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All of Our Other Projects!

Obviously, we don’t make enough from this blog to live our amazing life in Hollywood, California, with our four pets and appetite for delicious food. We’ve always had real jobs too, but we won’t bore you with our work history because you can find (most of) it on our LinkedIn profiles. We do, however, love to keep ourselves busy and while some of us (Alana/Fit) have done a great job becoming more focused on certain projects, some of us (Chris/Hungry) are still bouncing all over the walls every day and night trying to figure out what he really wants to do with his life. Before we get to different projects, we’d like to remind you that we’re “rebranding” our social media so that Hungry & Fit content is separate from our personal accounts. This has happened/is happening to our YouTube and Instagram so far, but we’re planning on doing the same for Twitter and even Email.

Moving back to those other projects, since you’ve always been a part of this little family! First, we’ll start with the most exciting one… Alana’s baby. 

Just One More Word – Alana is a writer, as you all know, but she doesn’t only write delicious recipes and amazing workouts. She’s written poetry (that has been published) and has been working on a fantasy series for years. Recently, after taking part of some rigorous writing challenges, she decided to start tracking her thoughts on this new blog. She only just created it a few weeks ago, but it’ll be a great resource for aspiring writers and everyone who wants to track her progress on her novel!

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The Path to Success

I found this to be an extremely interesting list for a few reasons. First, it’s Forbes, so you assume it has more legitimacy than what you’d find peppered all over your feed on Facebook. Obviously, there is some accuracy to these figures, not that they’re entirely accurate or rather, not that they tell you the whole story. Second, the title states this list contains “The World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities.” While I can really break that down and talk about what they might mean by both the world’s and highest-paid, the most intriguing part is the word, “celebrity.” 

I’ve always been confused by that word. Webster defines it as ‘a famous person,’ but this list clearly does not contain the highest-paid famous people in the world. At a quick glance, it contains very few, if any, billionaires. Bill Gates is certainly a celebrity by that definition and he definitely qualifies by the monetary standard, but they don’t seem to be including anyone in that specific industry. In fact, I decided to break this down to figure out who is on the list. 


One path to success

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A Book to Inspire You: Big Magic

I forget where I first heard of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, but I’m very grateful to that unknown source. I’ve been writing my whole life–I’m no master, but I have always enjoyed creating stories. It’s a hobby of mine I hope to focus on now that the big wedding is done and that I have a little bit more time on my hands. But writing, or being creative in general, isn’t as easy as putting pen to paper (or brush to canvas or hands to flowers)–though, technically that’s what you need. Sometimes, you need a little bit of inspiration. This book more than does that. 

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My Obsession with Efficiency

I’m not sure if this has to do with my generation (probably does), the environment I live in, or just who I am, but I have the unfortunate obsession with being efficient. This makes me sound like I’m humbly bragging. It’s not necessarily a good thing–it’s really more of a curse. It doesn’t mean I’m more productive in any sense, not really. I think it has a huge correlation to being constantly connected whether that’s by phone, social media, or computer. We need to frequently refresh our social media to see if anything new has happened. We are glued to the news and anything “breaking” we can break away from. This has a big impact on needing to always be doing something.

Sometimes, you just need to slow down and sip the juice

Sometimes, you just need to slow down and sip the juice

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My Mantra for This Year

Another year sits at our feet and dreams whirl about our heads. Everyone is asking themselves, what am I going to achieve this year? Whether it be health goals to relationship goals to career goals, people are setting their sights. That includes us here at Hungry and Fit as well. We usually throw up some fun fitness goals and see where our motivation and drive will take us. I, however, am taking a slightly diverted path than the normal one. Although I certainly do have fitness goals this year (we do have a wedding coming up), I wanted to find a mantra that I could follow to keep me inspired. This mantra has a slightly broader message than just focused on one goal. My theme, mantra, whatever you want to call it for this year is #chasingdreams. This hashtag is inspired by @kelogsloops on Instagram who is an artist chasing their dreams and uses the hashtag #brbchasingdreams. 

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Write for Slant News!

Have you ever wanted to be able to express yourself freely, write news articles, or generally get published? Better yet, would you like to get paid for doing so? Slant News is the perfect place for you. Born out of the principles of wanting writers to be able to publish freely and have ownership over their work, Slant News is an up and coming news source and it’s clear that it’s here to stay. It recently just opened to the public for any writer who would like to join (before it was closed application). Slant News represents something great: freedom and power. You have the freedom to write what you please, about breaking news, about what’s going on with the world. Double that with the power to own your stories without a news company taking that away and you have an amazing combination. 

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How Movies Inspire Us

Hungry and I are creative people. We use our creative juices and energy to create ideas, stories, concepts, and so on. With creativity, comes the need for inspiration. Lately, I haven’t been as creative as I’ve once been. I’m not writing much (besides blogging) and I don’t feel that pull to create, even though I know it would be wonderful once I start. Sometimes the best way to do it is just to start, period. However, there are other ways as well. 

This past weekend, we FINALLY saw the last installment of The Hobbit movie series. We were a little late on seeing it because of conflicting busy schedules and whatnot. The Lord of the Rings trilogy on both paper and screen holds an incredibly special place in our hearts and minds. Even though The Hobbit movie series isn’t as good as the book (duh) or doesn’t come close to the Lord of the Rings movies, we still appreciate and enjoy Peter Jackson’s heart and humor. How pure Bilbo can be in the face of greed, danger, and death and how brave and understanding Gandalf can be after all things. 

As I watched, I got a twang of inspiration from the whole thing as a picture. The backdrop, the setting, the story, the characters, the heart, the battles–everything. Someone had thought of all this, someone had created this entire world, this entire story. You become inspired by a hobbit’s willing to risk the worst in order to help others, to watch good triumph evil, to see what really lies beneath people’s actions. It was a wonderful stroke of inspiration that made me want to go create my own stories and my own characters.

We don’t just watch movies because we enjoy them. We don’t just go to the movies for the popcorn, candy, and drinks. We go to the movies because they inspire us. They make us appeal to greater things and strive higher to become who we want to be. This may not apply to Love Actually (though, love can be a wonderful muse) or comedies, but next time you’re at the movies, really think about it. Let yourself become open to the experience and try to draw some inspiration from the story, the characters, the setting and see what happens. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What movie inspires you?


Noke being a silly sleeper

Noke being a silly sleeper

Work with Us!

Happy Tuesday (at least in Colorado)! We just wanted to send out a short post letting you know that we have (finally) put up our official “Work with Us” page. You can find it by clicking hereWe wanted to write up an official page to make it easier for others to work with us and find us in order to establish opportunities and so forth. You will find our contact information and various options of what we are open to (anything from food to fitness to travel to nerdy stuff!). And besides…who wouldn’t want to work with us?!? (See below picture…yikes)

photo 1 (17)

We also updated our “Contact Us” page where you can find every which way to contact or follow us be it instagram to email to YouTube. Click here to see that page. We would love to hear from you in whatever you have to say! We are all ears! So please stop by those pages and give it a looksie.

As per our workouts this week thus far, we have stayed pretty true! I did legs and went for my run and Chris was able to get his back workout in. Trying to keep up the good work! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What did you workout Monday?


Cuties cuddling

Cuties cuddling