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New Page Added: Giveaways (FREE STUFF)

As some of you might have noticed we have been working to update the website as often as possible. We are trying to expand what we do and can offer. Fit and I constantly donate items to the Salvation Army and other non-profit organizations. We are firm believers in recycling, up-cycling and being generous. While we might not be wealthy individuals in terms of what is in our bank accounts, we have more than enough and are very happy. That is why we have created a new page on the site that can be found under the tab “Giveaways.” Every month, we plan on giving away one or so items. There will never be any monetary requirement. Anyone with access to the internet and this website is eligible to try to win.

Some months we might just have you leave a comment on the Giveaways page to be eligible in the drawing and some times we might require you to compete for the prize by sending in a story or video. Again, these are completely free and all we will require is your mailing address so we can send it to you! These are going to be internationally available so all of our viewers that live thousands of miles away can enter as well. The shipping and handling is on us!

For our first giveaway, we are going with something simple but very important during these Summer months in the Northern Hemisphere where we are. This month we will be giving away three pairs of Moosejaw Sunglasses with heavy UV protection. They are unisex, red and light-weight glasses. All you have to do is enter a comment at the bottom of the giveaways page in between today and the last day of June to be eligible. We will throw everyone’s names into a hat and randomly pick three. We’ll contact you, you’ll send us your address and you’ll have a brand new pair of awesome sunglasses. Remember to protect your skin, eyes, and even lips from harmful UV rays. Proper protection is all a part of staying hungry and fit!



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