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Effective Female Body Fat Recomposition

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Body fat recomposition: a topic that garners very mixed reviews from people. While some think it’s a myth and cannot be done, there are others who claimed to have found the secret formula and seen some very promising results too. Both men and women have tried their hand at this process but, mind you, it’s not a very easy one. The whole process involves first understanding how the body’s fat storage works and then breaking it down using exercise and most importantly, diet.

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Body Composition Scan Review (BodySpec)

 As we move further into the twenty-first century, there is a continuous flow of innovative ideas and products that challenge the consumer’s ability to judge right from wrong. Amongst the sea of marketing and media, it’s hard to tell what is the right product for you. In the fitness and supplement industry, there are hundreds of versions of a product, but each one claims to achieve the exact same result. How could you possibly tell right from wrong?

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BMI and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It

You might not be a numbers person and you might have failed college math. Well, don’t stress yourself out any more by dealing with this number, BMI. I know… those are three letters but they represent a number that means… nothing to you! Your body mass index is supposed to give you an idea of what physical condition you are in, but it might not always be the most accurate for every individual. In this video, Hungry tells you why other numbers, including measurements and body fat percentage, will provide you with a much better idea about your overall health. 

THIS guy's BMI says he's obese...there's something wrong with that

THIS guy’s BMI says he’s obese…there’s something wrong with that

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