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Who Inspires You?

We are all here for a reason. When I mean “here,” I mean on this path and journey to achieve good health and fitness. No matter what your goals are, you are here for a reason. I’m here to give you a short post today, and ask you WHO inspires YOU to keep going on this journey. We all have someone in mind when we strive for health or look for motivation, even if we don’t know it. Someone special to us, someone we care for, someone who depends on us–it could be ANYONE! We all need motivation each and every day, and what easier place to pull it from than someone who means so much to us? 

Went to WaterWorld and had a blast

People who inspire us…

Abusing people

and more selfies

Family timez

Fit's parents...miss them already

Maybe we will do that extra rep or that extra minute or that extra mile because that person is in mind. Because you want to be healthy enough to see them get married. Because you want to look good for them and see their face light up. Because, maybe, while they inspire you, you want to inspire them. Not all of us have a person in mind when we workout, but if you dig deep, you may find it there. It could even be you. 

So as you go through your motions today, think about who you inspires you to push past that level of comfort and keep going through and beyond your routine each and every day. It’s important to draw motivation from wherever we can. This method can bring motivation that comes from a deeper place, a deeper meaning that will inspire us for days to come. When you step into the gym, into your run, or whatever you do, think about WHO inspires YOU. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: Who inspires you?
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Home Upper Body Workout (HIIT!)

You’re not always going to have a gym to go to. In fact, you may not even be subscribed to a gym right now! It’s important to have your own personal arsenal of home workouts and exercises. This is a great workout for everybody and anybody! Some people (women especially) choose to ignore strengthening their upper body. And why? We should keep our whole body strong! For this workout, all you need is a pair of light weights and a resistance band. Let’s do it. 

  • Boxing (with 5lb weights) for 1 min
Jamie, the star of our last guest blog post!

Jamie, the star of our last guest blog post!

  • Biceps Curls (with whichever weight you can do) for 1 min
  • Triceps Extensions (with whichever weight you can do) for 1 min
  • Boxing for 1 min
  • Rear Delt Flyes for 1 min
  • Shoulder Press (with whatever weight you can do) for 1 min
  • Boxing for 1 min
  • Push-ups for 1 min

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  • Dips for 1 min
  • Boxing for 1 min
  • Face pulls for 1 min
  • Reverse Curls (with whatever weight you can do) for 1 min

Now take a break for crying out loud! Our next and final “set” is going to be faster pace, shorter time, and increased intensity. Try going with some heavier weights than before since you will be doing it for half the time.

  • Boxing (same 5lb weight) for 30s
  • Biceps Curls for 30s
  • Jumping Jacks for 1 min
  • Triceps Extensions for 30s
  • Boxing for 30s
  • Rear delt flyes for 30s

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  • High knees for 1 min
  • Shoulder Press for 30s
  • Boxing for 30s
  • Push-ups for 30s
  • Quick toes for 1 min
  • Dips for 30s

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  • Boxing for 30s
  • Face Pulls for 30s
  • Jump Rope for 1min
  • Reverse Curls for 30s

And that, my friends, is a great upper body workout for your muscles and your heart! Jamie and I were sweating and aching by the end of it. This particular upper body workout took us around 40 minutes in total, but you can trim things down or buff them up how you’d like. Make sure you have a reliable timer nearby to count each segment. Try to push yourself through each part even though your muscles are screaming at you. Fight til the end! Do this upper body home workout to stay hungry and fit!


Silly Sajah

Silly Sajah