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The #7 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Number 7. Hungry and Fit’s favorite number! This is a big one for the Greatest Video Game of All Time countdown.  If you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25, #24,#23,#22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, #9, and #8

#7 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Kai – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – One of my favorite RPGs ever, KOTOR and KOTOR II are two of the finest Star Wars games.  They capture the core of Star Wars, making you feel like you’re really living in the space opera’s universe.

It’s a fairly linear RPG, with most of the exposition happening in dialogue and resolved in combat (with force powers, sabers, and blasters).  There’s also card games, pod races, and space travel.  You pick up all kinds of interesting allies along the way who serve as the party members on your adventures.
Perhaps the most innovative component to KOTOR is the dark side/light side aspect.  As you play, the choices you make affect your character’s force attunement, changing how people treat you and the types of force powers you can use.  I never managed to be much of a Sith, but there are real moral choices to be made.
If you’re looking to live in the Star Wars universe for a week, I can’t recommend anything other than KOTOR and KOTOR II.  Their graphics may not be quite up to par, but the story and characters are well-written and well-acted, so it still really holds up today.

The #8 Greatest Video Game of All Time

We continue our way down the top 25 video games of all time! Our choices are weighed quite heavily now as these games that have been in our hearts for many years must be decided upon. You have now seen the same game pop up for multiple people. I can’t wait until the end when we list them all out for everyone and see what stacks where. We could even weigh the games with the most and highest picks! And if you missed the others on our countdown, please check them out: #25, #24,#23, #22,#21,#20#19#18#17#16#15, #14#13#12#11#10, and #9.

Kai – Rise of Nations My favorite RTS (real-time strategy) game ever, Rise of Nations is a historical RTS spanning all of human history.  You pick a civilization and start with a small settlement in the Ancient Age, build farms and buildings, conduct diplomacy and trade, raise armies and research technologies, and eventually end up in modern times with stealth bombers and nukes.  

Rise of Nations combines a great theme with really solid mechanics, getting rid of a lot of the tedious elements of earlier historical RTS games.  In addition to fun multiplayer, the Thrones & Patriots added some fun historical campaigns, allowing you to play as either side of the Cold War or Alexander the Great.
My best memory of Rise of Nations is my friend Jason and I stay up all night playing game after game (each one lasting 45 to 90 minutes).  We put in dozens of hours in both multiplayer skirmishes (usually allied against the AI) and single player campaigns.
 I haven’t played it in years, but I can’t imagine it’s any less fun now than it was then.  There’s a new “Extended Edition” on Steam, so there’s no excuse not to pick it up and give it a try if you’re looking to spend an afternoon taking over the world.

#19 Greatest Video Game of All Time

Finally! We have broken the twenties, and now climb down to reveal the teens of the Greatest Video Game of All Countdown! Welcome to #19! If you don’t remember our video game brain trust, please click here to freshen up. Ladies and gents, this is going to be a fun one! Please click respectively if you haven’t read our previous game reveals: #25, #24, #23, #22, #21, and #20. I hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed revealing the #19 Greatest Video Game of All Time!

Kai — Team Fortress 2 — One of my favorite multiplayer games, Team Fortress 2 is a fun role-based shooter.  There are 9 classes: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, and Spy, each with very different play styles and goals.  There tons of different maps and map types, from Capture the Flag to King of the Hill to Robot Destruction.

There’s no story, no real characters, just great game mechanics and lots of fun.  There’s also a whole set of customization pieces that you can unlock, which brings in revenue for the developers at Valve (since the game is free).  There’s very little frustration and the community is much better than any other I’ve participated in.  Overall, it’s a great FPS to blow off steam after work or on a boring afternoon.

Po – The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker —Beautiful. In & out. Beautiful.

Andrew — Starcraft – What would you ask of me? Starcraft is really the game that made RTS’s (and Blizzard) so popular (we could argue Warcraft II – I mean it did have turtle submarines in it) but SC was just so polished for the time. Fenix, Tassadar, Artanis all day Executor. I preferred Protoss (obviously) and was very fond of a strong defense while I rushed a carrier army (airforce?) in order to crush my foes. Mutalisks and Lurkers were super fun too on the Zerg side, and Jim Raynor was a war hero time and time again. (Confession: I haven’t played SC2 yet, I plan on waiting for it all to come out before I run through it). 

