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24 Books a Year: Goal Completed

Last year, I set a goal for myself: to read 24 books in 2016 (two books a month). Why did I set this goal? Well, for a few reasons, really…

  1. I love to read and want to consume more unread books in our library.
  2. Reading is one of the best ways to learn how to write better.
  3. Reading is great for inspiration.
  4. I love a good challenge.

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Show the “New You” Haters Who’s Boss

It’s the New Year! It’s the time where people set resolutions, realign their goals, and set out on this adventure of a life. Goals may be lofty, they may be lowly, but they are still made nonetheless. With the new year, comes a lot of “New You”s, but also alongside that, “New You” haters or shamers. There are those who publicly refuse to change themselves upon the New Year, which is fine, but they shouldn’t shame others when they chose to set new goals. Each and every person should be able to start the new year without any negativity and choose to set what path they desire.

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Did I Hit My Summer Goals?!

As summer comes to a close, so do my summer fitness goals! It’s been an incredibly busy summer (including a move and other travel), but I’ve been working hard on my goals. Like the true procrastinator I am, I got 2 out of 5 done within two days of my deadline. But I’m super proud of what I’ve accomplished. I haven’t set real fitness goals for myself in a while and it was amazing to do again.

Why do goals matter? Whether you’re a newbie or fitness vet, goals are important! You need something to strive towards, something to keep you honest. It’ll stop you from getting bored or not knowing what to do: it gives you direction. I want to keep creating goals so hopefully you will see goals come up every season! They will probably all have different themes. Like summer’s goals, for example, were all body weight based.

Anyhow, enough talk, onto my results!

Summer Fitness Goals:

-Goal #1: 20 consecutive push-ups

-Result #1 >> SUCCESS

Still keeping up some workouts
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Setting Realistic Goals

If you read this post, you’ll know that I am working on some goals for this summer. I really wanted to ignite my fitness drive back up so I decided to plan out some goals to give me more motivation on working out every day. The goals are mostly body weight goals. Two goals, however, stood out a little bit: running 3 casual miles and being able to touch my toes. Along with my other goals, they just didn’t make sense. Just because they’ve been longtime goals, I wanted to throw them in my mix of body weight goals (which aren’t easy, mind you). However, with my busy work schedule and all my home hobbies and chores, I was stressing to fit everything in in one week. 

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Summer Fitness Goals

Goals are supremely important when it comes to fitness. Unfortunately, Hungry and I aren’t always great at having them. However, this summer (a little late), I’ve decided to change that! And by summer, I mean until late September. Goals help you fight harder toward something and give you purpose as you are working out. Goals can have a HUGE range: someone can have a goal of lowering their body fat percentage while another want to increase their splits by another inch. It can really be anything fitness, sport or health related. Just set something.

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Do Pre-Workouts Actually Work?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, they won’t do anything if you don’t! Performance enhancing drugs enhance… performance but they don’t magically give people biceps bursting out their sleeves and eight packs. Now, it’s up to you if you want to spend a part of your hard-earned paycheck on some powders with artificial flavors and food dye to make them actually look like “fruit punch.” Obviously, just like any other consumer good, there are better and worse products based on the principles and practices of the companies that create them. Without naming any names, I’ll say that companies that constantly talk about the science behind their products and are more transparent are safer bets. If a company relies on using sex, popular people, flashy labels, and other marketing tricks to sell their sub-par products, save your money. And, if you have any specific questions, feel free to send me an email!

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Our December Goals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the end of the year! 2015 is right around the corner and even though you might be working on those New Year Resolutions, we all need to realize we have three more weeks of quality time that shouldn’t be wasted! So let’s brainstorm… think of five REALISTIC goals for December. These will help keep you focused during the frenzy of the holiday season. They will also get the ball rolling so you have some momentum moving into January. It’s hard to go full throttle the first of the year, so build some steam in December by creating and achieving these reasonable goals. 

Hungry’s Goals

1. Train every day! For what? Life! I don’t have any fitness related goals right now but after skipping the last six days of November, I’ve trained every day of December. Let’s keep it going since consistency is key for progress. 

2. Perfect work attendance! Since starting at my new Y in October, I haven’t missed a shift. I want to stay healthy, or tough, enough to keep those paychecks flowing and build other’s trust in my abilities at my new workplace.

3. Bring all meals to work! Every time I forget to pack lunch or go grocery shopping, I end up spending an average of $10 on a meal. I can eat healthier and save crucial money by preparing simple meals once a week.

4. Continuing Education Rush! I did a TRX GSTC on Sunday and have loads of YMCA training courses lined up for December. Still, let’s push the envelope and finish one more I didn’t plan to do! I have some ideas so stay posted.

