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Techie Tuesday: CARROT To-Do App

So I’ve become obsessed with getting things done lately. Which is GREAT. Great for me, great for the house, great for everybody. But why? Well…I give all credit to my new to-do app, CARROTI constantly struggle to find apps that improve my productivity and organization, and still would like more, but as far as to-do apps go, CARROT really works for me.

CARROT is brilliant for gamers or competitive people because here’s the thing: it’s an AI to-do list with personality that gives you points for completing tasks. So I started at Level 1. I’m now at Level 41. Yeah, I’ve been going crazy. But at Level 1, I didn’t have many capabilities. Some people may be turned off by that, saying if I’m paying for an app, I should get all the capabilities right away before me! I totally hear you. But I’m okay with this because it actually improves my productivity. I want to complete more and more tasks so I get more and more upgrades. So at first, I couldn’t set reminders, now I can. I couldn’t rearrange my list, now I can. And so forth. Even though it holds back all it does until you gain levels, that is one of the biggest reasons you want to keep being productive.

My to-do

My to-do

Obviously, it’s very different from other to-do apps as it’s interactive. It gets mood swings. CARROT will be happy if you complete many tasks, but if you slack, CARROT will turn angry and turn all black and red and make me scared. It’s not always an upgrade when you level up, sometimes you get a KITTEN (yup) or sometimes he tells you a story. Or asks you to sacrifice bunnies for him. I think it’s a female, but I always change the gender.

All in all, CARROT has all the features other to-do apps have, but it makes you work for them so that you are improving your productivity. It makes getting things done fun because who doesn’t like leveling up? I think I may have found my to-do app, finally! Check it out here: http://www.meetcarrot.com/. Use this app to stay hungry and fit!

My cat, NBD

My cat, NBD

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Sunday Movie Review: Epic

This movie was part of our double-feature last Sunday, paired with World War Z. Quite different movies, I know, but we enjoyed both! I’m not sure whether the order we saw them in was right or not. On one hand, World War Z left us a lot to think about (seeing it second). On the other hand, maybe if we finished with Epic, I wouldn’t see zombies in every dark spot of the room. Anyways, onto the movie!

Epic was a surprisingly star-studded cast with names like Beyonce, Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, and Pitbull (even though I strongly detest Pitbull). The voices and emotion from the voice-actors fit the film perfectly and I’ll say that they chose right…well, maybe except Pitbull.


It opens up in the middle of a sad moment—a late-teen’s mother’s death so she visits her father, tucked away in the middle of the woods. And he definitely belongs there. He’s as bizarre as they come—a true oddball. He’s obsessed with tracking the so-called existence of tiny people in the forest. And well, turns out he’s right (not really spoiling it, you’ve seen the trailers).

This is more than just a story of little people fighting bug people (although, on the surface, it’s perfect for kids in this way). There are many intertwining themes and I’ll start with one: protecting the earth. The “leaf people”–the protectors of the forest– as they’re called are constantly on guard against the bad bugs—the “decay.” They fight to the death to protect what matters, nature and the future of nature. This dedication of protection reveals to the audience how important protecting the earth really is (and brings it home). Besides, their battles are wicked fun, using hummingbirds and other fun parts of nature to defend what matters most.

Another strong theme in this movie is the rekindling of the father-daughter relationship. MK (the heroine who gets turned from human to a little person to help the forest) feels abandoned by her father because he tucked himself into the work of finding these people and thus, his family took the second shelf. It was fun to see the development of connection from bewilderment and disappointment (from MK’s point of view) to understanding and love.

Epic is a truly fun movie with plenty of themes for adults to enjoy. It also has a great soundtrack with beautiful visuals. Fit gives it a thumbs up! Go leaf people! Enjoy this movie to help the earth stay hungry and fit!

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