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Groot’s Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

I am Groot! I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot… I am Groot. I am Groot. I AM GROOT! I am Groot; I am Groot. (I am Groot) I am Groot, I am Groot. I… am Groot. I am Groot. “I am Groot.” 

I am Groot? I AM GROOT! I am Groot… I am… Groot. I am Groot! I am Groot. I am Groot.

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Marvel Universe Top 5

With Denver Comic Con coming up this weekend and Hungry & Fit attending yet again, I think it’s time to throw some flames into a fire that is so fun to watch burn. This is to spark a discussion. We all have our favorite comic book characters. Some of you prefer DC… some, like myself, prefer Marvel. As a little kid, you never want to even entertain the idea that your favorite could possible meet his or her match, but you later learn that everyone is bested at one time or another. No one is greater than the combined force of the most powerful entities in the universe… or the multiverse. Or is there someone?

This time, we are going to look at the characters in the Marvel Universe and the alternative universes that create the greater Marvel Multiverse. I know including the Cosmic beings make this a wash for mutants and other superheroes, but maybe a different list will be released later. This is completely subjective and I am basing my rankings off of my experience being involved in this fantasy world for over two decades. The whole point of this is to spark a debate about who we think are the strongest characters in Marvel, who in DC would enter the fray and come out on top, and why we care so much about something so ridiculously fantastical! 

So, once again, it’s my list and I’m open to discussion. Please be aware that Magneto, Hulk, and Thor wouldn’t even last a second against any of the following. There are very few that would. Spoiler: Don’t even bother looking for gods such as Zeus and Odin, Eternals such as The Champion, and even Galactus, who would probably come in just after the following, along with the Celestials.


Thanos was one bad dude. Born on Saturn’s moon, Titan, to parents that were Eternals, Thanos had some power from the start. With his genius level intellect and infatuation with Mistress Death, Thanos went overboard and started wreaking havoc on the universe. After collecting the original five Infinity Gems and placing them in his glove, he created the Infinity Gauntlet. Although his daughter Nebula mastered its use far easier than Thanos, he still earns this place on the list. By capturing Chaos, Order, Galactus, the Stranger, and other cosmic power level beings, Thanos asserted himself as one bad dude. Once he lost the gems, however, at the hands of greater beings, he falls far off the list. Like way way down.

5. Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, and Death – 

There have been insanely long debates as to which of these four abstracts are the most powerful so we’ll just list all of them. They were born with the Big Bang, have existed forever, and control every force in the universe except for cosmic balance of power. Their embodiment was affected by the Infinity Gauntlet but they are rarely challenged by other entities. A version of them exists in each universe and is watched over by someone later on this list. In my opinion, the order of power, if it had to be broken down, would go in the following: Infinity, Oblivion, Eternity, Death.

4. Molecule Man – 

As the picture below depicts, The Watcher, In-Betweener, Kosmos, Order, Chaos, Oblivion, and even LT are making way for Molecule Man. His ability to manipulate matter is absurd. For anyone that thinks Magneto is powerful since he can manipulate magnetism, think about just being able to control any form of matter at any time. MM was so powerful that he had to create ways to limit his own power, took out Galactus without a problem and even took down the next guy on the list after that other person’s powers were decreased by the writers. Nevertheless, his track record and the sheer concept of his power make him a huge force of nature. Yes, it is controversial to place him above the abstracts, but this list is all about what ifs and how could yous. Now, of course you’re going to look at his grid on Marvel’s website and question his durability as a human, but damn, go ahead and I still won’t change my mind. 

3. The Beyonder –

In all honesty, at one point in time, The Beyonder might have been Number 1 on this list. During Secret Wars, his power was immeasurable but they decided to change his character multiple times. The result is a still very powerful but far less fun individual. For the sake of this list, I am taking the retcon into consideration and placing him a spot lower than I would have otherwise. If they never made that change I would have him at 2. What is his power… or what was it? They noted that he could’ve destroyed the ENTIRE multiverse or the concept of death itself with a thought. Anything he thinks happens. Now he’s just an incomplete cube, boring.