Also, I was super into level building and had more than a few which were just overly indulgent in favor of me destroying stuff.

Fit — Mario Kart — For this one, I’m simply naming the series. What a fantastic, family-fun-filled game that has the replay value that is invaluable. I believe I first started playing on Nintendo 64–many many hours of it. Then on Gamecube, the fun continued. I loved the different modes, racing, battle, and so forth. I loved the variety of all the different maps. I have tons of fond memories sitting beside friends and family, trying to blow up their balloons or staying on the Rainbow Road track. It was always a bout of fun with Mario Kart–rarely did it ever end up in frustration. It’s a classic that will always be a classic you can play over and over. Great for groups! (Great, now I have the Rainbow Road track song stuck in my head)

Hungry – Starcraft – PC (1998) — Starcraft most definitely earns its place on this list if only for the insane amount of hours I contributed to the campaign and Battle.net for nearly half a decade. It’s also one of the only games that I ever played at any competitive level and most certainly one of the only games that I was ever ranked within the top 100 in the world at some point. The story was better than it needed to be for the way it appealed to the masses; I know loads of people who never even opened the campaign mode. This game was also crucial in Blizzard’s growth and I appreciate many things that have contributed to the success of a cornerstone in the video gaming industry. 

Gameplay could be fast or slow-paced depending on the mode and difficulty, the characters had some personality and development, the graphics and soundtrack were well-developed for the time, and it was a game that could be played by yourself or with your friends. The Battle.net was also relatively well-organized and the ranking systems definitely helped players become more enthused and competitive. But what is the crowning reason the game finds its way on the list: Fenix’s and Raynor’s cutscenes. Raynor was the man and Fenix is one of my favorite video game characters of ALL TIME. I fear not death.

We were waiting until someone had the same game at the same point in their list! Awesome! Remember that none of us see each other’s video game reveal until the time it is posted, so it’s just as much of a surprise for us as it is for you. I hope this starts you off on a nostalgic yet fun note for your Monday and for your week! And as always, stay hungry and fit!


photo (93)

Top 20 Video Game Weapons of All Time

This list contains, with no criteria for grading other than my own personal feelings and experiences, the twenty most amazing weapons in video game history. They may not be the most effective, best looking or most popular, but all of them have some amazing qualities that earn them a spot on my list. Twenty seems like a fair number for the over two-decades and thousands of games Hungry has played. I could make it much longer but we’ll keep this one relatively short. And if you think I missed some, comment in the section below!

20. The Hammer from Super Smash Bros. In 1999, Nintendo began one of its most popular series with the release of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. While this game, and its two sequels, are littered with many characters, attacks, and weapons, there is one item that can change the game unlike any other. (Especially in the original, which is the best, in my opinion.) The hammer. Need I say more? (Part of me really wanted to put the home run bat, but only a few of us can use it correctly every time, so this one is for the masses!)

19. Fire Flower from Mario. If there are iconic weapons, none is more iconic than the 8-bit fire flower that has been around for almost two decades. The fire flower has appeared in dozens of games and still allows the player to dominate koopas, goombas and Bowser himself. It is practically a staple in setting time records for the original console trilogy and has cemented itself in the minds of gamers for generations.

18. Lightning Bolt from Mario Kart.It seems only appropriate to continue to be a Nintendo and Mario fan boy for another item. The problem is that Mario is arguably the greatest thing to ever happen to video games. He has appeared in over 200 games that have sold over 285 million copies and I can guarantee that number will double in my lifetime. Mario is probably the most recognizable video game character ever and Mario Kart is one of the most loved series of all time. From Super Mario Kart to the newest releases, it’s not easy to pinpoint a single item in the series but one stands out in my mind.

17. Buster Cannon from Mega Man. Ever since 1987 Mega Man has been bringing it to Dr. Wily and his army of robots with unique abilities and attacks. With Mega Man 4 being one of my favorite games of all time, with a ridiculously amazing intro cut scene, Dr. Light’s world-saving assistant has one of the coolest weapons ever. Since the honorable mentions are clearly less specific, and more iconic weapons in general, there is no better item to grace this list than Rock’s buster cannon. Whenever Mega defeats one of his robotic enemies, he can absorb their power and use it. So damn sick.

