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Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? The Final Answer is Here!

Before you read any further, skip all the way to the comment section below and leave your answer to the question, is a hot dog a sandwich? Then, when you’re finished reading, go back to your comment and reply to it… if you changed your mind or feel any differently about the matter.

This all started when an old teacher of mine presented the question on Facebook as a result of a discussion that began in his English class. This individual teaches just outside of New York City, in New Jersey, so you’d imagine that everyone he knows is relatively familiar with high-quality sandwiches. (New York and New Jersey have some of the best sandwiches… period!) Without sharing too many opinions, Facebook was clearly divided. People were getting particularly picky with naming conventions, essentially stating that anything with its own name (burger) isn’t a sandwich. Others were quite clear that anything between two slices of bread was, in fact, a sandwich. Someone even went far enough to provide Webster’s definition of sandwich, which states a: two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between; b: one slice of bread covered with food. Clearly, the folk at Webster’s are big fans of open-faced sandwiches.

After over 80 comments, someone stated that Rutt’s Hut (one of the most iconic hot dog eateries in the country, founded in 1928) doesn’t list hot dogs under the sandwich section. This idea led to the teacher physically going to Rutt’s Hut and recording the man himself give his two cents. The verdict: the hinge of the bun makes it one piece of bread, so he doesn’t consider it to be a sandwich. Still, he sounded very understanding of those that did.

Throwing my own opinions aside from the start, I decided to take this to some heavyweights in the world of sandwiches, since the teacher took it to a heavyweight in the world of hot dogs. Not only did I get clear-cut answers from both of these gentlemen, but one of them seemed fed up with the question, as if he was sick and tired of answering it over and over again. Hopefully, this prevents people from asking him… as long as they see this first.

Eric Greenspan, also known as Chef Greeny, is an LA-based celebrity chef who has made countless appearances as a competitor and judge on Food Network. Since we’ve seen nearly every episode of everything ever on Food Network (the good stuff), we’d go as far as saying Greeny is arguably the greatest competitor in the history of Cutthroat Kitchen. His resume doesn’t need anything else, but we’d love to let you know that he is the king of grilled cheese. We’ve had his grilled cheeses many times over on Melrose Ave. When I asked Greeny his thoughts on the matter, he got right to the point. “I’m saying yes. Stuff between bread. End of story.”

Jeff Mauro, who is the host of Food Network’s The Kitchen and Sandwich King, is a self-proclaimed professional combiner of meat, cheese, and bread. While Jeff didn’t attend Le Cordon Bleu like Greeny, he strong-armed his love for sandwiches and used that force to win the 7th season of the Food Network Star competition. Jeff went on to defend the need for a sandwich only show and now appears in Subway ads. This guy, who is extremely likable and charismatic, has made a living from sandwiches. Taking all of that into consideration, are we surprised by what Jeff had to say? Not really, he agreed with Greeny and even stated, “End of story for the love of God.”

After presenting all that information, we only have one question for anyone who denies that a hot dog is a sandwich. If you’re clinging on to the one piece of hinging bread argument, what happens when the bun tears in half? Stay hungry and fit!

Why Holm vs Rousey is Not MMA vs Boxing

With the growing popularity of MMA and its personalities like Ronda Rousey, there have been more and more comparisons between it and other martial arts. Wrestling has been compared to boxing and someone always has to come out on top. Like in a contest, there has to be a winner in the eyes of the public. When Holly Holm defeated Ronda, it wasn’t really Holly vs Ronda in the eyes of many. They saw it as boxing vs MMA, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. In fact, it was Holly vs Ronda

If you wanted to really break it down, it would be judo vs boxing, but Holly would be the first person to tell you that she’s a mixed martial artist now. While Ronda competed in the Olympics in judo, she also knows that one discipline is not enough to be champion nowadays so she also is a mixed martial artist. While the two have a strong background in one discipline, using that last fight as support in an argument between which is superior just isn’t enough. 