5. Celebrate Christmas! I love Christmas. I love presents. I love the holidays, the decorations, the music, the meals with the family. And if I’ve done 1-4, you better believe I’ll be celebrating such a great month and year. 

photo 1 (22)

Fit’s Goals

1. Train six days a week. This means either lifting, cardio, yoga, OR all three! There’s always room for something. I’m letting myself have one day off, but I’ll always be doing with my walks with Noke at the very least. 

2. Bake once a week. This was my jam every week back in Boulder, where everything was simpler and easier. I’ve baked only a few times since living here in LA, whether due to lack of time, lack of ingredients, or just laziness or tiredness. No more! Getting back on that baking…plus it’s great therapy. 

3. Cook legit meals at least three times a week. This doesn’t mean I’m eating out the other times, but Hungry and I have what we call “lazy meals” which we’ve been thriving on lately. This means quick microwaving, or fridge food. I want to get creative and into cooking more and come up and try out new recipes! My work provides my lunch so I just have to cover breakfast and dinner! 

4. Meditate every day. Oh this horse I have fallen so far off of! Yesterday, I was thinking how badly I need to get into meditation. It creates such a healthy impact on my life and I crave it especially during these stressful times.

5. Go through my emails every day. Boring one? Most certainly, but for me–necessary. I used to be good at keeping up, categorizing, etc with every single email, but during these hectic times, I just throw my hands up. Every day, I want to have my inbox organized by the end of the day. This doesn’t mean every email is taken care of, but at least it’s starred or in the proper folder. Even though it’s slightly more work, it will alleviate stress in the long-term.

photo 1 (23)

For December, there be our goals. I’m excited for us to start this tradition every month. It’s always good to set goals. It keeps you motivated, it keeps you focused, it keeps you grounded while you dream. Remember to make them (or at least most of them) realistic so that you can reach it! It’s good to set standards high, but you want them completable so that you can feel good about yourself at the end of the month. Encourage yourself and those around you to create at least 3 monthly goals. It should help keep you in line ;). Make goals to stay hungry and fit!

Shortcuts Are for LOSERS

(Note: Apologies, loyal readers, for our absence yesterday. It was supposed to be a food post day and we failed to provide so here’s an extra special and meaningful article brought to you by Hungry, King of Rants… and Motivation.)

Have you ever seen all of those get ripped quick programs? Lose 10 lbs in 10 days? Drink this magic juice that arms your blood cells with swords and shields to destroy all of your fat cells while you sit on the couch? How about machines that burn more calories in 10 minutes than an hour in the gym? You know, the ones that you stand on and they just vibrate!

photo 1 (85)

Well, I’m not here to discredit or review any of those products. Those posts are due to come at a later time. I am here for something far more important, a lesson that someone like myself has learned personally and seen others learn over time. I am here to tell you that you don’t actually care about your results in your fitness journey.

Does that sound crazy or what? Of course you care! You’ve wanted that six-pack for ten years. You’ve wanted to fit in those size 4 jeans ever since you graduated high school. Your trainer or coach told you to set a goal, so you set a goal. And now that you’ve reached the goal, how do you feel? Great, of course!

But something is missing. It’s missing because all you’re doing is looking at your new body in the mirror and telling that body you love it! Still, you know that there’s a bigger player in this game. Emerson said “life is a journey, not a destination.” You’ve probably heard some version of that phrase, right?

photo 2 (71)

Now relate it to that body in the mirror. What does having the six-pack really mean to you now that you have it? It shouldn’t be the most important thing in the room. That six-pack can come and go in a matter of months, even weeks. Slip from your training regiment and start eating poorly and it’s nothing more than a photo of what used to be, but there’s something you never lose.

You NEVER lose that journey. (Unless you actually lose your memory) You NEVER forget what you went through to get to that point. You don’t forget the sweat. There might have even been some blood and tears… some scars to remind you. And once you’ve been through that journey, it’s not so bad to go back. You’re a seasoned veteran. You know your limits and you want to crush them!

photo (29)

So please, before you sign up for any get ripped quick programs or try to take any shortcuts, think about what really matters. Think about what really lasts. Think about YOU! Oh, and stay HUNGRY AND FIT!


photo (94)

Healthy Broccoli and Onion Quiche Recipe

As you know, we’re travelling to California and New Zealand in less than a week. This means we need to get rid of perishables ASAP! What is a good way to use lots of eggs in a yummy way? Oh yeah, quiche. Now, I’ve never made a quiche of my own, but I’ve always always been a fan. My parents both make wonderful quiches in such different ways and I was excited to try it. And I am amazed how easy it is to make it! Quiches are going to happen a lot more often in this household! I was planning to have it for breakfast or lunch tomorrow, but unfortunately…none of it survived (thanks, Chris). This recipe was adapted from Whole Foods. 