16.  Ebony & Ivory from Devil May Cry. Originally intended to be Capcom’s 2001 sequel to the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry’s release sparked a series of amazingly fun hack and slash adventure games for Playstation consoles. Throughout the series Dante has killed thousands of enemies and fiends but without his trusty handguns Dante wouldn’t be the same. Ebony & Ivory take this spot on the list for their reliability and awesome names. If I ever buy handguns, they’d be custom to match these two.

15. Link’s Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda. Link’s Master Sword is the ultimate form of vanquishing evil in Hyrule (and Lorule) and the quest to obtain the Master Sword time and time again has earned it a spot on this list. Along with the Arrow of Light, nearly every form of evil in Hyrule can be destroyed with ease AND with full health the Master Sword emits a strong beam. It is the greatest weapon of the greatest hero in the history of video games.

14. The Fierce Deity Mask from Legend of Zelda.  Thinking about all of the installments in the Zelda series, there is one weapon that really is ridiculous in terms of raw strength. And I know that all my real gamers and true Zelda fans will love this one. The Fierce Deity Mask in Majora’s Mask is arguably the most difficult item to obtain on this list. I can only think of one item at the very top of the list that takes a similar amount of time, and that alone makes this item insane. This mask allows you to transform into the Fierce Deity and deliver some amazing attacks, however it can only be used during boss battles and requires you to trade 20 of all 24 of your masks to the Children of the Moon.

13. The BFG from Doom. And I am not talking about the book by Roald Dahl. Doom is one of the greatest games of all time, revolutionary for the horror genre and first person shooters, and all about kicking ass. This game was extremely creepy playing it as a very young child and Doom 3 brought scary to a whole new level. Nevertheless, once you got the BFG, which we all know what it stands for, there was nothing to fear. Just look at the devastation of the BFG 9000 this screen shot. Kills anything and everything in one shot.

12. Proximity Mines from Goldeneye. Goldeneye was one game that took first person shooters and multiplayer to the next level. Although I did not personally love the game, any list that doesn’t include it as one of the greatest of all times is trying to be cool and the people have no idea what they are talking about. Goldeneye offers a huge arsenal and as much as I love playing a level with only Moonraker Lasers or RC-P90, nothing can compare to the proximity mine. I can’t tell you how many thousands of times we played levels with only proximity mines, and the beauty of it is, you never really know when something is going to blow up!

11. Farsight XR-20 from Perfect Dark. Shortly after Goldeneye made a huge impact in the world of gaming, N64 had another huge release in Perfect Dark. Everyone has their favorite weapons and it’s hard to, again, pick just one from the list that includes ridiculous laptop guns and the amazing reaper. This monster is a one-shot kill to anyone no matter where you hit them, oh, and you can shoot through walls because it’s a railgun. It’s only available in one mission during the story mode but it dominates multiplayer if you can find a good hiding spot.

10Vampire Killer from Castlevania. For nearly 20 years, in Castlevania, Simon Belmont and the rest of his vampire hunting clan has been using the Vampire Killer and other whips to make it through Dracula’s castles. Although some are more memorable than others, Lord of Shadow’s recent Combat Cross was one of the most badass versions ever used. Spoiler: Not to mention it was used by the original Belmont and Dracula himself, Gabriel Belmont, ancestor of Trevor, Simon, and Victor. Here it is.

9. Black Widow from Mass Effect. Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest games of all time and, despite the horrible ending of the series, it remains as one of my favorite series ever. The three games have tons of weapons to choose from but no weapon stands out more in my mind than the Black Widow. In ME3, when upgraded to its final level with maximum upgrades, this sniper rifle leaves no traces of enemies behind. It is super expensive to buy and upgrade and requires you to have SPECTRE status, but it’s well worth the investment. It’s an improvement of the Widow and my go-to gun at many times. But don’t worry M-920 Cain, I won’t leave this without giving you and your nuclear level power a shout out. One shot with the Cain and you can defeat the final boss of Mass Effect 2, it’s absurd.

8. Ray Gun from South Park. South Park for the N64 is usually on every worst video game list of all time but that can’t take away from the absurdity and originality of the weapons in that game. I can’t even start to explain how ridiculous and inappropriate this game is; in all honesty, I don’t even remember all the weapons but there are three I will have a hard time forgetting. First, there is a snowball that you pee on. That’s right, you throw urine snowballs at enemies. Second, there is a gun that is shaped like a cow and basically fires well… cows. But finally, there is a weird ray gun that makes your enemies smile and dance around. It’s weird and absurd, that is why it makes the list.