2. The Living Tribunal – 

He can thank Tom DeFalco’s awful change in the Beyonder’s origin and powers for second place. The Living Tribunal is currently, unarguably the second most powerful individual in Marvel. It is indisputable now that the Beyonder has been altered. You can argue it is Molecule Man based off of that image above and his matter manipulation but very few would agree with you. As for anyone else in the Celestials, Abstracts, etc., they have all yielded to LT at one time. Thanos wanted no part of LT even with the IG. He is the hand of the most powerful entity that exists in the Marvel Omniverse and as a result the individual that controls the balance of all powers and forces that exist. He is essentially an all-powerful judge that observes and does not like to act, but will when necessary.

1. The One Above All – 

And I’m not talking about the leader of the Celestials with the same title. This is unquestionably the strongest being in Marvel. There are some that would argue The Beyonder precon was number 1, but no one else will put up an argument for any other character. Now that The Beyonder is diminished by writers, The One Above All stands strong. He is referred to and has appeared from time to time around beings such as LT, Kosmos, Peter Parker. However, my favorite reference is a line by Mephisto (Marvel’s Satan), when he is asked if LT is “god” Mephisto tells the bartender “No, he’s not God. He’s just the biggest kid in all the playgrounds. And if he knows the Principal, he’s not exactly chatty about it.” Many believe The One Above All is Stan Lee himself, but maybe one day we will find out.

Noticeably, Phoenix Force has been left out because of its classification as a force that enters individuals. Similarly, Captain Universe has been neglected because it is a seemingly infinite power of every being in the universe that is taken by an individual from time to time. Also, Franklin Richards, the strongest mutant of all time, has also been left out because he is still young and has not yet reached his full potential. Sentry is the strongest being on Earth, but lacks anything more than pure firepower. Black Bolt, Hyperion, Gorr, and Gladiator are very destructive as well but lack more complex powers. Any heralds of Galactus such as Silver Surfer obviously have not surpassed their creator. Obviously, the rest of the Celestials and everyone depicted in the picture below would round out a slightly larger list.

 That is a picture of a lot of powerful beings, all worthy of a Top 20 list. Thanks for reading and tell us who YOU think should be top 5 Marvel characters! See you at Denver Comic Con! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

As we near the end of Phase II in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron as the final two installment before beginning Phase III, Captain America: The Winter Soldier adds tons of new paths for the movies in Phase III. It gives you an insight into what Iron Man 4, Ant-Man, Thor 3, a possible Hulk with Mark Ruffalo, and most of all, Captain America 3 might have to offer. It presents tons of potential, which Marvel can take advantage of or just tie off easily. Before I talk about that and really get into some spoilers, let me say a few words about the movie.

The Winter Soldier was one of Marvel’s best movies since 2008. It had a little bit of everything that you want from a quality movie: good acting, some laughs, some tears, some nail-biting, some jaw dropping action scenes, a reliable soundtrack, some amazing effects and scenery, and some plot twists that kept you intrigued. It brought you some heroes you know and love and some new ones as well. It also introduced some anti-heroes, some villains, some super-villains (you could argue) and as I mentioned before, contributed a ton to the Marvel movie-verse. 

Overall, it lacked the romantic connection that the first Captain America created between Peggy and Cap. This is personal preference, but I care about story and I love a good romance. Therefore, what they did in Captain America 1 really worked well for me. I know this because it made me want a relationship between the two even though they never really had it. Sure, in House of M, they got married but they later divorced. That wasn’t satisfying and the closure with Peggy in this movie was as lively as a piece of cardboard, for me. He had cut all ties, she acted like she moved on, and I was not happy! But that’s a total aside, I can’t believe I went into so much depth about that so let me just cut that off now! (You can comment if you want to know how I feel about that whole situation.) 


