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Small Change, Big Gain

 In health and wellness, small changes can make a huge impact. It’s all about baby steps and those baby steps eventually turn into significant changes to your health for the better. Changing soda for sparkling water. Reducing fast food. Going for a walk after work instead of plopping in front of the television. It’s these baby steps that turn into substantive lifestyle change. It develops your new lifestyle into one that’s sustainable and healthy. People often think they need a head-over-heels shake-up of their life to become healthy. That’s not it. That’s not sustainable. The important part is turning it into a lifestyle: not a diet or a brief workout plan. Slow integration is the way to do it.

We were featured in a really neat infographic from Elysium Health which is all about the small changes you can make. Elysium, themselves, are committed to this idea with their own daily NAD+ supplement leading to a big gain in the long term. It just takes a small difference to better your health and, thus, your life!

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3 Tips to Increasing Concentration When Studying for an Exam

Many college students find it difficult to concentrate while studying for an exam. Often times there are so many distractions such as roommates, a lengthy to-do list, extracurricular activities, and the desire to have fun. Studying can be a chore and many avoid the task by doing other things that are more fun, only to regret that decision later. This article will identify some simple ways to make small changes in your daily schedule so that you can concentrate and focus on studying in a more efficient manner which will leave you more time for having fun while sustaining good grades.

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Why Cross Training is Important

Switching up your workouts is key for surpassing plateaus, getting stronger, and better at the physical activity you do. The body is constantly trying to find homeostasis and when you make a routine that you follow daily, weekly, monthly, etc., it’s not as hard for your body to reach towards homeostasis. However, if you throw your body curveballs by doing different workouts, you’ll be doing muscle confusion. For example, my week looks something like this: rest, boxing, muay thai, home circuit, traditional strength training, and hiking. I’m getting hard workouts in, but they are different. My body doesn’t have a chance to get used to any exercise because I’m pushing it to do different movements to challenge strength, speed, flexibility, and more. We wanted to share an awesome infographic brought you by Ghergich and Clubwoodside. Enjoy below:

Cross Training: Why it is a good idea to change things up

Do cross training stay hungry and fit!

Should I Have a Scale in the House?

This is a legitimate question I feel like many ask: should I have a scale in the house? This question is a little more complex than it may seem on the outside. It may seem like just a yes or no answer, but there are a lot of intricacies laid beneath. It’s absolutely not just physical–it’s very mental too. It affects your physical goals as well as well as your mental attitude. 

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Personal Training: Choosing a Specialty

There are tons of personal trainers and fitness coaches out there. As a health-seeker or enthusiast trying to get in your best shape possible, you need to find someone that has the knowledge to work with you specifically, and the ability to relate to your goals. As an aspiring fitness professional, use a specialty or specialties to increase your marketability and continue to train the clients that you enjoy working with for longevity in the industry.

In this video, Fit addresses all of you looking for the right trainer to reach your goals without spending a ton or wasting money on trainers that aren’t right for you. Hungry uses his experience to explain to new trainers how they can make themselves more desirable by finding area where they excel. 

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How to Learn a City: Run It

Going to a new place is fun: new sights, new food, new people, new smells–the list goes on. However, sometimes it’s hard to get oriented in a new city. You aren’t used to the way the streets run or even what direction they’re going in! Some people can easily figure themselves out in a new city (like Hungry), but others like me need other ways of doing so. For some it helps to drive around. That doesn’t quite do it for me. For me, I run or walk the city.

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