7. Energy Sword from Halo. I was never a fan of the Halo series, especially past the first and second games. I did, however, play all of the story and multiplayer modes, and there was one really fun thing to do in the second game. Energy sword. Using the lunging action, a skilled player could essentially infinitely go around in close quarters and build a huge killing spree in multiplayer. I wouldn’t recommend running across a field with it though. For being a melee weapon in a game where so many people just sit on cliffs and snipe, the energy sword is high on this list.

6. Emergency Hammer from Silent Hill. Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, and other horror games offer a unique gaming experience where you need nerves of steel and have to accept the fact that you are very weak and vulnerable. Although it is one of the slowest weapons in the game, the emergency hammers allows Harry Mason to deal with those damn creepy Puppet Nurses and Puppet Doctors in the hospital. The amount of security that the hammer gave my young self during these dark times earns it a spot high on this list.

5. Rocket Launcher from Resident Evil. Speaking of survival horror, back when Resident Evil was still a game in this genre, there was a ridiculous lack of weapons and ammunition. Resident Evil 2, with Leon and Claire in Raccoon City (BEST GAME IN THE GENRE), provided very little to work with in some really tight corridors with some nasty enemies… Tyrant. Some moments in the game really stand out, such as choosing either the submachine gun or extra item spots, but one weapon in this game is just so boss. I can’t think of a better word to describe it right now because it is a total lifesaver and saving it until you fight a MAJOR boss is such a smart choice. The rocket launcher basically kills any enemy in one shot, and you can unlock infinite ammo. It’s just perfect.

4. Unlabored Flawlessness from Ninja Gaiden. The top three weapons all reflect my top 3 games of all time. Isn’t it funny how that works out? Even though Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox is not in my top 10 (but it’s damn good) there is one weapon in that game that I always connected with for some reason. It is that other item that I mentioned earlier that is not easy to obtain by any means. You need to upgrade the Wooden Sword, which is so useless, in order to get Unlabored Flawlessness. What a ridiculously amazingly long and complex name for a big wooden weapon that beats enemies down. If you know this weapon, you know how I feel. Otherwise, you’re probably thinking why is that so high on the list. Just look at this thing. I want to make a cosplay of it.

3. “Azeroth” from Diablo 2. At one point in time I had arguably the strongest Diablo 2 character on Battlenet. True story. I put in hundreds and hundreds of hours into building my paladin and maxed out everything. Eventually, I only played in special games with the best players for each class in the world. I knew nothing about computers but they started building mods where we would fight against hordes of bosses leveled up to the max. We would fight them 7 on infinity, killing hundreds until we died. It was insane but we were the best and we loved it. Then the computer genius in our group decided to forge us hacked weapons that reflected our characters, classes, personalities, etc. Being the best paladin in the world, the person crafted me a one-handed massive sword made of light named Azeroth. This was in 2000. It was wide and was colored a strange white that shined. Blizzard decided to delete all of our characters that had hacked items, purging the greatest people on Battlenet. I never played Diablo 2 again but the memory of Azeroth will live on in my mind forever. This weapon should top the list, but I will always be bitter that I lost it and don’t have a screen shot for you since it was one of a kind.

Diablo II Coverart.png

2. Hopesfire from Morrowind. Morrowind was and is the greatest Elder Scrolls game ever. It set the bar too high for future installments. One thing that set Morrowind apart was its lore and list of legendary weapons. You could even donate these weapons and items to a special museum in Mournhold, in the Tribunal expansion. I eventually gave all of them up in my main file that I still have today, so the museum is full. There were three that were extremely difficult to let go. Umbra is my go-to weapon in Morrowind, since I usually get it right away with bow and arrow. That hurt. But TrueFlame and HopesFire were just too much. These are the coolest weapons in the whole series. Skyrim cannot hold a flame to Morrowind just because of this alone, although the shouts are cool. The legend and the power of these swords is unparalleled.

