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Is It Okay to Workout with Bad Wrists?

Bad wrists are a common injury or hurt in today’s society. In fact, both Hungry and I feel ours all the time, unfortunately. However, even though we are hurting, we still want to workout! We still want to hit the weights or the push ups! This video explains if it is okay or not to workout with bad wrists. 

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Q&A: Training for a Tough Mudder… With an Injury?!

One of our most involved followers asked us for some advice on changing his training program for a Tough Mudder obstacle race in order to take a foot injury into consideration. He has been putting in a lot of work at the gym lately but without the ability to run or jog, can he still be prepared for this huge challenge? Hungry and Fit talk about creating realistic goals, a program to compliment those goals, and taking care of that injury so that it doesn’t become a larger issue down the road. We also tackle what are the most important areas to develop for Spartans, Warrior Dashes, and the like. 

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We tried to cut it down a bit, but Hungry is so long-winded! Who knows, there might be tips in here that will help you if you’re looking at tackling a big challenge!

Us after a Warrior Dash

Us after a Warrior Dash

It’s a Wrap! ACE Brand Has a New Clip

I have been using ACE™ Brand Bandages for as long as I can remember. I remember sitting on my mum’s bed, sticking my leg out so she could wrap up my ankle. That was at least ten or fifteen years ago. ACE™ Brand products are still around today, helping provide stability and support to people who need it. They improved their products, innovated new products, and maintained their same high quality. If you follow us regularly, you know that Hungry and I usually get our bodies into trouble somehow. Whether it’s banging up a knee or an elbow, something is usually tender on our bodies. That’s why I’m excited to present to you the ACE™ Brand Elastic Bandage with the new ACE™  Brand Clip. 

Good for the ankle

Good for the ankle

Bringing you back to the memory of having my mum wrap my ankle, I used to be afraid of one thing. That scary, spiky metal clip. With the new ACE Brand Clip, those fears vanish. Instead of getting stuck with the sharp end of the metal clip (whether it’s my mum’s fault or the clip’s fault, I’ll never know), it’s an easy plastic clip that you simply press to make it stay. Hooray! It’s an easy way to wrap up anything that needs support without having to fumble with a clip that’s not attached. It makes it much easier to wrap it yourself. All you do is wrap to your likened tightness, put the clip on the top layer of the wrap, and then click it into place!

photo 5 (15)

I enjoyed trying it on all the parts of my body that usually need some extra support. Each one fit well and was easy to do–even my elbow!

photo 1 (47)

It doesn’t snag on clothes and holds securely. Of course, it’s great for athletes during their sport or workout, but it works for everyday life as well. It helps support my problem-knee during an active day at work as I am constantly on the move. And even between clients and meetings, with the new clip, I can fix it very quicklyConvenient and comfortable–two of my favorite words. Whether it’s sprains or strains, this new ACE Brand Clip allows you to customize the compression that feels right. I usually like mine fairly tight, while others like it loose. With the new ACE Brand Clip, you have a much easier time to adjust the ACE Brand Elastic Bandage how YOU want it to fit. 

photo 2 (37)

ACE Brand also just came out with some funny, quirky promotional videos of the new ACE Brand Clip. Find it in the YouTube playlist below. If you’re an athlete, an active person, or just a regular person needing some support, check out the new ACE Brand Clip. It worked for us! I know I’ll be keeping it on my sore knee when I need it. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

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Mind Over Matter

This is a guest post by Eva McElwain Tucci AKA Gammianne and mom to Hungry
How many times have you heard the saying mind over matter?  When you are an exerciser, in time, working out becomes as essential as breathing and eating (and you can eat more when you work out which is a bonus point)
As stated in a previous post, I started exercising when I was 15 years old. I went through the Jane Fonda era …yes I had matching leotards, leg warmers, jazz shoes and the Jane Fonda album (yes I said album–those round discs we would play on a turntable) . I am relatively certain that Hungry remembers the Buns of Steel, Abs of Steel VHS that I used to work out to.
Sunbathing with the kiddos

