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Opt for the Walk

Needless to say, this has been a very interesting few daysYesterday was the first day back to work after the Boulder Flood (#boulderflood) and it felt surreal. At first, I wasn’t even sure I could get to work (I work in Longmont and live in Boulder) but after some steady driving in the rain, I made it. Sure the highway was a bit beaten up and there were floods beside the road, but I made it perfectly safe and sound. However, yesterday more than any day, I felt mentally exhausted. Weird that it had come after all the catastrophe. Chris woke me up last night because I was having some sort of bad dream and all I remember is rain. It was nice to take a nap when I got back from work. Anyhow, back on point. Walking.

Central Park walk

Central Park walk

Especially from that Thursday, if we wanted to go anywhere, it was safer to walk than to drive. We then did a lot of walking on Friday and even on Saturday too. Sunday, we were landlocked again (another storm). It got me thinking…I want to do more walking. Not because there’s a chance my car might get toted away by a flood, but because it should be more a part of everyone’s lifestyle! Even if you don’t have time for a workout, walk where you need to go. The whole concept of moving and staying active is what is going to keep you healthy for life.

Frisbee golf view

So from now on, especially in the coming Fall, I plan to walk more places. To the grocery (we live 2-3 blocks away from one), instead of picking Chris up I will walk back with him, and walk to the gym. Those are just a few examples. You’d be surprised how just that extra bit of moving can make a big impact in your life and your health. So as life slowly falls back into place after the flood, I will find myself walking more and more and exploring new places. Who’s with me?! Take a walk to stay hungry and fit!

Chris got me crocs!! I know my friends will be so happy (not

My walking shoes for these flooded times 

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Sajah curled up during the flood

Sajah curled up during the flood