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The Update You’ve Been Waiting For

Hey team Hungry & Fit, we have some exciting announcements for you, and obviously for us! Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to expect moving forward. You might have noticed that there was a month or two where we weren’t posting much content and that is because we have moved from one part of LA to another part of LA… again. That only marks the fourth time in three years and the seventh time in six years. It seems we just can’t stay still. Now that we’re mostly settled in our new place, you should expect (and demand) more from us!

This really is an exciting time of year. It starts to get cooler, we fall back with the time change and the sun sets earlier, and some of the most enjoyable holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas plans are being made and lists are carefully crafted. Amazing movies and video games are released nearly every week for the rest of the year so there are plenty of reasons to be in high spirits. If you want to find out a bit more about those releases, look here.

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H&F Shorts on YouTube

We recently mentioned that we’d be stepping up our YouTube game (again!) and this time (with the help of Iron Fortitude’s Juan), we’re  actually off to a good start. We set a goal to release four videos this month and if you follow this link, then you’ll see we already have 3. Obviously, if you watched those, they’re only 15 seconds each since they’re just “shorts,” but we plan on using these to promote longer videos and to get everyone just a little more excited about it. 

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New Exciting Projects for Hungry & Fit

When team Hungry & Fit officially started back in 2012, we had no idea what would happen. It could have failed after a month but we’ve stuck with it, thanks to our amazing followers. We’ve had our successes and failures, but we’ve kept pushing forward because we want to be good role models for all of you. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle, after all, is a challenge and you’re faced with endless forks in the road, dead ends, and other hazards.

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Is It Worth Buying My Own TRX Trainer?

Do you think it’s worth buying my own TRX trainer for home? That was a question I recently received from a follower and friend. He has been constantly trying to change his workout regiment over the past 5 years to avoid plateaus. This had led to him working with different trainers and exposure to new equipment. With all those differing opinions, you start to develop questions. One of the big questions is, how much do I invest in my effort to get fit? For some, investing is an issue of different resources whether it is money, time, or space. 

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30-Day Yoga Program

Last week, I told you guys that I need to learn how to stretch again. I’m here to report I’m doing a fairly good job! What’s one of the best ways to stretch? Yoga! I wanted to restart my stiff, non-flexible body so that I could feel limber again and be able to touch my toes. I found that I had really isolated a big part of my physical health: my flexibility. These 30 (hopefully) consecutive days of yoga will open up my hips, my hamstrings, and overall help my flexibility. I learned the hard way that you can’t ignore one part of your fitness; each part of our physical health is important. If you ignore one part, something bad is going to creep up on you. I am happy and look forward to my yoga each day. But how did I pick one?

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Storytelling Friday: Your First Ever Personal Training Client

Greetings from our new apartment! We promise we will get back to you on a regularly scheduled basis! But for now….we want to tell a story! In this video, Hungry tells the story of his very first personal training client way back in the day! It’s a fun story and he shares some lessons that he himself learned on that day. This is a short story so take some time to watch sometime today while you’re trying not to fall asleep at work! 

Sometimes (most times) even personal trainers need trainers!

Sometimes (most times) even personal trainers need trainers!

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How to Swim in Front of Large Crowds

This could be for anyone: it could be for you, your children, your parents, or your friends! It could be a child swim meet, it could be a swim-a-thon for a good cause, or maybe it’s a triathlon. What do these events mean? Besides being great athletic trials, these events mean there will be lots of people around! This could completely throw people off. In this video, we tell you how to get past worrying about swimming in front of large crowds.

chris swim
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Tough Mudder Training

There are a lot of obstacle races out there. And one of the hardest ones is the Tough Mudder. It’s longer than most with more obstacles than most with more extremes than most. That is why we created a video for some Tough Mudder training! There are many ways to go about training for such a race, but we’ve outlined the best path for you.

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What Contributes to Obesity: Calories or Inactivity?

Obesity is steadily becoming a more hot topic in American, which is good because there needs to be more awareness. With more discussion, comes more debate and such. Nutritionists have one opinion, personal trainers have another, and doctors even another. We’re just glad that they all agree that it is an important issue and we need to do all we can to combat it. In this video, Hungry discusses both sides of the coin: is it how many calories you eat or is it your inactivity? Or both?

FullSizeRender (3)

In addition to talking about studies and what research suggests, we give you some tips on how to combat gaining unhealthy weight for yourself! We always love feedback so feel free to comment here or on the video! Watch this video to stay hungry and fit!

Is It Okay to Workout with Bad Wrists?

Bad wrists are a common injury or hurt in today’s society. In fact, both Hungry and I feel ours all the time, unfortunately. However, even though we are hurting, we still want to workout! We still want to hit the weights or the push ups! This video explains if it is okay or not to workout with bad wrists. 

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