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Marvel Universe Top 5

With Denver Comic Con coming up this weekend and Hungry & Fit attending yet again, I think it’s time to throw some flames into a fire that is so fun to watch burn. This is to spark a discussion. We all have our favorite comic book characters. Some of you prefer DC… some, like myself, prefer Marvel. As a little kid, you never want to even entertain the idea that your favorite could possible meet his or her match, but you later learn that everyone is bested at one time or another. No one is greater than the combined force of the most powerful entities in the universe… or the multiverse. Or is there someone?

This time, we are going to look at the characters in the Marvel Universe and the alternative universes that create the greater Marvel Multiverse. I know including the Cosmic beings make this a wash for mutants and other superheroes, but maybe a different list will be released later. This is completely subjective and I am basing my rankings off of my experience being involved in this fantasy world for over two decades. The whole point of this is to spark a debate about who we think are the strongest characters in Marvel, who in DC would enter the fray and come out on top, and why we care so much about something so ridiculously fantastical! 

So, once again, it’s my list and I’m open to discussion. Please be aware that Magneto, Hulk, and Thor wouldn’t even last a second against any of the following. There are very few that would. Spoiler: Don’t even bother looking for gods such as Zeus and Odin, Eternals such as The Champion, and even Galactus, who would probably come in just after the following, along with the Celestials.


Thanos was one bad dude. Born on Saturn’s moon, Titan, to parents that were Eternals, Thanos had some power from the start. With his genius level intellect and infatuation with Mistress Death, Thanos went overboard and started wreaking havoc on the universe. After collecting the original five Infinity Gems and placing them in his glove, he created the Infinity Gauntlet. Although his daughter Nebula mastered its use far easier than Thanos, he still earns this place on the list. By capturing Chaos, Order, Galactus, the Stranger, and other cosmic power level beings, Thanos asserted himself as one bad dude. Once he lost the gems, however, at the hands of greater beings, he falls far off the list. Like way way down.

5. Eternity, Infinity, Oblivion, and Death – 

There have been insanely long debates as to which of these four abstracts are the most powerful so we’ll just list all of them. They were born with the Big Bang, have existed forever, and control every force in the universe except for cosmic balance of power. Their embodiment was affected by the Infinity Gauntlet but they are rarely challenged by other entities. A version of them exists in each universe and is watched over by someone later on this list. In my opinion, the order of power, if it had to be broken down, would go in the following: Infinity, Oblivion, Eternity, Death.

4. Molecule Man – 

As the picture below depicts, The Watcher, In-Betweener, Kosmos, Order, Chaos, Oblivion, and even LT are making way for Molecule Man. His ability to manipulate matter is absurd. For anyone that thinks Magneto is powerful since he can manipulate magnetism, think about just being able to control any form of matter at any time. MM was so powerful that he had to create ways to limit his own power, took out Galactus without a problem and even took down the next guy on the list after that other person’s powers were decreased by the writers. Nevertheless, his track record and the sheer concept of his power make him a huge force of nature. Yes, it is controversial to place him above the abstracts, but this list is all about what ifs and how could yous. Now, of course you’re going to look at his grid on Marvel’s website and question his durability as a human, but damn, go ahead and I still won’t change my mind. 

3. The Beyonder –

In all honesty, at one point in time, The Beyonder might have been Number 1 on this list. During Secret Wars, his power was immeasurable but they decided to change his character multiple times. The result is a still very powerful but far less fun individual. For the sake of this list, I am taking the retcon into consideration and placing him a spot lower than I would have otherwise. If they never made that change I would have him at 2. What is his power… or what was it? They noted that he could’ve destroyed the ENTIRE multiverse or the concept of death itself with a thought. Anything he thinks happens. Now he’s just an incomplete cube, boring.

2. The Living Tribunal – 

He can thank Tom DeFalco’s awful change in the Beyonder’s origin and powers for second place. The Living Tribunal is currently, unarguably the second most powerful individual in Marvel. It is indisputable now that the Beyonder has been altered. You can argue it is Molecule Man based off of that image above and his matter manipulation but very few would agree with you. As for anyone else in the Celestials, Abstracts, etc., they have all yielded to LT at one time. Thanos wanted no part of LT even with the IG. He is the hand of the most powerful entity that exists in the Marvel Omniverse and as a result the individual that controls the balance of all powers and forces that exist. He is essentially an all-powerful judge that observes and does not like to act, but will when necessary.

