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I Squatted Every Day for a Month, Here’s What Happened

One of my fitness-related goals for 2017 is to focus on my legs more: this means more muscle development and time devoted to these suckers. So, to start the year and the goal off in the right direction, I started a program called Squat Every Day by Cory Gregory. Hungry talked me into it and although I’m not a big fan of doing an exercise every day, I decided to give it a try. To give a bit of an overview, this guy has you squatting every day for 30 days, but not every day is “leg day” if that makes sense. You’ll do 10 sets of squats and then do back exercises, 10 sets of squats then you’ll do chest exercises, and so on and so forth. There are a lot of squat variations in this program and Gregory especially loves front squats (did a lot of those!) as well as lots and lots of lunges.

What was the ultimate result? My legs and glutes got stronger, firmer, and bigger which is great! I’m happy with the results it brought. However, there were some downsides to it as well. Below I’ve listed the good and the bad of this program:

IMG_8628 (2)
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5 Hard and Fast Rules for Morning Workouts

Please enjoy a guest post from James McDuffy of Muscle Growth Expert.

Experts seem to be adamant that working out in the morning is probably the best part of the day to do so. Not only do morning workouts incinerate body fat much quicker, they also get the blood flowing, so you’re ready for what the day has in store for you. In reality, all this is a bit of a Utopian dream because many people and I include myself in this bracket…HATE MORNING WORKOUTS! The moment my alarm clock starts going berserk, the torment begins…that noise seems louder than it actually is, ringing through my ears like there’s no tomorrow. Quite often this leaves me in a bad mood if I’m honest. Quite often, it’s the girlfriend who tells me I’m in a grumpy mood, because I don’t realize it myself.

In actual fact, things don’t necessarily have to start out this way. The long and short of it is…how you start the day pretty much sets the precedent for the rest of the day, and this can include what you eat and how effectively you work out. If you get out on the wrong side of the bed, you’re increasing the chances of raiding the fridge and reaching for all the comfort foods you can, followed by a rushed half- assed gym session because you’re running late! Just to reiterate, a bad morning usually means a terrible day! To avoid being an ogre in the mornings, there are steps you can take to get your mojo back so your:

  • mood is better
  • metabolism works like clockwork
  • body is optimized to maximize fat-burn and build lean muscle
  • buzzing with energy.

A few simple steps that take no longer than a few short minutes are suffice for all of the above. So here goes…

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