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Movie Monday: Thor II: The Dark World

This weekend we saw the long-awaited Thor: The Dark World. Movies have been “meh” for us since the summer, offering not much more than Ender’s Game. So we were excited to see Thor…a favorite character, great actors, and a fun story. I think I liked it a little more than Chris did…only because I’ve never really read comic books (sigh, I wish I did), and he’s not seeing how Marvel is tying it all together. So let’s begin.

The movie begins by explaining the history of Thor’s grandfather and his dealings with the Dark Elves (yes, Elder Scrolls-lovers, I thought of that too). The Dark Elves used to rule the universe, but were no longer in the position of power. They were fighting the Asgardians to reclaim it, to use the “aether” that would put the universe into darkness once more. Dun, dun, dunnnn. Buuut they get basically wiped out in the battle, except for the Dark Elf leader and some friends who go into space hibernation for a while.



Come to present day and find yourselves in the middle of an easy battle for Thor and his friends. It shows what Loki’s mess in the Avengers movie had done to the universe. So after much battle (around 2 years), Thor and company finally make each planet and universe right, giving balance. Yay, woohoo, celebration in Asgard (where Thor and the other Asgardians live), but big ol’ pretty boy Thor can’t commit himself to the celebration. This is because of dear Padme Amida–I mean Thor’s love interest in the previous movie, Jane Foster. After two years, he is still caught up with the mortal. So he decides to go to the Guardian (who guards the gate in and out of Asgard) and check on her. This when everything picks up and the conflict begins. I don’t like going too heavily into plot details in review, but she encounters this “aether” as the universes are converging which wakes up the big bad Dark Elves. Which thus brings a lot of trouble to Thor and his friends, so he ends up taking Jane to Asgard and so unfolds the plot, to destroy the Dark Elves and aether.


Sorry, that might’ve been a bit confusing but that’s the basic plot. Jane Foster has the aether within her and the Dark Elves can sense it. This gives a way for the Dark Elves to wreak some havoc on Asgard. Speaking of Asgard, we got to see a lot of it in this movie compared to the last. And I am very happy they chose to do that, because it was beautifully-constructed, just as a city of gods should be. So enough with the plot, I detest giving true spoilers, so don’t look for that here.

The character development and interactions within this movie were great. Our beloved Thor does wonderfully and it’s hard to hate Loki, even if he did almost destroy New York. Loki gets lots of screen time in this film as Thor needs his help with a quest. At first Loki is simply imprisoned, but that certainly changes as events unfold. I said to Chris, even if some don’t like this movie, they’ll get plenty of other viewers: the weird, “nerdy” girls who have a thing for Loki and then the normal ones for Thor. I had no idea, but there is a huge, HUGE following/obsession over Loki. Huge. And I can see reason in that…he is a wonderful “villain” who is a little too complex to label “evil” and thus he becomes loved by fans.


Anyhow, acting didn’t disappoint in this movie, at all. I was kept involved and entertained by the story and how it moved, and there were quite a few times where things happened that surprised me, simply didn’t see it coming. I like that about movies, especially fantasy action movies that can sometimes be fairly predictable. The writing also impressed me, especially all the witty lines by Loki. Though this movie has some heavy serious tones, there’s always the laugh around the corner from our beloved heroes/antiheroes. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, especially if you like any of the Marvel movies. Not necessarily in 3D, but go see it. It’s fun, it’s moving, it’s captivating. And it also motivates you to want to become a superhero which inspires you to be…hungry and fit!