Now for some spoilers, so turn away, or read even closer. The movie was filled with references to characters in the Marvel universe. Rumlow, the guy who was roasted in the end (but alive) is arguably the Cap’s most consistent super-villain. As Crossbones, he is Red Skull’s henchmen and he is the person who assassinated the Captain in Marvel’s Civil War. You get the idea he’ll make a comeback since they showed his battered body… alive. Also, there is a lot more to Batroc the Leaper than the movie shows. I loved the casting of my favorite mixed martial artist, GSP, as the role. He is sort of a funny villain as he has fought everyone with his huge ego and sense of honor, leaping around ridiculously and always getting beaten. He’s great.

GSP and Cap (Image source)

When Hydra was listing all their threats, there were a few names that appeared but one stood out. Bruce Banner, Anthony Stark, Maria Hill… Steven Strange. OH YEAH! Doctor Strange was mentioned so they have to bring him in soon! I think he might help the team out in Phase III when they finally go to take on the villain of the whole movie-verse (in my opinion), Thanos. Looking forward to that. Also, for those of you who saw it and don’t know who Agent 13 is… she is Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s “niece” and Cap’s main love interest, period. (There is hope for the Cap/Chris Evans in this movie-verse!) 

But let’s get to the real good stuff, the endings! One shows that Nick Fury has burned the secret stash of SHIELD and will chase Hydra members. (SHIELD really always comes back in the comics, so yeah.) The Winter Soldier checks out his exhibit in the Smithsonian… BUCKY! (We need him to take Cap’s place when he dies!) Cap is going with Falcon to find Bucky. Natasha is going to find herself a new identity. Agent Hill is working for Stark. Sharon is in the CIA. Oh wait, that’s all the boring stuff. Here is the good stuff!

Baron Strucker, a Hydra big boss, acknowledges that SHIELD and Hydra are no longer powerful, basically. But he is! He has Loki’s Staff that was given to him by Thanos. (Strucker, don’t steal anything from Thanos… maybe he is working for him now!) But even more amazingly, and this was one of the best parts of the whole movie, he has Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver, I think, is going to be in Days of Future Past. I don’t know what that means since X-Men hasn’t (unfortunately) been included in the Marvel movie-verse. And more importantly, Scarlet Witch is sort of awesome so between her and Dr. Strange being introduced, that’s just great.


So all in all, I think most casual movie-goers, Marvel nerds, and film critics will find enough points of greatness in this film to say it was worth the trip. And while I did not love the story, since they teased me with Cap/Peggy in the first one so much, it had enough extra laughs and references to make it worthwhile. Go see it! And as always…stay hungry and fit!


On a walk

On a walk

Taking Over Comic Con 2013 (Denver, CO)

I want to avoid making this painfully long so if you want an in-depth review of the roughly five hours we spent at the event, read my biography in a few decades. I’m only saying this because I could talk about those five hours forever. I know we didn’t spend much time there but we made it count and it was completely worth it so let me tell you how we ended up at DCC and how it went.

Months and months ago, the great Stan Lee, inventor of Marvel Comics and most of its iconic characters, announced that he would make his return to Comic Con after a near twenty year hiatus this year in Denver. They published an article about it in the Boulder Weekly and I immediately told Fit. She had never attended a convention, especially one of this scale, so we decided it had to be done. Unfortunately, we had planned to attend a wedding in Santa Monica months in advance to that so we knew we wouldn’t be able to take off of work for Friday and Saturday… bummer. We settled for Sunday and I bought tickets in person at Guiry’s in Boulder at a discounted rate. I bought two one day passes for Sunday.

Months pass and we don’t put any thought into the event or what we should wear. Saturday night rolls around and costume-less, we decided to wear our aprons that we use in the house. Alana was a makeshift fit and cooking Wonder Woman while I was the same version of Captain America, with a Sonic the Hedgehog hat that has ears. It cost us no time and no money but we figured no one would even pay attention to us but oh were we wrong.



