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Wake Up with a Salutation to Health

Too often we roll out of bed a few minutes too late only to start rushing here and there–barely remembering to brush our teeth after shoving the last bit of toast down our throats–and run out the door. This does not set up the day very well. This manic morning routine leaves you feeling rushed, anxious, and stressed. It should be the opposite! There are easy ways to make your morning feel calm, enjoyable, and rejuvenating–and they don’t take a day at the spa!

If I begin my day like how I pictured above, I’m not going to be in a great mood. It’s important me to start the day out right. I know this can be tough (I have a partner, two cats, a dog, and a snake–imagine kids!), but all it takes is a few minutes to begin your day on a healthy note. Sometimes I meditate–lots of breathing exercises to clear my mind and set my intention for the day.

Other times, I do a sun salutation. This is a yoga routine I try to do in the mornings or when I am feeling stiff. Many of you know my inflexible nature so this yoga routine is important for me to do at least once a day. This yoga routine is a beautiful way to start the day and will spur mental and physical wellness. We often just focus on our physical fitness, but our mental wellness is just as important, too. I’m no yoga master, but I do what I can (my poses aren’t always so pretty).

Let’s go through that routine:

  • Stand with your feet together and reach high with your hand and tilt slightly backwards

    photo 3 (50)  

  • Sweep your arms downwards in a swan dive and reach for your toes
  • Put your hands on your legs and look forward

photo 5 (25)

  • Reach back down towards your toes
  • Plant your hands down and bring your right leg back into a lunge

photo 1 (67)

  • Bring your left leg back into a plank

photo 2 (56)

  • Slowly lower, coming up into cobra or upward facing dog

photo 3 (51)

  • Turn the toes and come into downward facing dog

photo 4 (42)

  • Put your right foot forward into a lunge, and then your left to meet it
  • Slowly rise up, one vertebrae at a time, reaching for the sky

This takes 1-3 minutes, depending on how slow or fast you go. Try doing this sun salutation three times in succession. You can do them at different speeds, the same speed–whatever feels right to you that morning. This is a wonderful way to capture that physical and mental wellness spur that will keep you feeling lively and healthy for the rest of the day.

This goes along with my day-to-day routine of drinking Silk Soymilk. I usually go with Vanilla or Plain, but it keeps me healthy and helps my day get started. Silk is all about physical and mental wellness routines. Silk Soymilk has plant-based protein (6g per serving!) which I appreciate and it also helps me to keep fuller longer if I only have time for cereal in the morning (before my sun salutations, of course). They are all about creating products that make you feel better and healthier throughout your busy day.

photo 1 (66)

photo 2 (55)

For me, it makes sense to partner with Silk because we share the same values of natural food (non-GMOs) and leading a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. If you want to learn more about their products, click here. They also have an awesome Facebook page where you can learn about fantastic giveaways, healthy yummy recipes, and fitness hacks. I hope you begin (or continue) your morning practice of sun salutations or meditation to start a mentally and physically healthy day. As always, stay hungry and fit!

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.