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How to Like Greek Yogurt

I’ve been there. I’ve been handed my first Greek yogurt (it was the new magical thing), I’ve dug my spoon into the yogurt with anticipation, and I’ve stuck my tongue out with disappointed disgust. For me, at least, Greek yogurt was not a love at first sight. It was a hill to climb to enjoy it. The thickness, the sourness–it was hard to get down. I’m pretty sure I made a retching sound and handed it back to whoever gave it to me in the first place. Not dramatic at all. Why am I telling you this? Because now I love Greek yogurt! I got there because it’s full of protein and it’s a great part of my nutrition. And you can too. Follow these 5 steps.

An evening snack of Greek yogurt and Bonne Mamam preserves
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Fuel Your Adventures

What are summers for? Adventures. Beach-bumming, camping, road trips, cookouts, picnics, backpacking, and so on. Are you getting excited yet? I am. Tastes of grilled cheeses, s’mores, sangria, burgers, and ice cream. Now, you must be getting excited. Summer adventures are the best: the remaining shades of sunburn on your skin tingling as the sun dips down into nightfall where family and friends galore get together for some grub. Everyone has their own summer dream and that’s what’s fun about it: with everyone’s differing ideas, you get to experience a little of everything. 

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Fit’s Favorite Spot: Yogurtland (Los Angeles, CA)

For the past few years or so, frozen yogurt has started to trend and is now a craze. I am certainly not separate from this craze–I love it too! It’s refreshing, delicious, and cheap! If you go to the right place, of course… And that leads me to YogurtlandIt is alwaysmust-stop when I visit home in California (as there are none nearby in Boulder, CO). They call themselves “the land of endless yogurt possibilities,” and it is so true.

photo 2 (3)

You can find yogurt places everywhere, we even have a favorite here in Boulder. But for me, Yogurtland tops them all. Why? Many reasons. First, let’s start with the incredible flavor selection: there’s always something for everyone, whether you feel like chocolate, tart, fruit, or any of the crazy flavors they come up with. When we were there, they were doing some “travel the world” mission to get different flavors from all over the world. They always have the best. And ENDLESS toppings too.

Second, they put real ingredients in their yogurt. If you get pistachio yogurt, there’s pistachio in there. They do it with real milk and use seasonal fruit. It always leaves you feeling refreshed and happy, unlike other places that will make you feel bloated and a little off. Third, they make sure to stock your yogurt up with all the probiotics you need, leaving you with a healthy gut and a happy belly with their deliciousness. And another big one, the price. You go to a lot of these yogurt places (one near our college comes to mind) and they are crazy expensive. Sometimes it’s just not worth it. But not at Yogurtland! 35 cents per ounce. Guaranteed for a delicious, healthy (depending on toppings), cheap treat.

My latest cup

My latest cup

This is a raving review of this place. I have loved this franchise since I first had it and no other yogurt place could ever stand beside it. I used to be a Pinkberry person, but never again. My favorite combo is tart with some other fruit flavors (acai if they have it) and I put toppings like mochi, lots of fruit, and sometimes yogurt chips (redundant, I know) on as well. I’ve turned on lots of family and friends to this place and it’s always worth the trip to Little Little Tokyo (not in Downtown LA, but in Westwood). If you have one in your state, make the trip there and go to froyo heaven.

A California sunset

A California sunset

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