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Should I Set Monthly Goals?

Should you set monthly goals? That is entirely up to you! But we have set monthly goals, for the past few years, and whether it’s helped us accomplish more or not, we’re always looking forward to setting goals for the next month. We aim to do so on the first of the month, but sometimes time can get away from us. We never like to on the last of the month before because there’s always time to complete a goal and you can never give up on yourself.

For the longest time, we set goals just for ourselves. I think we started with four a month. Eventually we added goals for Hungry & Fit, and then even for our home. Home goals can be repairs, renovations or even servicing your car. We decided to finally try to bring some balance to our overachieving selves by adding a “FUN” column to the list and ending up where we are today by making five goals for each of the five categories. Twenty-five goals a month. It makes a small impact on the dynamic around here, but it holds us accountable more than anything else.

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Tight Hamstrings? Try This

I would think it’s fairly accurate to say that many people struggle with tight hamstrings (those are the muscles on the rear side of your leg near the top). There’s a well-known secret that I can’t even touch my toes! Sure, we can blame it on genetics (that’s what I like to do) and that may indeed be part of the problem, but the other part is lack of stretching. Can you remember the last time you stretched? If so, great! Was it a good enough time devoted to stretching each part of your body? Probably not, unless you took a yoga class not based on strength. 

People, if they don’t ignore stretching completely, will only stretch for a short period of time. Maybe a quick swing of the arms or a grasp towards the toes. People think it’s a waste of time and that if they’re working out, they should focus on calorie-burning or strength-building, none of this stretching nonsense. Well, guess what–it’s absolutely not a waste of time. Stretching, becoming limber, and flexible will help you in any sport, any exercise, any movement. Also, stretching shouldn’t be easy (you’ll see Hungry’s pained face below). Let’s start off with a deep hamstring stretch–all you need is a wall:

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Learning How to Stretch

Very recently, I’ve been getting lower back spasms. It doesn’t happen all the time, just sometimes at work when I’m sitting. It’s particularly worrying to me because those kind of things don’t really happen to me. Sure I’ll hurt myself doing something, but I don’t get chronic pain or ongoing behind-the-scenes stuff. Because it was so concerning to me, I wanted to get to the bottom of it immediately before anything got worse. So I got to thinking…what could of caused this? I looked up symptoms, treatments, causes…tight hamstrings, lack of strong core, poor posture. I then thought through my lifestyle lately, and realized I haven’t really stretched or done yoga in about 6 months. Yikes

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