  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time: 35 minutes


  • Serves: 8 (well, I cut it into 8 pieces…obviously just served us 2, serve yourself more if this isn’t enough and you don’t have to feel guilty about it!)
  • Calories: 98
  • Fat: 4.4g
  • Carbs: 7.4g
  • Protein: 6.8g


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 small broccoli (roughly 1.5 cups)
  • 1 white onion 
  • 1 cup milk 
  • 1/3 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • black pepper to taste
  • paprika to taste
  • 1/4 cup whole-wheat flour


  • First, grease up a square or circle baking dish and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • Dice up the onion (don’t forget your goggles so you don’t cry!) and chop up the broccoli into small little pieces

photo 2 (11)

  • Heat up a pan with oil and cook the onions until tender. Then throw the broccoli in for 5 minutes or so.

photo 3 (8)

  • Put the cooked veggies into your baking dish

photo 4 (7)

  • Alrighty, let’s move onto our egg mixture. Grab a large bowl and put the eggs, milk, Parmesan, salt, oregano, and pepper. Whisk whisk whisk! Then slowly mix in the flour. 

photo 5 (2)

  • Now pour the egg mixture into the baking dish evenly.

photo 1 (11)

  • And that’s it. Now we just put it in the oven for 35 minutes. After it’s ready, let it cool before you dig in!

photo 4 (8)

This recipe was so easy and so delicious. Like I said, we ended up finishing the whole tin in one meal. We are hungry and fit after all. This dish is great with some ketchup, too. I am so excited to play with this recipe and throw different veggies, spices, and meats (for Chris) into it and see what happens. To top it all off, this recipe is ridiculously healthy which helps me stay true to my goals. Just look at those macros above! Use this recipe to stay hungry and fit!

Way too small of a piece

Way too small of a piece

Love the broccoli bites

Love the broccoli bites

  • Question of the Day: What’s your favorite quiche ingredients?


photo 1 (10)

Kitties in da bathroom

How to Survive a Holiday Party

Tis the season of holiday parties full of cookies, brownies, fried foods, and tons of booze. Yikes. Double yikes if you’re trying to get through the holidays without packing on a tire belly. So I’ve created a rough holiday party survival guide. I need it too as I’m working hard to get ready for New Zealand!

1. Eat before you go. This is one of the best ways to avoid pitfalling from a grumbling tummy into a plate of sugar cookies. Eat something with plenty of protein. This will keep a fuller belly for a longer time. Then you can think clearly about the choices you are about to make at the festive party. Even if you have little time between blow-drying your hair and deciding which shoes to wear, slam back a healthy bowl of cereal at least!

photo (19)

2. Stick to one glass. An easy easy way to overeat or just overindulge in general is to throw down too much alcohol. When you drink too much, your awareness of hunger and fullness fades and whatever looks good, you are going to eat. I’ve seen this countless times. Also, sticking to one glass helps you make smart decisions even beyond food. You get a taste, but you stay classy!

Found this atop a gym locker...not classy

Found this atop a gym locker…not classy

3. Go for greens. Have you ever snacked on a ton of raw green beans? It actually gives you a sense of fullness. Anyways, at parties, there is usually some type of greenery, even if it does look lonely in the corner. This is the thing you wanna overdo, the thing you wanna go crazy on. Stuff your face with those sliced cucumbers and dunk it in hummus too!

photo (21)

4. Moderation. There are going to be treats that, even if you ate before you left and only had one glass of wine, you are going to want to try. That friend who has a wicked baking thumb? Yeah you want to try her decadent cookies. One of the most important things with eating–and life–is moderation. Have a bite of that cookie, taste a little bit of that cheesy dish. Just play it smart, don’t overdo.

So when you want to eat the whole cookie pan...just have a little

So when you want to eat the whole cookie pan…just have a little

5. Use smaller plates. This happened to me recently at a holiday party. There were only small plates. At first it was frustrating, but then I realized it kept my ravenous stomach at bay. Like I suggest at any big family gathering, stick to the small plates. Fill it up with greens and some of the other stuff and sit down and eat it. If you really want to wait in line and get more food, sure. But this way, there’s not a huge plate of food eyeing you, waiting for you to finish it even though you’re full.

6. Be a butterfly! Social butterfly, I mean. Who has time to gobble up fudge when you’re engrossed in wonderful conversation? Go around, talk to different people, catch up! Honestly, when you’re busy talking, you’re not going to think of food. Try it.



Those are just a few ways to survive those deadly holiday parties. Meditate on moderation before you go! Serve yourself a delicious dinner so those jugs of eggnog don’t tempt you. Stay strong, remember your goals, and remember that this is just one night. And even if you botch it, it’s not the end of the world. Use this steps to stay hungry and fit!


Nymeria's favorite hangout spot

Nymeria’s favorite hangout spot