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Get Back Up

With this big move and transition including everything and above, Hungry and I are struggling to create a routine. I’m using the train to get to work, he’s driving, he has weird hours, I like to be home before sundown if I’m walking by myself. What am I getting at? It’s tough for us to make a solid fitness routine. We haven’t been on our A-game (Hungry has been much much more than I), we haven’t been Hungry and Fit. I’ve been seriously struggling with setting a routine. There were times where I wouldn’t workout for a week! What! That’s crazy for us, but it happens. Sometimes you can’t always be a power machine because life enjoys throwing curve balls. But you can always get back on your feet and start again. Always.

Recent trip to the gym

Recent trip to the gym

Despite our bumpy road of transition–finding gyms, finding time for the gym, starting new jobs, juggling the animals, etc.–we are starting to get back on our feet. Hungry has been really good about finding time and pushing himself, me not so much. However, I miss having sore muscles and callused hands. I miss that feeling of desperate fatigue, of power, of strength, of a knowing calm. Although I am a bit sad and disappointed with how much strength I have lost, I know that I can get it back. I know I can get my bench press and squats back up to even beyond what they once were. 

It’s all about perspective. If you sink yourself into the little hole that you feel you are in, you are going to drown. However, if you step back and put into 6 month, a year, or even 5 year perspective, is it really going to put that big of a dent in your life? The answer is no. The answer is that you’ve fallen on your butt before, and somehow you’ve gotten up again. So even though I’m not on my feet, I have the mindset and knowledge that I will stand back up. I’m pulling myself up now and I know I will be hitting the iron on a regular routine. Try not to get down on yourself (because that just makes things worse) and know that you can get back up. As always, stay hungry and fit!

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