Sunbathing with the kiddos

Back in the day, I would often work out three hours a dayAerobic Classes, Spinning and Weight lifting comprised the bulk of that workout ..oh and at least twenty five minutes of ab work a day. This served me well through three children by the way as my stomach is still as flat as a 20 year old due to all that time spent (downside to strong abs …babies don’t drop very quickly during birth but giving birth is always worth the effort).
I loved working out. I am wearing the same jeans I was wearing ten years ago …bonus as I have too many clothes to bother with multiple sizes . I weigh the same as I did when I was 20 as well (admittedly it may not be in the same place. I call this shape shifting). 
I started heavy duty on the aerobics when I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol levels while still in my twenties. I tried the low fat diet but diet is a four letter after all and that was not working for me as I LOVE TO EAT. I had read an article that aerobic exercise increased the HDL’s (good cholesterol) in your system and therefore lowers the overall ratio of your cholesterol. I actually managed to bring my levels from a  ratio of 6 to less than 3 over a period of twenty years.
In 2008, I suffered a serious cervical spinal cord injury and was unable to continue many of the exercises, duration or levels that I had previously performed. Aerobics were out of the question due to compression on the spine. I was limited to use of the elliptical, the bike , leg weights and have been in physical therapy for seven years for my neck and arms.  Prior to that, I was considered to be pretty “ripped”.
My daughter, granddaughter, and I

My daughter, granddaughter, and I

There are days that I feel wobbly, off-balance , tired and in pain but I keep trucking to the gym (at off times with all the other 90 year olds). Just kidding, I am only 54 …I just feel like I am 90 and the 90 years olds do give me moment’s of pause because I do not want them to fall over on me and hit my neck. I try to always stay conscious of my environment as personal trainers may be tossing balls around with clients and I stay out of harms way. So my answer is go when it is quiet but keep going.
Even though I am suffering a disability, there is not one of my doctors who tells me to discontinue. My body is riddled with arthritis from various accidents and a genetic predisposition and they tell me to keep moving or I will get stiffen up. I was recently away for three months which is the longest time in all these years that I have been without a gym. If anyone read my previous post, they know this was a dastardly winter and I made do with the elliptical and walking in the snow as much as I could. 
I am back at the gym and starting over. When I saw my neurologist recently, that was the first thing he advised me to do. Plus, I still eat whatever I want, whenever I want (yea ..some people hate me for that). Remember, mind over matter and never give up. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body. It is a simple rule that many many many of us tend to forget, including myself. Well, perhaps forget is a rather passive word, but instead ignore. And what do we do? Keep pushing our bodies even though it’s saying, “Um, hi! I’m done now, please stop!” Many of us will call this “wimping out” or just a complaint that can be pushed through. But that is where you need to acquire a skill.

This skill is understanding and knowing your own body. Picking up on the language that your body uses to communicate with your mind. Often, beginners to fitness are a little out of tune with this language. It’s taken one of my clients several months to come to the point where he can really tune into his body and understand when it is telling him to stop or push just that one rep farther.

Working it right

Working it right

Take the time in your next workout to feel out what’s going on with your body. Try to learn the difference between muscle pain (good) and joint or tendon pain (bad). If your muscles are filling with lactic acid, you can feel that pressure, that burning pain, but you know you can just do one more rep to push your body to the proper place. And if you feel your elbow joint or rotator cuff hurting with a sharp pain as you continue to bench press or curl, you know to stop before pushing yourself to injury. You have to walk that tight rope of pain. You have to know which is which.

If you’re unsure, ask a trainer. Point out what’s bothering you and they can tell you if that’s A-OK (ripping muscle fibers to make them stronger!) or a big NO-NO (overly-stressing a joint or ligament). If they’re a good, quality trainer, they will want to help you. Don’t be afraid of asking. It could save you an injury or make a workout that much better.

Chris taking a rest day with the kittens

Chris taking a rest day with the kittens

Don’t be (too) stubborn. Now here, I really need to take my own advice. Tonight we did a chest and triceps workout (here’s a sample). My (we think) rotator cuff has been a bit strained and stressed lately and can get pretty painful with certain exercises like push-ups, chest press, shoulder exercises, and other triceps exercises on the bench. I endured it pretty well tonight, but it kept me from completing as full sets as I would like. However, even though I wanted to push myself harder, I knew that it was worn out after a good number of supersets. I wanted to do another superset or so, but I held back. I didn’t want to seriously injure anything. Often, I can be way too stubborn for my own good, but here is a prime example of listening to your body.

Working myself to a good place where my skin needs to get tougher!

Working myself to a good place where my skin needs to get tougher!

So next time you’re in the weight room or out on a run, keep a finely-tuned “ear” to your body and listen to it!

Cheers! And let us know if you have any questions!