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Motivation Monday: Why Do I?

In the slew of life, it’s easy to lose motivation. Hungry and I know that very well recently, as we’ve been caught in the whirlwind of the move. We’ve been pulled this way and that to try to get everything in order before we leave for California in 11 days. We haven’t been as set on our fitness regimen as we usually are. Some days, you can’t even find us at the gym! That always stresses both of us out as fitness is a huge part of our life. Motivation can dwindle when life gets busy, but we can always find a way to see the light.

Even when life catches up with you, the power is always within you to beat it back down. We have tons of pathways for motivation and sometimes you have to search all of them to really draw that inspiration to keep going and get back on that horse. You’ve seen our previous Motivation Mondays, so I want to bring you in a different direction and ask you to ask yourself a question. 

Why do I?

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Why do I what? I want you to ask yourself, why do you exercise? And be honest! Write down all the reasons. Is it to get strong? Is it to get thin? Is it to keep off that heart attack that lies in your genetics? Is it to be the best in your sport? Is it to put off that extra weight? It is to balance your wine indulgence? Is it to stay mobile? Is it to be an example to your kids? Is it the ticket to winning your crush? It could be anything. We all have tons of reasons–some vain and some rooted deep. 

Take out a piece of paper and pen, your laptop, your phone–something that you can write this list down. I want you to read it over and make sure you get it all out. Then print it if necessary and put it up where you will see it every day. It could be the fridge, the mirror, the dresser, and so forth. Put it in a stand-out place. Remember, this is for you to take back your fitness and ride that motivation wave. 

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Let us know how that works out for you. I know I will be doing this list as well. It’s important to stay connected to the roots of our fitness. Why we started this journey and why we never want it to end. Motivation can be drawn from many places, but a big source is yourself. I hope you enjoy making this list. Keep on it to stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What’s one reason on your list for why you exercise?


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Motivation Monday: Just Keep Swimming!

It’s Monday. Yes, I hear the moans and groans. But it is the start to a new week of goals and achievements! Time to get back on track with our fitness and willpower, more importantly. There are often times where the couch beckons you much louder than the squat rack or the treadmill in the gym. This happens to me as well. Resist the evil couch! Pick yourself up, no matter how unmotivated you are and just go. That’s the theme for this week: just keep going, just keep swimming. Because you will always be happy you went. One never regrets a workout unless there is an injury involved.

If you have a headache or feeling tired, go workout! I find that when these symptoms occur, a bout of exercise is the best thing to cure it! Keep the mantra in your head… just keep swimming. Here are some inspirations that I have been using lately:

  • The Lions vs Eagles game: it was literally blizzarding and they fought through, played through. They had to wade through half a foot of snow but they kept playing. Their skin was probably burning from the cold and they could barely see, but they went on.


  • It’s about to get nerdy up in here, but the quest in the HobbitDwarves and Hobbits have damn short legs and they were able to get through all that terrain, climb all those mountains with bands of orcs behind them. Think about going to the gym as a quest. You must make it no matter what stands in your way–laziness or sleepiness! Fight on!!

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  • Lastly, look to those around you for strength and motivation. I have a client who is in her later 20s, has a 6-year-old daughter, is a full-time nurse, going to school for her Master’s, oh and training for a half-marathon. She is in the gym every chance she can get. She gives me inspiration to get my butt up when I’m simply feeling lazy because that girl has her priorities straight and she is damn fit.

Never give up, never surrender! Fight past any laziness, sleepiness, or grumpiness and make your way into your workout, whatever it is. Fight hard and stay hungry and fit!

Motivation Monday: What Will Happen if You Keep Going?

You’ll get stronger. Sometimes it’s tough to keep going, day after day, with workouts, with progress, with fighting towards your goal. We know. Many times we’ve gotten knocked down, but we push ourselves back up. We understand how tough it is to keep all that fight going, but let me tell you, it is worth it. Don’t give up.

One of my inspirations

A question I would always ask isWhat’s going to happen if I keep going?” It is a question I would often ask during workouts with friends I would lead. A way to keep them (and I) going. When our lungs are burning, our legs are aching, and our muscles are screaming at us to stop. But what if we keep going? We get stronger. Hard work, persistence, willpower always pays off.

Chris' inspiration for a body goal from when he was little--good old Conan

Chris’ inspiration for a body goal from when he was little–good old Conan

So when you’re on the last leg of your run, when you’re on the second to last rep of that squat press, or just have one more lap of swimming to complete–think of this question:

What will happen if you keep going? You will get stronger.

Cheers! And as always, stay hungry and fit!