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Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Review

$165. What can that get you nowadays? A few trips for two to Chili’s. An outdated Biology textbook for college classes. Enough groceries to last the week. Well that last one sounds pretty worthwhile, but all in all, we spend money on items that don’t last very long or leave worthwhile impressions. It could cost $30 to go to the movies without even getting any drinks or snacks. We often regret a lot of these temporary purchases. Why don’t we invest in something that lasts

I’ve swam competitively for quite some time and have spent upwards of six hours in the pool a day. Unlike other sports that I have played above the water, swimming offers us very little to look at or listen to and it is so easy to get BORED. Triathlon and endurance sports have become more popular and there has been a growth in the swimming industry as a result. Working with triathletes, competitive swimmers, and newcomers of all levels always turns me to the same recommendation. Practice. Time in the water… time in the pool, time in the open water. 

One question. What can make that time in the water more enjoyable? Swimming is not easy. Even if you find your groove, it is physically exhausting. You don’t want it to be mentally exhausting as well. Well, here is the solution for swimming as by yourself in the pool. MUSIC! Sure, you can put speakers in the pool but I don’t think everyone else will appreciate that so you to create your own little world in that lane of yours. This leaves us with one option… using an underwater MP3 player. Are there multiple choices? Of course, but I recently had the pleasure of trying out a new one and here is what I have to say about it!

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The Product: Waterproof iPod Bundle

The Price: $165 for the whole bundle

The Provider: Underwater Audio

The Pros:

  • It’s an iPod shuffle. Very easy to use. Very familiar in our society. iTunes is free and most of us already have it.
  • That iPod shuffle has a clip. That clip will hook onto your suit, no matter what gender as long as the material is thin enough. (Not a 7mm wetsuit.)
  • The earbuds have multiple earplugs and options for people with different shaped ears. The cords are long enough to wrap them around your suit or goggle straps so they stay in place. 
  • It’s competitively priced and you will get your money’s worth if you swim often.
  • Shipping is fast and it is well packaged with all the necessary charging devices.
  • The music is not so loud that other swimmers can hear your music.

The Cons:

  • You need to be careful about just getting the headphones and actual iPod wet, not the USB charging cables.
  • You need to take the time to clip the device in and set up the headphones so they don’t fall off when moving quickly.
  • The music is not so loud that other swimmers can hear your music! I know it’s in both categories but sometimes if there are just a few of you in the pool, it doesn’t hurt to share!

The Bottom Line:

This is a product well worth purchasing if you train in the pool. Whether you are an olympic swimmer or a triathlete, this makes 12,000 yards go by a lot faster. The length of the earphones is great for competitive swimmers since you don’t have these awkward cords being ripped out by your arms when they move throughout the water into the path of your pull. You can’t just throw it on but if you take two minutes to put it on right you don’t have to worry about the iPod unclipping or earphones popping out on your flip turns. (I did not try any starts with these on… obviously?) It obviously works well in open water as well, although I’m not so keen on the idea of using music in open water… personal preference.

So go over to www.underwateraudio.com and check out this product! Trust me, it makes swimming laps a lot more enjoyable at a reasonable price. And as always, stay hungry and fit!


WaterFi Waterproof iPod Nano Review

This is a guest post from our good friend, Nerdy Neanderthal, a nerdy fitness dude (see pic below). Expect more posts from him ranging from workouts to beer discussions to nerd surges! 

Sick tattoo!!

Sick tattoo!!


  • Good price point (156 dollars)
  • Helps monotony
  • iTunes is easy to use
  • Small size
  • Free Headphones


  • Doesn’t function the way it should (can’t skip songs!)
  • Sound is inconsistent above and below water
  • Can easily get in the way
  • Headphones wont stay in

This product barely does what it is supposed to do. I hopped in the pool and clipped the nano to my suit. Swam one lap, that was great, but it was all downhill from there. Buttons stuckhollow sound and most of my workout with less than two headphones in my ears.


Before even going into my swim, my biggest problem with this product is its functionality: I CAN’T SKIP SONGS! Customer service told me that the buttons can get stuck in the water-proofing process. Solution, put the iPod between a desk and a heavy book and press down in circular pattern. I did all this and all I got was a better understanding of the word, “futility.” This is a huge issue for me because I listen to 40 minute podcasts when I do cardio. So if you listen to quick songs and make a good playlist ahead of time, this won’t be a big issue.

Now, to get to my actual swim. Off the first flipturn of my swim, I push with moderate force and out pops the right earbud. Finish the lap, readjust. Third wall less push but same result. Put a cap on over my ears and now when the headphones come out they hang half in your ear; both physically annoying and psychologically. I get the hang of pushing weakly off the wall and using my biceps during streamline to squeeze the headphones back into place. Even when I did hit a rhythm the sound is hollow and far away below water.


Like the night before a hangover, this product seems like a good idea at the time. It’s cheap, barely more expensive than the base Nano, came with free waterproof headphones, and dropped off by USPS free of charge. (I used Amazon) The computer side of the input is a breeze for anyone familiar with Apple products. The size is a great plus, exact same diminutive size as the regular Nano; easily fits in any pocket. When I got the headphones to stay in, the right track on the Nano, with the correct volume it did create that “in the zone” feeling I was looking to obtain.

My thoughts on this MP3 player are hugely mixed. My Nano couldn’t skip tracks, creating this feeling of uselessness in the device. The headphones that came with this product were garbage, both in sound and staying in during rigorous exercise. But even with these massive negatives, it is still a waterproof Apple iPod for barely more money than its base partner. Like the proverbial moth to the flame, I will come back to this device once I can get it working properly. I can not damn this product, but I do wish to severely hedge your expectations.

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Your Nerdy Neanderthal gives the WaterFi iPod Nano a 4/10.