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What Men NEED to Wear!

Okay, okay… I know what you’re thinking. Men are (generally) far more comfortable in the gym than women, but we’re not talking about that. Ladies, imagine if we told you how important it is to wear a good sports bra during a workout. Wouldn’t you agree with us? Well, for men, it is equally important to make sure the body is kept under control during a hardcore training session. The sweat stinging your eyes and that burning feeling in your throat is distracting enough, right?

Personally, I used to wear your typical briefs growing up and back then they only had them in one color… white. While all the other boys started wearing boxers, I stayed true to my briefs since I was an athlete and was most comfortable in them. Can you even imagine boxers under baseball pants? Yikes! Then, I came across boxer briefs and my world was changed. If you look in my underwear drawer, you’ll only find boxer briefs and trunks, which we’ll say are just slightly shorter than boxer briefs.

Now, we’ve all seen compression shorts gaining popularity over the past decade through exposure on social media. Since everyone wants to be like they’re favorite athlete, they start by dressing like them, but compression shorts are not only very expensive, but also aren’t necessarily built to last very long. Professional athletes can afford them, but not all of us have those huge contracts. So, we look elsewhere and find boxer briefs that provide us with that compression. That way, we don’t have to worry about shopping for so many different items and packing one of each in our work or gym bags.

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Workout Like a Boss #teamviewsport

If you don’t enjoy this post, then you need to rethink life. Just kidding, but who doesn’t enjoy Hungry and I wearing ridiculous stuff? Yeah that’s happening. We represent ViewSPORT, which has some seriously awesome gear. And the best part is that it’s at a good price. We had a blast wearing their gear for workouts. You get plenty of compliments and it’s comfy

We recently both bought a top and a pair of leggingsYes, Chris wore a pair of women’s leggings, and looked like a BOSS. We agreed that both of our leggings were super comfy to workout in, especially important on leg day! They fit us up well and I was never checking to make sure I was all covered up because it simply felt right. Hungry said that they worked really well for him, he was surprised. Mine were just awesome. Chris got the leopard print leggings and I got the Star Wars leggings (duh)–yes they are epic.

chris leggings

Rockin dem leggings

Rockin dem leggings

These are so cool, I can't handle it

These are so cool, I can’t handle it

The tops are super awesome as well and especially unique from other companies. Unlike other sports or athletic apparel, ViewSPORT makes sweat-activated apparel. Yup, I’m serious. So sweaty messes like me can actually be proud of our drench marks that now activate the hidden words “I am a beast.” I’m not familiar with any other company that does this so I’m loving it. Definitely going to order some more gear. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks Hungry looks great in his new workout shirt.

Hittin dem calves

As you can see on his shirt, it says “I AM” and then it will activate words below with sweat!



It’s important to have separate workout clothes so you don’t mess up your normal clothes. And I know some people can’t afford the really expensive athletic gear. Well guess what, this apparel is reasonable. It’s completely worth the money you put down for it and it will not break the bank. Well, maybe if you order ten pairs of leggings, but I won’t judge you. 

photo 3 (28)

happy for warm weather

happy for warm weather

And what’s the best part? We can get you 10% off your order! When you go into order either your Men’s apparel, Women’s apparel, or leggings, just type “hungryandfit” into the “coupon code” at checkout. We can’t wait to do another order ASAP, ViewSPORT is constantly coming out with awesome gear. Get ViewSPORT apparel to stay hungry and fit!





meow i’m drunk

Hungry’s New Favorites: Frozen Kiss Apparel

Back in Boulder, through a friend that has lived in Boulder for decades, I found out about a local clothing brand owned and created by his friend. His friend, who I won’t name because he was not consulted about this post but may be featured in the future, is from Boulder but spent time in California and really seems to appreciate living right. That is, enjoying life and being positive, while sharing those good feeling with other people.

Colorado Flag custom Hoodie  3 layer sewn flag zippered sweatshirt

He is now spreading that through his Frozen Kiss apparel brand. You can find the clothing on his shop on Etsy (an online store for handmade and homemade goods and more!). If you had been following me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or our other pages, you would see how I have been featuring the tanks.

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

My orange tank is made from American Apparel and has been hand embroidered. The fabric is of the highest quality and is ethically made in the United States. The brand name is on the front and the classic Colorado design is on the back. As a result, you are paying a premium price for all of that goodness but it is worth it. The tanks are perfect for the summer and warm days in general. They are comfortable sleeping shirts or for wearing around the house. The hoodies are just as good and the shop offers a New Mexico-based design as well. Finally, the color selection is tremendous… very fun and different.

photo (4)

Hungry and Fit are enjoying their Frozen Kiss apparel and hope to create ties with the company in the future to offer fans of both some custom Frozen Kiss/Hungry and Fit gear for healthy lifestyles! We’ll keep you posted on that progress and let us know in the comments below if you’d be interested in some apparel by sharing your ideas!

photo (7)

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