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Our New Obsession: Castle (TV)

We do not watch very much television and we certainly do not follow series. The only non-Food Network, Animal Planet, or anime based television series that I have ever really followed have been Spartacus Blood and Sand/Gods of the Arena and Burn Notice, which I stopped watching due to college.

Firefly is one of my favorite television series of all time but it only lasted a season before it cut short well before it deserved to be. Nathan Fillion was the rock on-screen that made that show what it was and he has never had the opportunity he truly deserved, until now.

Even though Castle has been out since 2009 and we have known about it for years, it was only recently that we started watching it. Within the past two weeks we have watched all of Season 3, most of 2, some of 1, and just began 4. The 6th season begins today and there are many loose ends that will need to be tied up but we need to catch up first.

The show is about an author who begins working with the NYPD in order to research the character for his new book series. He develops feelings for the detective and decides to stay even though she never returns his feelings. She has a wall that cannot come down until her mother’s murder is solved. Unfortunately, she needs to take down “The Dragon” in order to solve the case and he is very dangerous. At the same time Castle deals with his feelings for her, his daughter’s growth, and a serial killer who is determined to ruin Castle’s life.

It may sound like another NCIS, CSI, Bones, etc but for us the addition of Nathan Fillion is all we need to watch it. We think the stories are well-written and humorous, the cast is perfection, and the romantic struggle keeps us curious what will happen.

Part of the reason that we have not been posting so much is because we have been watching so much Castle but we will catch up soon and then just watch the new episodes as they come out. We’re excited so let us know what your favorite television series of all time or right now is! Couch potatoes are not so hungry and fit but a little bit of relaxation helps!


Nymeria looking ridiculously sleepy

Nymeria looking ridiculously sleepy