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Healthy Homemade Pizza

Sometimes, you just want an easy, delicious recipe that won’t take forever and put on the pounds. Something you can just whip up and throw onto the stove or into the oven. And what’s better than PIZZA on the weekend?! However, this isn’t just your Dominoes-esque pizza–this is on the healthier side! We are using whole-wheat flour here, better for your insulin intake, and more fiber. The recipe for this healthy homemade pizza is simple. It’s a riff on one of my other homemade pizza recipes. It’s simple, you don’t need any yeast, and it can be made in less than thirty minutes. All you need is flour and cheese (basically). 

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Healthy Version of Pizza

I crave pizza probably 85% of the time. And while it would be nice to grab a slice of pizza every time I get that craving, it’s best for my body that I don’t. That’s why we create alternatives and moderations to satisfy these cravings. This is a shout-out to my mum who would make this healthy version of pizza for me for a snack all the time. It’s time for pizza toast! This is a healthier, much cheaper version of pizza that is sure to kick your pizza craving in the butt. It is incredibly, incredibly simple and could call for some creativity if you want to get snazzy with it. 

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Pizza Toast

Serves 1
A healthy alternative to pizza

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Prep Time
3 min

Cook Time
2 min

Prep Time
3 min

Cook Time
2 min

  1. 1 slice of bread
  2. 1 slice of cheese (enough to cover the bread)
  3. 1 tbsp your favorite “red” sauce
  1. Toast the bread on both sides lightly
  2. Spread the red sauce on the toast
  3. Put the cheese on top and bake for 1-2 minutes or until melted
  1. Have fun with it and add more ingredients!
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Super simple, super easy, and you can make it what YOU want it to be. Have fun with the cheese, the sauce (try pesto!), and whatever toppings you want. This is a great snack or light meal. Enjoy it and make it yours! Use this healthy pizza alternative to stay hungry and fit!


Nymeria stealing Noke's 3rd bed

Nymeria stealing Noke’s 3rd bed