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Jump Rope Workout

Sometimes, you don’t have time to go to the gym. Maybe you don’t even subscribe to a gym. Heck, maybe you don’t even have your own equipment to work out with at home. That’s okay! You don’t need a ton of equipment to get a workout in. All you need is a jump rope, a can-do attitude, and enough room to jump around in. So, for those days, I created an at-home circuit for you to do whenever, wherever (sing it, Shakira).

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Hungry & Fit Cookbook!

Well… this is EXCITING!

We decided, for some strange reason, to publish a cookbook and we want your help! Here’s the idea: we use some of the countless recipes that we’ve posted on the website and throw them into a cookbook with some amazing photos. We also come up with some surprise new recipes that we cook often at home but have never shared with you!

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Exercise Spotlight: Standing Dumbbell Curl

So in addition to doing more videos and projects, we will also be bringing you new types of posts! Introducing Exercise Spotlight and Food Spotlight! These will be to-the-point posts where we focus on a certain exercise or certain food item to showcase its value. We believe a key to staying hungry and fit is constantly expanding your repertoire of knowledge and sharpening what you already know. We’re starting off with a fairly simple exercise: the dumbbell curl.

IMG_3798 (1)
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How to Make Porridge

To many Americans, porridge seems like it must go along with the words, “Please, sir, can I have some more?” As if it’s an orphan’s food or something similar to that. Not exactly in a bad way, but it’s kind of funny. In Commonwealth areas, like New Zealand, porridge is a wonderful, comforting breakfast that warms the soul. It may seem like an easy thing to make, and it is once you’ve got the hang of it, but there is an art to making porridge. It’s easy to overcook it, undercook it, or get it so clumpy it doesn’t resemble porridge anymore. I’m here to bring you the tips and tricks of the porridge trade!

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How to Calm a Coughing Attack

The changing of the seasons is upon us and while that may not be very apparent to us Southern Californians, it’s definitely happening everywhere else! And what happens when seasons change beside the lovely new exciting things? SICKNESS. Yes, unfortunately, when the seasons change, the weather changes, and our bodies just get all darn confused! It could be the flu, a cold…whatever our lowered immune system decides to let in. With those nasty sicknesses, comes the dreaded, lingering cough. This cough is wet and deep at first, but then, as your sickness dries up or gets better, it turns into a dry cough. Then you’re that person coughing over and over in class or in the office and you have deep circles under your eyes because it wakes you up.


My most recent hot toddy

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DIY Home Gym with Household Items

This post is brought to you by our friends at Modernize.com–we love their awesome tricks and ideas!

If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks when it comes to working out, all you need to do is get resourceful. Sure, sometimes it’s nice to use an elaborate machine or a treadmill with a TV screen—but you certainly don’t need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to stay in tip-top shape. In fact, some of your best workout tools may already be lying around your house. Here are just some of the home gym ideas and inspiration from Modernize.

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Should Chefs Sweat the Small Stuff?

If you do a google search for the question we’ve presented in the title, you’ll get a huge range of answers from a simple yes to an emphatic no. There have been books written about it and just about every chef, critic, and food personality has an opinion on it. While I won’t go into depth about my own opinion,  I will point you in the direction of an article that we really loved. Typically, when we find someone else’s content that is high quality and should be shared, we do just that… share it. We’ll spread the link across our social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. However, when we really love the content of an article, we’ll use the blog to share its greatness to you!

Dinner by Sophie

Dinner by Sophie

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YouTube Top 5 – Male Fitness Personalities

A little background… I get asked every day by males (14 to 40 years old) about reliable sources of fitness information on the internet. Most of the questions pertain to males on YouTube that discuss exercise, nutrition, and similar topics. Since there are so many channels, it’s extremely time-consuming to keep up with all of them and often, their opinions aren’t the same. This confuses a lot of beginners (and even intermediates) so this list will make your life easier. If you’re going to look to YouTube for some advice, subscribe to these.
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How to Make Cream

This may be the simplest recipe you will ever see coming from us. But when it’s done, right, boy is it sooo good. Most Americans will usually pick out the whipped cream out of a can, but that’s a no go for Kiwis. Plus, once you go real cream, you can never really go back. I’m drooling just thinking of it. Thick, barely sweet cream good atop anything you can picture up. Plus, there’s no excuse not to make your own cream because it is so darn easy! So you want to know how to make cream? Let’s go over the incredibly difficult recipe. 


Homemade Cream
An easy way to make your own cream

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Total Time
2 min

Total Time
2 min

  1. 1 pint heavy whipping cream
  2. 1/4 tsp vanilla
  3. 1 tsp sugar
  1. Put ingredients into bowl
  2. Beat them until it turns into whipped cream
  1. The higher quality heavy whipping cream, the better your cream will come out
hungry and fit http://hungryandfit.com/

I know you're lying to me if you tell me this doesn't look good

I know you’re lying to me if you tell me this doesn’t look good

Remember, the better quality heavy whipped cream you start out with will dictate how good your final product will be. You can use this cream for anything: pie, hot chocolate, coffee, fruit–the list never ends. I will make a big bowl when I make scones and then savor the rest of it for decadent hot chocolate nights in winter time. Can’t get better than that, huh? I swear, once you go homemade, you’ll never buy a can again! As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What’s your favorite thing to put whipped cream on?


Can you spot all three critters?

Can you spot all three critters?