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3-Minute Paleo Test

At Hungry and Fit, we have opinions. Wow, Alana, great sentence. I’m serious! You know from our talks, discussions, and rants, that we don’t always hold back. That we tell you guys what we really think. Like… the rental scam or not taking shortcuts or the right way to season your food. We are HONEST with you in the hopes to bring you knowledge so that you can form your own opinions.

We certainly have our opinions about the “Paleo” diet as well (which basically entails meat and dark vegetables). For one, we don’t agree that it should be called Paleo because you can bake things, and second of all, we don’t love fads. We believe that is what the Paleo diet is right now–a fad. Not to say it doesn’t work for some people (my brother does it almost accidentally), but that we aren’t huge fans of fads in the fitness industry. However, we believe that nobody should be prescribing something for everyone, but that something can work for someone and not for another. While the Paleo diet doesn’t work for me, it does for those I know. Not everyone does it because it’s cool some people do it because it really syncs up with their bodies. And that’s great!

Why am I talking about all of this? Well, somebody showed me this really interesting test to see if the Paleo diet is good for you. Finally! Someone who isn’t shoving the Paleo diet down my throat and instead letting me answer 31 me-related questions to figure out whether the Paleo diet would even work for me. Spoiler–it didn’t work for me because I don’t eat meat, surprise surprise. However, I really think it’s a neat, fun test that isn’t harmful. Instead, it’s honest! And you know we like that. We are all about doing something because it is good for you, not because others tell you to do it or it’s the newest cool thing. Try it out by clicking the link below:


These were my results…


You have no business thinking about Paleo, my friend.





  • You’re a leaf-eater, right? Paleo requires MEAT and is not a good fit for you. I made you do the other 30 questions for fun. Mwu ha ha ha ha ha.
  • You must learn to like meat. This diet is all about getting your meat consumption on. You’re going to need to get more comfortable with eating more meat or your success will suffer. Get good with spices and consider soups and stews.
  • Bread and pasta are yummy! Ahhh I feel you, I really do, but you’re going to have to seriously cut back on all things bread and pasta. Don’t tease yourself, just go cold turkey and quit the stuff. Expect a few weeks of sadness – fret not, it will subside.

It’s a fun test that can tell you whether or not you are paleo-fit, so why not try it out? If you were ever wondering whether you should actually “go paleo,” here’s your perfect opportunity! I’m a sucker for quizzes and tests that tell more about myself, so this was simply fun for me. Take it and let us know what you get! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

September Goodies: Articles Worth Reading

Through my work, I do a lot of research into health, fitness, nutrition, and other similar articles. It’s good to stay on top of your game in the industry and it’s always important to know everything you can. These articles are really great in relaying a wealth of information and I thought that many of you would appreciate these reads as they have valuable stuff in them!

"Always"...stay hungry and fit for knowledge!

“Always”…stay hungry and fit for knowledge!

For the graceful “agers”…

“How to Get Super Fit at Any Age

On certain eating fads…

“How to Really Eat like a Hunter-Gatherer: Why the Paleo Diet is Half-Baked”

For the fitness buffs…

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“Ask Well: Eating Before Exercise”

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“How Does Heat Affect Fat-Burning?”

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Surprising fitness facts…

“Watermelon Juice Relieves Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness”

“Why A.C.L. Injuries Sideline So Many Athletes”

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New, cool fitness gadgets…

“Pocket-Sized Sensor Gives Instant Fat Burning Updates”

Recipes worth trying…

“Homemade Vegan ‘Honeycomb'”

“Baked Tomato Bruschetta”

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Chris with an awesome Mexican post-workout feast meal

Chris with an awesome Mexican post-workout feast meal

Hope you enjoy these articles, I sure did! Let me know which ones you like the best! Use these articles to stay…hungry and fit! 

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