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2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah, or just so happen to have a birthday (or anniversary) that falls in December, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re either going to be giving or receiving some gifts. For many, this whole process makes this month one of their favorites, but for some others, it brings nothing but stress. Lucky for you, we love everything about the holiday season so we present the Hungry & Fit 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! 

For the sake of convenience, everything here will be available on Amazon, since they ship everywhere at reasonable rates and can generally give you accurate shipping details. Also, above everything else, we’ve found that their return policy is extremely easy going. Also, we’re going to provide low and high end (not-so and pretty expensive) options, as well as items for gym rats and nerds. This should have a little something for everyone, we hope.

holiday gift guide 1
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Hungry’s Birthday List

For the vast majority of my life, there have been two times of the year where I’m showered in more gifts than I need, deserve, and usually even want. While I’m extremely grateful for all the time and money other people have put into this over the past six or seven years, my focus has shifted to having less stuff. Growing up, we always wanted more… more video games, more basketball jerseys, more Pokemon cards, Beanie Babies, stickers, etc. Whether it’s been the effort of moving every year since 2007 (yes… I’ve moved every summer since 2007 either from one room to another or across the country) or just a change in overall mindset, I want less

Example of way too many presents (that we are very grateful for)

Example of way too many presents (that we are very grateful for)

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Hungry & Fit’s Christmas Lists

Hungry and Fit aren’t big on birthdays, the 4th of July, Easter, or most holidays that fall outside of the last three months of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are definitely the most celebrated in our household. Since we’re sticking to the holiday season theme for a lot of our posts recently, we thought we’d add another fun one and hope, in turn, to learn some more about you, our readers. 

Last year's loot

Last year’s loot

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Five Last Minute Gifts for Him

Christmas is right around the corner, so that’s why we got your back for gifts! We know you may be busy, y’know, with a full-time job and a family or something, so we’ve created a little list. This list is easy last-minute gifts ideal for “him”! We hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier. Whether he’s an athlete, a handyman, or an organizer, there’s something here for him!

1. TRYM II – There’s no need to have a big set of hair clippers and an overly large groomer. This has attachments that allow you to cut your hair, face, or body the way you want. It has a convenient vertical charging stand that doesn’t take up much space, looks good, and doesn’t use batteries. $30, Amazon Prime.

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Happy Birthday, Chris!

You’re an old man now (24 to be exact). So, I’ll direct you to this post for what we did over the past weekend (kind of our birthday weekend/week). That was all a bunch of fun, definitely some good times. His exact birthday was yesterday, September 12th. 

Anyhow, two nights ago we decide to have a joint birthday dinner. I ask Chris what he wants for dinner and he says (can you guess?)…SUSHI! So sushi it is! We invite Marga, Ben, and Megan to meet us for a 7:30pm dinner at Sushi Tora.  It was nice on the interior and very busy. We arrived in the rain, and were lucky enough to find a spot right in front! A very rare occurrence anywhere near Pearl St. Once everyone arrived, we started off with some Magic Mushrooms–a very popular appetizer there. I believe it contained salmon, mushroom, and some sort of other flavor. Looked good.

We stayed there for a few hours and ordered a lot off the menu (well, Chris did at least). I got some delicious tuna and smoked white tuna sushi (nigiri). I didn’t really like the smoked flavor of the white tuna, just because I’m so in love with white tuna (it’s my favorite, just so you know)

Chris ordered two entrees: cod and mackerel (not raw). He ate them up pretty quickly.

Mackerel: GREAT protein-wise and omega-3s!

Megan and Marga then split a DELICIOUS tempura-battered brie with sliced apples (or were they pears?) with honey. Very very good.

Then, Marga, Ben, and Megan split a bunch of different rolls, all of which mostly contained salmon and eel, I believe. They looked very tasty.

We then ended the night with banana tempura, which was extra delicious. Very sweet and under a base of caramel, mmm! Overall, this place was good, not great, but still an excellent time with family and just enjoying the night. The price didn’t quite match the value, but it’s a big step up from Japango. Our next Sushi adventure will be at Sushi Zanmai, which is supposed to be superb. Can’t wait to try it out!

We went to bed full and happy, having had a really fun night. The next morning, we woke up to wet grounds outside and a steady trickle of rain. I looked at the forecast: 57 degrees alllll day. I knew Chris would be happy. He likes the cold. I don’t quite like the cold (sorry, I’m from SoCal), but I do enjoy my rain and it gives a great reason to stay inside and be happy. Which we did when we could. With the looming chore of the DMV before us, I wanted to take Chris out to a place that had good croissants for breakfast. So I put on my jeans and my NZ gumboots (rare recently, due to it being a usual 90 degrees and all) and we drove to Spruce Confections

It was delicious (see above). We got two croissants, one mixed berry with chocolate sconehot chocolate, and Bhakti Chai. We really enjoyed the croissants–they were fresh, buttery, and had a perfect taste. The scone was good, but didn’t compare to the croissant. The hot chocolate was soul-warming, but needed to be a tad bit sweeter, but we will definitely again. Now, the Bhakti Chai was intense. It had the strongest ginger flavor I had ever tasted in a chai before! If anyone is sick, pick up a cup of this stuff! Well, anyhow, it was an adorable little cafe/bakery with quirky girls working the shop, rain dripping down outside, and a couple of cute dogs hiding under tables waiting for their owners to hurry up with their drink. They will definitely see us here again. We can’t wait to go here during the winter, I have a feeling the scene will be perfect.

I then spent the next 3 hours in the DMV, getting a Colorado license while Chris happily sat in the car, playing a new game I got him for his birthday on his 3DS. We then both had work, but by the time 8pm rolled around, we were hungry. Chris picked me up and we discussed dinner. We had recently walked to Marshall’s and on the way, our noses were hijacked by the most wonderful smell…wafting from a big Indian restaurant (Jai Ho). So, last night, we decided to go. It was very good, very quiet, and very atmospheric. We had samosas, garlic naan, a mushroom dish, and a curry dish (which was spicy even though the waiter insisted it was the non-spicy one Chris could get). I guess we’ll need to say “non-Indian non-spicy” next time.

He also got a lot of great birthday loot, including some video games, music, checks, and cards, so thank you everyone!! Cheers 🙂

P.S.- Sorry for skipping a day, beloved readers, as you can see we were very busy yesterday and the night before. Thanks, as always, for reading!