Before leaving

Before leaving

We drive to Denver and pass a line that stretches for half a mile. Ten minutes after parking we end up at the back of that line and wait for the doors to open around 9:30 a.m. Almost everyone there is so nice and accepting of one another. The only people I don’t like are the bullies that make fun of other people. And we don’t tolerate bullying so there was none of that, but rather lots of positive reinforcement, high fives, and pictures. I will say that we got our money’s worth in people watching alone. The cosplays and costumes were top notch and I loved how passionate everyone was. We tried figuring out everyone’s costume and did a really good job. We even helped some clueless people by eavesdropping. Our first picture came when I ran into none other than the hero of Hyrule, Link. He was sporting his red fire tunic and the Master Sword. Link is super fit so I had to take a picture with him.



While the line was moving, the most unexpected thing happened. A photojournalist asked for our picture. We obliged and posed… little did we know, this would happen about 14 more times throughout the day. We never expected to be so popular but vendors, exhibitors, staff, photojournalists, bloggers, and attendees asked for our picture. One young woman who was with her friends even asked for a picture with us. Not just of us. We said yes and gave our regular pose every single time. I would love to see those 15 pictures especially the one with our fan because it was so random. Either people loved the idea that we were wearing aprons and it was creative or they thought we were fit and somewhat sexy.

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

Once we got inside we headed upstairs for the main hall. By doing this, we ended up missing a bunch of the panels and presentations we wanted to attend, such as the spotlight on Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. What can you do? We don’t regret our choice because we had our most fun upstairs. When we ended up looking for the panels, gaming rooms, main events, and what not we ended up just wasting energy and getting frustrated. The easiest way to do this is just explain what is in our pictures since they highlight the best parts of the day.



Here is Fit posing with Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Damn you Lando for selling him out to Vader and Boba Fett. This was a part of the Far Away Creations area where a group of Star Wars fans provided models and replicas of the original trilogy. Lots of fun.

Here is Fit posing with Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Damn you, Lando, for selling him out to Vader and Boba Fett. This was a part of the Far Away Creations area where a group of Star Wars fans provided models and replicas of the original trilogy. Lots of fun.

After trekking through some aisles of vendors and trying our hardest not to spend every penny, we decided that we could each have one big purchase. Fit decided quickly that she wanted a picture with Chewbacca. Thus we paid Peter Mayhew for a picture with our camera and he autographed a photo of Fit’s choice. She chose a scene where Chewy and Han are wielding their bowcaster and blaster pistol. Epic. He was huge. He was as tall as us while sitting down and his hands were enormous. She also ran into a Storm Trooper with an awesome voice box and a Jawa.

Alana with Peter Mayhew (who played Chewbacca) --she can't contain her happiness here

Alana with Peter Mayhew (who played Chewbacca) –she can’t contain her happiness here



"Move along, move along"

“Move along, move along”

Now it was my turn to decide. William Shatner, George Takei, Felicia Day, and Wil Wheaton were all tempting individuals to meet and take a picture with but my decision was a no brainer. I wanted to meet and take a picture with Kelly Hu. I had a massive crush on her when I was a teenager. She starred in The Scorpion King, X-Men, and voiced Visas in KOTOR II. For some reason, she had no line while all of the others were absolutely packed all day long. Her picture proceeds went to Much Love, a charity for animals. She was super nice and was happy to talk to us about everything from shopping on Amazon to our pets and more. Here’s the picture.

Kelly Hu and I

Kelly Hu and I

After that I got caught by Umbrella Corp because I was infected by a zombie. Their vehicle was awesome.

After that I got caught by Umbrella Corp because I was infected by a zombie. Their vehicle was awesome.

photo 2 (1)photo (2)

Here I am spying on someone’s crafts hoping to get some ideas for a friend. Secret agent style.

photo (4)

This is a co-worker’s ex-boyfriend showing why he was the coolest guy in the room. He’s a self-taught lightsaber master but he had a hard time actually talking into the mic. The crowd loved it though so good for him.

Gandalf! Literally hunted him down the whole time and finally found him

Gandalf! Literally hunted him down the whole time and finally found him

Fit met Gandalf and he let us pass.

