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Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (Stairs Workout)

Since we live over on the West side of Los Angeles near Culver City now, it changes our “natural habitat.” When we used to live in West Hollywood, I would do Runyon Canyon all the time. Now, our go-to weekend spot is Will Rogers. However, there’s a great workout spot in Culver City-ish called the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook (also known as the Culver City Stairs). It’s a huge piece of land, with multiple sports fields, a dog park, play structures, rock wall, overlook areas, a museum, and a big ass hill. I’ve been going there for that big ass hill. It’s an incredible workout and just a 12 minute drive from our apartment. 

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Happy National Take a Hike Day!

Happy National Hiking Day! If you’ve been hanging around Hungry & Fit long enough, you know that we love the outdoors and we love to hike. Of course, I miss living near Runyon Canyon where Noke and I could walk 15 minutes to the closest trail and be on our way. Lately, we’ve been frequenting another trail on the weekend. On Sundays, we like to go to Will Rogers State Park.

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Our Week(end) in Pictures

May have been a rough week for us but we made the best out of it

My pillow after election night...yikes

My pillow after election night…yikes

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Our Week(end) in Pics!

We had a day trip planned to Leo Carrillo on Saturday, but unfortunately, there was NO parking so that was a pretty bad part of the day. Luckily, we had some fun before and after. Sprinkled in before the weekend are some fun week pics. 

Finished a book and now I'm hooked for the 9-book series!

Finished a book and now I’m hooked for the 9-book series!

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Fit’s Bachelorette Camping Trip in Pictures

Three of my great friends, Dani, Jamie, and Robyn, organized a bachelorette trip for us to go camping! It was everything I needed: relaxing, active, and stress-free. It was so nice to escape the madness of prepping for the wedding and hike, go to the beach, and laugh. We even saw whales…TWICE! If that’s not a good omen, I’m not sure what is. Dani’s pictures are also sprinkled in here (they’re the nice ones and the group shots). Enjoy!

Bags packed!

Bags packed!

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Runyon Canyon Adventures

Runyon Canyon often gets a bad rap. This is because it can get very busy and socialites love to go there. So, people say, if you want to avoid a crowd, don’t hike at Runyon. That is true…to an extent. I was always wary of hiking at Runyon (I had never done so before) because of this reason. I didn’t want to be surrounded by rich Los Angelenos or clueless tourists during my outdoor fitness and peace time. We now live about a 15-minute walk away from Runyon. So, one day, Noke and I accidentally stumbled on it and said, “Why not? Let’s give it a go.” I had no idea about what trails there were, how long they were, difficulties, or anything. Like I said, I was new. As I’ve learned from previous experiences, Noke loves hiking. And we now both love our Runyon Canyon adventures.

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