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Frostbeard Studio Candles: Coziness You Can Smell

My friends at work make fun of me all the time for my new-found love of candles. Well, maybe not that I just love candles, but my weird rules that I make up for using them. I like different candles for different seasons (usually just centered around Fall and Winter), but I also don’t put a candle away until it’s done–I must burn it all the way through! I had underestimated my winter candle’s length of burning time and I was two weeks late for my Spring candle I’ve been so excited about (weird, I know). I recently got into candles in the past year. I started out with normal candles you’d find at Marshall’s or whatnot, but I found a wealth of more fun-themed candles online. These include nerdy candles (duh, have you ever met me?!). I’ve found a particularly excellent collection over at Frostbeard Studio.

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Product Review: Marukome Miso Soup

I’ve been wanting to buy some take-home miso soup powder from the store for a while. However, it’s usually expensive or has horrid ingredients. Both things I stray away from. And even ones that I have found before haven’t been good, I know my friends can attest to this. Guys…I’ve found it! I’ve found one that’s worth the money (though it wasn’t that expensive) and tastes just like from a restaurant. It may help that it’s directly from Japan too.

photo 3 (26)

The brand is called MarukomeIts ingredients are exactly what you would expect (or hope) a miso soup powder to be: powdered miso, rice, dried tofu, dried green onion, powdered yeast, bonito powder, etc. This was the first good sign (besides the price that stopped me to look at it). The next good sign was that it’s a “Product of Japan.” If I’m eating an “ethnic food” (I hate that phrase), then I want it right from where it was created. Miso soup should come Japan or a great chef. So being a product of Japan (and having a cool Japanese address too ^_^) gave it a huge plus. It also has a freaking awesome mascot, who wouldn’t want some miso soup from that guy?!

Perfect texture

Perfect texture

The directions are really simple. Pour powder into bowl, pour 1 cup of boiling water into bowl, stir and serve! That’s it! Dinner was awesome last night because it took all of 5 minutes to get everything on the table. And for the big package, you get 3 miso packet servings, so we have one left over! As you can see, I’m all about this product, and they’re not even paying me to say this! They also have a great “miso secret” about miso and your health (look at pic below). I found this at our standard grocery (no special, local, or organic grocery–just the plain main one) so you have no excuse. Use this product to stay hungry and fit!

photo 3 (28)

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Sajah enjoying the view

Sajah enjoying the view