Buff chicas

Buff chicas. She actually made that armor!

Fit’s favorite costume of the day was Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

photo 1 (3)

Hungry’s favorite costume of the day was a Hello Kitty samurai. He let me hold his war banner.

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

Hungry and Fit! Our pose

Here we are on stage finally getting a picture of us together after fifteen other people took them first.


Fit found a bantha to cuddle up next to. It looked like a baby.

photo 3 (3)

Hungry found a sausage for lunch while Fit had a pear salad. We spent a bunch on bad food there but it was expected and we didn’t mind.

I know my brother (Kai) would've loved to play this

I know my brother (Kai) would’ve loved to play this (I’m Gonna Wreck It!)

Fix It Felix Jr. does exist! We didn’t get to play.

I could go on and on but I don’t want to bore you too much so we’ll leave it here and keep you updated the next time Hungry and Fit attend an event!

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Hungry’s Movie Reviews: Iron Man 3

Last Sunday, a few days after the grand opening, we decided to add a few extra dollars to the nearly $175 mil opening weekend that Iron Man 3 boasted by seeing it in 3D. Luckily it was an early showing at Century Boulder so it only ran us about $11 a ticket.  This review is a week late and it may prove to be better that way because it will contain spoilers. I repeat… SPOILERS follow. I will try to save them for the end and give another warning before they appear if you want to continue reading.

Marvel has done a good job lately creating The Avengers. Both DC and Marvel have gone through countless reboots of characters throughout all of the versions of their movies. Within the past decade Eric Bana, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo have all appeared as Hulk in major motion pictures. The X-Men have been consistent in casting but the only good movie has been First Class. The latest versions of Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man all have my seal of approval. Also, in my opinion,  The Avengers is Marvel’s best representation to date. I think I’ll save all this for another post as I continue to Iron Man 3.

Robert Downey Jr. has done an incredible job as Tony Stark and he is the reason that this series is so good. I would not have enjoyed any of the movies in the trilogy if not for him. The soundtrack is as bad as every other Marvel movie soundtrack and stories have not been up to par. The same holds true for this third film although I enjoyed the story the most with the exception of the predictable and disappointing ending. The rest of the movie was entertaining and engaging. I recommend it for anyone looking for a pre-Summer blockbuster and a good old time. Here comes the spoilers and my personal nerdy issues.

The changes made to Aldrich Killian and The Mandarin made for a good movie, but they could have made this trilogy so much better by doing the following. If you noticed in the first movie, there is a terrorist group ran by “The Mandarin” known as “The Ten Rings.” The Mandarin is Iron Man’s arch-nemesis and one of the super-villains of the Marvel universe. He is a highly skilled martial artist and intellectual being that has ten rings of power from an ancient civilization that grants him powers. Each of the ten rings gives a power and you can look those up if you care or don’t know them. Let’s say it would make for quite a fight scene on the big screen but they decided to throw The Mandarin away like he never existed in the comics.

Furthermore, Killian never was injected with Extremis. He helped develop it with Dr. Maya Hansen but the real enemy in that story was Mallen. Mallen was injected and later fought with Iron Man in some brutal fights before finally being blasted to death by repulsors to the head. Killian committed suicide sitting at his computer because of the monster he created. They essentially combined those two characters in this movie. It’s not a huge deal because no one read Earth 616 but this is how the trilogy would have been amazing. The second movie was so bad I stopped watching it. Maybe I’ll give it a second chance. Nevertheless, keep the first movie as is with the ties to the Mandarin. Next, make the third movie into the second and scrap Mickey Rourke. Lastly, bring Mandarin back in the third movie as an actual villain. You can keep the Ben Kingsley being an actor on drugs and everything, but then have him stumble across the ten rings and actually want to take over the universe. Okay, that’s enough ranting and maybe they can take me up on that idea for a reboot or a third Avengers movie.

All in all the movie was well worth the money and I look forward to Iron Man’s return in the upcoming Avengers 2. Dream to be a superhero and workout like them to be really hungry and fit!