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Make a Move with an IBM Certification

The last thing you should do is stand around and wait for your career to move on its own. Individuals new to the IT career often succumb to waiting because of their lack of experience and specified knowledge. Because the field is intensifying, specializations and expertise are becoming more necessary than before, and even a college degree cannot earn the most basic of IT and/or networking positions. This can lead to disappointment and feelings of hopelessness, but hope should not be lost. Thankfully, IBM is available with affordable, beneficial career options.

Companies view IBM certifications as top-of-the-line skill verification. Because of their challenging nature, practicality, and specified career subject knowledge, participants who take and pass an exam are immediately thrown into a technical field. Employers are keen on individuals who can perform multiple job roles, and several jobs within a company can open up to you with just one certification. Becoming a specialist within a field such as Cloud Computing, Connectivity, Information Management, or Design/Development can give your career the structure it was previously lacking. Earning certifications in numerous technologies (like Tivoli, Rational, or Lotus) can make you versatile in the skills you can perform and knowledge you can expend.

Although these exams are not free to take and require valuable time out of your schedule, they are completely worth it. Investing in training materials such as ExamTrace.com will pay off in multiple ways. Gaining and certifying an abundance of skills does not have to be a challenge with IBM. Turning it into a valuable learning experience is necessary for a successful career. Study for your dream career to stay hungry and fit! 

Facebook: Come Like Us!

Since the conception and foundation of Hungry & Fit, we have worked hard to expand our reach to more and more people through various ways. Although we are nowhere near content with our progress, we are excited to announce that our Facebook page is officially ready to go. It might be rather skeletal and boring but it’s another work in progress.


It’s similar to the Twitter and YouTube accounts that have not quite yet picked up as a result of our lack of effort. The YouTube is one that haunts me everyday since I have been on YouTube for so long. We are currently working with a start up company called NationBuilder in order to tie together all of our branches so that we can manage them together and keep things sync-ed. We also have our Bodyspace accounts on Bodybuilding.com but that’s less of a business related and more of a personal thing. All of this information can be found on our “Nation” page.

Facebook is an international social media entity that is a great way to stay in touch with individuals from all over the world. Although it is not a tool that we have personally used for the past three or four years, I still have my friends on it and have used it to spread the word about Hungry & Fit. So if you are on Facebook, please friend “King Tucci” in order to find out more about Hungry & Fit! Every and all likes towards our page will be appreciated and hopefully returned!

Keep an eye out for our YouTube channel’s latest additions and Facebook page if you are interested in staying hungry and fit!

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Today’s post is going to be short! It’s not because we are feeling tremendously lazy due to the heat and long work days. It’s not because we’ve run out of ideas… we have pages full of ideas that will last us until 2014. It’s simply because we’ve been very much into what we have been doing on our blog at www.hungryandfit.com (this site!) ever since we started last year. In fact, we are becoming continually more enthusiastic about it, as you can tell by the additions and innovations to the website.

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

For months, we have been tracking our progress and setting some unofficial goals. Obviously, we don’t make much money off of the blog… we simply love to offer some advice and tell fun stories to people who are interested. While we continue planning to expand upon our free and paid-for services, such as online comprehensive training and free YouTube videos (and MORE), we will keep the blog alive. So let’s get to the main point because I’m speaking without thinking about structure since I’m so happy. Just today, we passed the 1,000 follower mark, whatever that means. We’ve been aiming for it for quite some time and we hope you continue to refer us so that number can grow and the number of people we entertain and educate can expand.

Getting ready for a wedding...Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Getting ready for a wedding…Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Thank you again for all the love and support. And please look on our other pages besides the blog posts. We have some interesting stuff to see and it will continue to get better. Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about so we can add it to the list!

Stay hungry and fit!

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