dinner rolls

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We Dare You…to #GetActiveWDY!

That’s right, we dare YOU to get active–whatever it takes. Even though summer is winding down, that gives us no excuse to stop having summer fun! You know here at Hungry and Fit, we are all about getting active and enjoying ourselves while doing so! We encourage you to join us in getting and staying active for this month of August and beyond. We are partnering with UnitedHealthcare to bring this to you and to your friends and family! We’ve discussed time and time again about being the example, being the model for everyone else around you pays off. Not only does it inspire others, but it inspires you and enables you to give it your all every single time. 


Resting between sets of exercise!

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Bulu Box Review: Unique Health in a Box

I was thrilled when I was chosen to review a Bulu Box: who doesn’t love samples? What kind of samples, you ask? Well if you’re interested in this important thing called health, you may be interested. How often have you scoured about in magazines or online to find that exact product to fit your needs? Those organic, healthy items that you can’t find anywhere. Or maybe you just want to try something new, something to shake up your game, to give you a boost. It sounds like Bulu Box is for you.

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Get Phitt! Drive the Movement

A few months ago, Hungry joined a new project because he has serious problems focusing on one thing at a time. Opportunities to try something else come often but it’s a rarity to find a real diamond in the rough. They’re usually rocks in the rough. There are hundreds of thousands companies and causes that you haven’t heard of and you probably never will. Not everyone can be Chipotle, Starbucks, and Apple but in order to get anywhere near there you need to have a vision and drive. “Too low they build, who build beneath the stars.” (Edward Young) You need to be willing to put that dream high on your priority list; higher than working out, eating, and even sleeping. 

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Good Morning Meditation

It’s easy to go about our morning either dazed and confused or rushed and panicked. Then how does that make the next few hours play out? The day, even? With just five to ten minutes (even less sometimes!), you can set the right intention for the day and get into the mindset you want to be in. I find this much more preferable than the craze that our minds and therefore focus can get whipped into. So here’s a simple good morning meditation to try to do each morning and start the day right. This can be done any time of the day, but I find that the morning is great for setting the day up.

Find a comfortable seated position or laying position (if you won’t fall asleep). If you’re seated, sit up straight and tall. If you’re laying, be still and unbothered.
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