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How to Swim Programs: Which is the Best?

There are many ways to learn how to swim. Everyone has a different school of thought. But what are the real pros and cons of each one? Fear is a big issue concerning water and it stops people from learning how to swim all the time which is incredibly dangerous. Drowning is a huge cause of death around the world. We’re here to try to educate you on what is the best way on learning how to swim. Watch this video to learn more about it from the master!

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Sugar Cookie Chex Party Mix Recipe

This weekend, Chris and I attended our first blogging event. Chex had researched the blogs in the Colorado area and we popped up on their list! We drove down to the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree (which is BEAUTIFUL) and attended the event for about an hour. The bloggers were all female and a slightly older demographic. Everybody was super friendly and it was great to meet other bloggers, especially some of who I follow daily like Dinners, Dishes and Desserts. We spent half the time trying out the easy peasy Chex holiday recipes and then the other half bundling up the goodies in little gift boxes and bags. All the recipes we learned were easy and delicious–perfect for procrastinators like me for gift-giving. And then Chex sent all of us home with goodie bags that we very much appreciated. Thank you, Chex! It was hard picking one recipe out of the many we tried, but I’m going with the Sugar Cookie Chex mix. Now onto the yummy stuff…

Their setup

Their setup


  • 6 cups Rice Chex cereal
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp corn syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
Ingredients all ready for us! Very nice

Ingredients all ready for us! Very nice


  • Put the cereal in a large bowl that can be microwaved
  • Line a baking sheet with some wax paper or foil for when you are finished
  • Get your butter melted, whether through the oven, microwave or other means
  • Mix the regular sugar and corn syrup into the butter, then microwave to loosen everything up
  • Stir in the vanilla. 
  • Pour the mixture over the warmed up cereal and stir it so it is mixed properly. Also add in the white chocolate chips at this time
  • Microwave for 2 minutes
  • Sprinkle with the powdered sugar and really spread the sugar around
  • Now let’s lay the delicious cereal mixture onto that lined baking sheet. Sprinkle those sprinkles on top and have fun with it!
Amazingly delicious and simple

Amazingly delicious and simple

And that’s it. You can absolutely make this in under 15 minutes, no problem. If you prefer the oven, go for that! Next time when I do it on my own, I will probably substitute the corn syrup for some sugar and water. This dish is really delicious and it’s perfect for the holidays and school parties. Take advantage of it! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What is your favorite holiday treat?


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Nymeria and I watching kitty videos

H&F’s Friends: BaliAsli (On Etsy)

We love Etsy and, although neither one of us has the skills to create any crafts or goods to sell on the site, we window-shop and admire everyone else’s talent. A few days ago, a new Etsy shop opened in Boulder, CO and it already offers some tremendous products. April has brought tremendous talent across the world from Bali and has made authentic and handmade crafts available for everyone online. The store currently has seven products available. These include various dolls and candles. The dolls are all crocheted and of the highest quality. We personally are purchasing the bear for our nieces. (Shh… don’t tell them.) The other dolls are durable and well-sized with great attention to detail.

Crocheted Bear

The other products are eco soy hand carved candles. These candles are made to order and the best part is that you can request what scent you want. The carvings are of bears, owls, and a beautiful flower from Southeast Asia, if I’m not mistaken. All of the products that are currently available are low in stock so hurry to guarantee one for yourself. If you don’t make it in time, you have nothing to worry about because April’s talents allow her to recreate her projects to order. The shop’s motto is “With love we create and share” and that is exactly what they are doing here. They are creating goods full of love with their hands and sharing them to the rest of the community, no matter how far away.

2 Hand Carved Owl Candles

As you know we already declared Gammianne’s Attic as our friend and BaliAsli is our second friend from Etsy alone. So again, please keep an eye on this new shop so you can have the first look and chance to buy April’s newest products before they get too popular! And if you’re looking for one of the bears, you’re going to have to wait in line because we want one first!

2 Hand Carved Frangipani Candles

For more information and amazing gift ideas for children (nieces, nephews, grandchildren) and adults (grandparents, aunts, uncles, coworkers, parents) please follow this link or check our friend’s page for more information.

The beautiful family of BaliAsli!

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Responsibility of Guardians Does Not Stop in the Gym

This is for you, parents, guardians, care-takers, and so forth. You’ve made it to the gym. Good job. You’ve brought a tag-along (no, not the cookies, a child) and feel satisfied that the gym is a good, safe place they can roam around and have fun. Wrong. Let me share with you a few ways kids unsupervised in gyms can go poorly:

1. They can injure themselves via weightlifting. We saw this yesterday. A kid, no more than twelve, somehow wearing weightlifting gloves (I don’t even wear them) doing curls. And he was lifting way too much weight. Which is when he compromises the proper form and uses his shoulders instead. It is so easy to injure your shoulders. Do your son or daughter a favor, and watch them if they are lifting, don’t let them build horrific injury-leading motions that can hurt them in the future. We were wary of the guardian nearby, because sometimes poor form comes from them.

2. They can distract, injure, or anger someone else. This may seem odd, but sometimes meat heads hit the gym. And they often come with a temper and seriousness to accompany their workouts. As if those workouts are the most important event occurring at the time. Obviously wrong, but many do exist. Say your kid is running around, hopping over weights and bumping into equipment. Besides messing up a roider’s reps, who could release some serious anger at your kid and, ultimately–you, but he/she could also injure someone. Say somebody is far down in their squat and the youngster bumps into them. Wham goes their knees. And wham goes your pocketbook when they sue you.

3. They can injure themselves simply moving around the gym. The gym is not a safe area. It is for people to increase their fitness, which includes heavy machinery, weights, long bars, and lots of pointy edges. Can you imagine how easy it would be for them to trip and fall face-first on an 80-pound dumbbell? Not a pretty sight.

Gym media center


Those are a few reasons off the top of my head. I’m not saying don’t bring your kid to the gym, I’m saying watch your kids if they’re performing exercises or doing some type of exercise. It’s great for them to be active and healthy. Just keep them close to you and under your eye. Put them in child-watch, most gyms have them nowadays. You don’t want to risk their injury or someone else’s. You don’t want to risk getting booted out of your favorite gym. Just a heads up as safety is always most important to us.