1. The One Above All – 

And I’m not talking about the leader of the Celestials with the same title. This is unquestionably the strongest being in Marvel. There are some that would argue The Beyonder precon was number 1, but no one else will put up an argument for any other character. Now that The Beyonder is diminished by writers, The One Above All stands strong. He is referred to and has appeared from time to time around beings such as LT, Kosmos, Peter Parker. However, my favorite reference is a line by Mephisto (Marvel’s Satan), when he is asked if LT is “god” Mephisto tells the bartender “No, he’s not God. He’s just the biggest kid in all the playgrounds. And if he knows the Principal, he’s not exactly chatty about it.” Many believe The One Above All is Stan Lee himself, but maybe one day we will find out.

Noticeably, Phoenix Force has been left out because of its classification as a force that enters individuals. Similarly, Captain Universe has been neglected because it is a seemingly infinite power of every being in the universe that is taken by an individual from time to time. Also, Franklin Richards, the strongest mutant of all time, has also been left out because he is still young and has not yet reached his full potential. Sentry is the strongest being on Earth, but lacks anything more than pure firepower. Black Bolt, Hyperion, Gorr, and Gladiator are very destructive as well but lack more complex powers. Any heralds of Galactus such as Silver Surfer obviously have not surpassed their creator. Obviously, the rest of the Celestials and everyone depicted in the picture below would round out a slightly larger list.

 That is a picture of a lot of powerful beings, all worthy of a Top 20 list. Thanks for reading and tell us who YOU think should be top 5 Marvel characters! See you at Denver Comic Con! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

And After the Presidential Debates…

I’m still sticking with my man Barack, and it’s not because I think he’s an amazing presidential candidate… it’s because I would vote for whoever has the best chance of making sure Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do not win. If it was someone from the Green or an Independent party, that would work fine with me… just not those two. I’m not voting based on who I think can turn around the economy. In this post, I’m not even going to get into depth about political agendas, policies, plans and all that complicated stuff that just breeds lies and unfulfilled promises.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I simply cannot vote for a narcissistic liar and a narcissistic liar who cannot relate to the majority of the population of the United States. I don’t mind that Paul Ryan has a normal degree from a so-so institution of higher education. Actually, it’s the only thing that I like about him. I don’t like his pictures of him posing with his backwards hat and poorly built arms. I don’t like the fact that he lied about his marathon time (I believe he said it took him about 3 hours when it was realistically around 4.) If he lies about that, I don’t trust anything he says, so I would clearly never vote for him.

As for Romney, I simply cannot stand the guy. He has no concept of human rights and equality. There is a separation of church and state in this country and he is a religiously-driven man. He claims that he recognizes all religions and the religious freedom in this country, but then immediately says we are all children of the same God. He claims that he wants to give better job equality to women, but won’t let them decide whether they can control their own bodies all of the time. And don’t get me started on his view of gay rights. His smile is fake and evil, he doesn’t care at all about the middle class, and just wants to keep his riches rolling in so he can afford to send his 18 grand children to college. He has no concept of foreign policy, which unfortunately wasn’t highlighted enough last night. I wrote two of my theses on diplomacy and conflict resolution, and the man has no grasp of diplomacy. It’s ridiculous how many people he can offend in one debate. How many tens of millions… hundreds of millions… a billion people he can offend in one debate. And he just lies about way too much. Lie after lie after lie.

Mitt Romney - Caricature


So I don’t care how many accurate statistics relating to the economy he throws out. He doesn’t know anything about struggle. We were nearly living on credit cards, almost dead broke, struggling to find and keep jobs, and we see Obama and we still see change and hope. And while I doubt Mitt actually wants to help us, his plans could help the economy, but they might make it worse. And I would never throw my morals and values away for the small chance that his hidden agenda might lower the price of gas. That is not worth it. I will not let gays be denied their rights, women be denied their choices, and good people be denied the opportunity to continue helping other people, just so I can pay a buck less at the pump. That’s not worth it. Sorry Mitt, someone like me would never vote for someone like you.

But really, Barack was right when he called you out on the military. Are you trying to compensate for a lack of security? You might have thought your privileges growing up made you the best, but in the world stage, you’ll need a lot more than that.