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Silk Helps us Stay Hungry and Fit!

Every single day we are growing. Growing into the people we want to be, growing into an ideal, or simply just growing. Sometimes people grow in an opposite direction of what they intended. And what’s relevant to me in this story is fitness. Some people grow into bodies that don’t feel like theirs. They are unhealthy, sluggish, and ultimately unhappy. This is quite the opposite of blooming into the person you want to be. It’s not always easy to bloom by yourself, so it’s nice to have tools and products that help you do so.


People are shocked when they hear that Hungry and I can get into slumps, especially around fitness and eating. People see us as fit people. And we are…but it’s hard to stay on track 24/7. I’ve always been into athletics and fitness, but it hasn’t always been my central passion. In the first two years of college, you’re surrounded by food you usually aren’t. My family meals at home usually consisted of a protein, a carb, and lots of greens. We were always healthy. But at the college cafeteria, you could get pizza, french fries, french toast sticks, and the list goes on. So of course, (as my roommate and I cringe at this memory), we shovel all that stuff down. Now, of course, it wasn’t like that every day, and we did still eat relatively healthy and workout, but it was getting to me. Not necessarily just in weight or anything, but also the way I felt. I felt sluggish and blah and it certainly didn’t help my mood.

At the beginning of junior year in college, I decided to go vegetarian (or weird-a-tarian, I’ll only eat hunted or wild caught meat/fish) and take back my fitness. Sure, in the first two years I still did workouts and intramural sports, but I never dedicated enough time to it. It was time to take my life back to a healthy place and bloom! It’s funny because I specifically remember starting to use Silk milk in my morning cold and hot cereal. I would always go for the “blue” (as we would call it, it’s actually called Silk Vanilla Soymilk) Silk soymilk and it would leave me feeling good and refreshed. It wasn’t too thick so I didn’t feel tied down. From that point on, I have been in control of my fitness, my body, and my mind (because a healthy body is important for a healthy mind). Quite simply, Silk has helped me bloom into my role of “Fit.”

Mixing Silk Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk is way too delicious with cereal

Mixing Silk Vanilla Unsweetened Almondmilk is way too delicious with cereal

Continually working on my pull-ups

Continually working on my pull-ups

Nowadays, I like to stick to the Silk Unsweetened Almondmilk. I love the taste of it, the amount of calories, grams of sugar, and the silky lightness to it. I used to drink regular dairy milk, but now there is alwaysSilk Almondmilk in our fridge because that’s my go-to. Don’t tell Hungry, but sometimes I will drink it out of the carton (naughty girl! I can hear my mum saying)! It has become a staple in my recipes and in my life and I appreciate it every day I can glug down a glass or two without any guilt. Look below for some killer recipes that use Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk.

Recipes using Silk Unsweetened Almondmilk

Those recipes are delicious and with using that Silk Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk, they are nutritious too. Phew, I love not having to worry about that. Using Silk products like this really helps me bloom into the person I am today. I can still eat and drink what I want while keeping a Spartan-like physique (just kidding, but that’s my eventual goal). I am thankful Silk has played a positive role in my life. Now it’s YOUR turn.

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