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Help, I Need a New Workout!

Try It Thursday to the rescue! If you’re ever running out of workout ideas because you’re the kind of person that wants to stay in shape but doesn’t like the monotony of repeating the same exercise routines over and over, Hungry & Fit are here to help. As fitness professionals that have worked with individuals of varying levels, ages, and body types, we have experience innovating and creating new workout programs. Now, we are going to bring these to you… for free of course!

Last week Hungry presented his first Try It Thursday through his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (We’re still working on YouTube, Bodyspace, etc.) Since it didn’t get much attention and he liked it so much, we’re going to provide you with the same challenge. However, every week it will change. It might be something you can do once a week, or something that will help you build a workout routine for a whole week. It’s not necessarily a full program for someone with strict goals but it can help everyone try something new and build some new strengths and skills.

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We would love to see you perform, capture, and share your Try It Thursday workouts! Use whatever social media you have or write about it in the comment section of the website. Hungry showed his last week and he really wants to see all of yours! Why? Because it’s fun, because it shows you’re trying, and because we love to see what you’re up to. Keep your eyes posted to all of our social media outlets for the Try It Thursday workouts. They will be coming to you on Thursdays for you perform any time throughout the week. Here is a recap of last week’s Try It Thursday.

Perform a superset of two exercises, which means perform the two exercises back to back. Then rest for two minutes, and continue to perform the two exercises until you have either completed six full sets of each or have performed them for 20 minutes. Remember to warm up before you start this workout for injury prevention. Do not rest in between the first and second exercises, if possible, in order to keep your heart rate elevated. What makes this Try It so much fun? YOU get to choose the exercises!

a. Something you are really good at doing (Reps/duration and weight depend on the exercise!)

b. Something you are really bad at doing (Reps/duration and weight still depend on the exercise…)photo 2 (1)

It’s that simple. The idea here is that you are stimulating yourself both physically and mentally. Dominating the exercise you already are skilled at will help boost your confidence going into the exercise that needs improvement. Even after you possible lose some of that confidence during the challenging exercise, you will be excited to be going back to something you are so good at! It’s a whole bunch of trickery, my favorite way of training clients and working with athletes. Here is what I did.

a. Swim butterfly (against a rip current) in the ocean, breathing every five strokes (1:05 100 pace until fatigued)

b. Practice handstands on the beach (10-12 attempts)

This was a really fun one because I really need to work on handstands and I love the beach. I also capitalized on the rip currents from Hurricane Marie to use the ocean like an Endless Pool and stay in one spot. That way I can come right back out and do my handstands in the same place.

 photo 3 (1)

I hope that everyone who is looking for a new workout keeps an eye on Hungry & Fit all over social media. If you subscribe/follow/like us you will be able to see these every week. Even if you have a serious regiment, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra fun and if you are completely lost and just want to start working out, then these are going to be some really fun free exercises for you!

Use Try It Thursday to stay Hungry & Fit!

A Review of Neila Ray Workouts

Now this may be a review and critique of Neila Ray’s workouts, but I want to in no way de-value her workouts. I think what she is doing is great. She is a graphic designer that puts workouts into a friendly and accessible way. I love when people get other people to workout. The action to help other strive for health should always be appreciated. That being said, I wanted to give you how I felt about eight of her workouts, how they treated me, and just a basic review.

Neila Ray likes to put workouts into themes. The ones that my friend, Jamie, sent me are pretty much Superhero workouts with the exception of Jedi and Stormtrooper. I did these eight workouts as a workout challenge, doing one after the other. I didn’t exactly see how the exercises related to their respective superheroes, but I was game to try it. All of them did not require weights which is great for people who don’t have a gym or home gym. Again, I never want to diminish people trying workouts, I am simply giving my own take.

Day 1: Flash

I have no knowledge about the superhero, Flash, so I cannot comment on how the exercises relate to him. But I am assuming it has something to do with speed. This was surprisingly one of the toughest workouts of all eight. The high knees with the other exercises was a difficult combination and definitely left me gasping for more air and sweating. For me, un-weighted squats almost have no effect on me since I’m used to squatting 95lbs or so. A little repetitive with pushup/plank position.
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Bodybuilding.com Review

I know what a lot of you are thinking. Bodybuilding? We don’t want to be bodybuilders. But this is a huge misconception about this phenomenal online resource. Let me tell you from some experience why you need to go to www.bodybuilding.com and see what they have to offer. Disclaimer: I have no official connection to the website and I am doing this simply because I think it can help any readers that are interested in being HEALTHIER!

I have it bookmarked on my Chrome bookmark bar and this is why.


1. Store: Obviously, they need to make serious money to stay in business because it is a massive operation, which I’ll say more about later. If you are interested in taking supplements, keep reading… if not, I won’t force anything on you because I have mixed feelings about supplements. The website gives user reviews on every product, a massive selection of supplements, and very competitive prices. I buy ALL of my supplements from Amazon or this website. What I love the most is the promotions they have. Free shaker cups, t-shirts, gym bags with the purchase of your supplements and on top of all that… they send you a ton of free samples depending on the size of your order. Last time, on a $100 order, I easily got $25 dollars of free supplements (mostly good ones) on top of two free shakers and a drawstring bag. Just saying, you can do your unbiased research and get a great deal.


2. Bodyspace: This is the workout world’s equivalent of MySpace. It is a social media medium in its own way, but it’s very useful. I have a Bodyspace but I have never used it. Nevertheless, I can tell you that you can track progress in terms of measurements, body fat and weight, and other goals. You can set goals and work towards them. You can even post your own workouts for others to use… and so much more. The best part is that out of the million users nearly all of them are friendly, motivating, and supportive because if they aren’t, they aren’t welcome. It’s free, by the way, and has literally changed thousands of people’s lives for the better. Just go on and ask those people, and check out their progress.


3. Articles: Free fitness articles, free recipes, free workouts, free information that competes with any magazine out there. Fitness professionals (some that I like more than others) provide you with great information born from brutal experience and education. They have everything from a book worth of protein powder recipes all the way to interviews with really fascinating people.


So those are my three biggest reasons that you should check the site out if you’re interested in any fitness related goal. Nutrition, workouts, motivation… they have everything and more, go check it out.


Okay, Bodybuilding.com, time to hire me!