1. Lion Heart from Final Fantasy. The greatest series of all time! Nothing can compare to the quest of upgrading and acquiring new weapons to defeat bosses that threaten the sake of the world. The Ultimate Weapon for every character is the final and strongest form of all items. Since Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite game ever, of course Squall’s Ultimate Gunblade is going to take the cake here. Add Lion Heart to the mix and this is just pure awesomeness. Take that, Ultimecia. Number one is the Lion Heart.

File:Dissidia Squall Leonhart ex.png

And that sums up my top 20 list. What’s yours? As always…stay hungry and fit!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (A Review by a NERD!)

On November 22nd, 2013, I walked into Target as it opened to purchase Nintendo’s latest installment in The Legend of Zelda series. I have been playing Zelda games for over 20 years and have beaten most of them, at least once, so I have a good amount of experience in writing this short review. In 1992, A Link to the Past was released. Not only was it one of the best games on the SNES (That is saying A LOT) but it is also one of the greatest console games of ALL TIME. (Not just my opinion, also the opinion of IGN and others.) The LTTP remake for handheld was very good as well. Six generations following that game’s events, this sequel starts. It’s not only in the same world but also has the same map. It’s so unreal I almost didn’t believe it as I started playing.


Basically this is the second 3D Zelda game for the 3DS, the first being the re-release of Ocarina of Time. I played that on the 3DS as well, and own it (didn’t beat it… I know, I know), but it wasn’t disappointing. I knew it wouldn’t compare to playing the original on N64 in 1996, in the height of my gaming lifetime, but it was solid. This is on a whole new level. Here are the pros and the cons, including the reason why you NEED to buy A Link Between Worlds. 

In my opinion, if you are reading this and debating what to do, you NEED to buy this game. I would pay far more then $39.99 for this. It is SO much better than some of the $59.99 releases for the larger consoles. The ONLY disadvantage is has is that it needs to be played on the 3DS or 2DS (definitely the 3DS) and is too short for my liking. But it’s not necessarily short for a Zelda game, so let that be known. (I love JRPGs and LONG games, and making games longer, so this is totally subjective.)

Ridiculously cute pictures of Nymeria and Chris

Ridiculously cute pictures of Nymeria and Chris

Now for the ridiculously long list of positives, which I will break down:

Soundtrack – It is amazing and original. It features classic Zelda tracks that are altered, remixed, and sound crystal clear without being too complicated. You can only do much on a handheld with music, and this does it. By it, I mean, whatever can be done. It is engaging and varied enough that you don’t have anyone complaining about these annoying riffs repeating in their head. At the same time, it hits that nostalgic effect right on the head. (Replaying Adventure of Link through the DS Store did not make everyone in the house happy!)

Graphics – Again, it’s a 3DS, which can’t and does not try to compete with the larger consoles, but it provides one of the most engaging 3D experiences we’ve seen in gaming. It is charming, reminds you of past Zelda games, compliments the music perfectly, and ADDS to the story. It is exactly what the game needs.

photo (27)

Controls – Again, Nintendo provides top notch quality. The stylus is not used a lot but the touch screen is. At the same time, there are shortcuts to avoid using it too much in the heat of a battle. No clumsy fumbling from d-pad and buttons to the touch screen, which I love. Some innovations but nothing too risky, no failures. You utilize the L and R keys often but just like the original Legend of Zelda, you keep it real with the d-pad and the classic buttons. Using the running feature, I won’t spoil it, can be hard to handle but it’s not unreasonable. You can also attack at all angles, which a lack of was the downfall of the original Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

Story – I read a review on Metacritic that this game doesn’t have anything that makes you attached to the story. Oh man, do I disagree. This game hits a home run in this category. If you look at the amount of releases in major series (Resident Evil, Castlevania, Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc.) you start to ask what makes this game different, and worthwhile. Without providing too many spoilers, this game goes more in depth with some of the famous supporting characters in the repeating Legend of the Hero of Hyrule. Once you play you will know what I am talking about. It brings back classic characters and innovates with villains. Some games neglect to bring an aspect of Ganon and some games focus solely on Ganon. This game does everything. It is a great balance. I can’t say much about story without providing spoilers, but just think Symphony of the Night,  sort of, for Zelda. Enough said, right?

Difficulty: It is a Zelda game, not Ninja Gaiden. It is easy but engages the mind and the fingers! There are some challenging parts but beating the main quest without full completion takes little effort. Turning into a painting actually makes the game far easier since it is the ultimate defense!

Extra – HERO MODE! Once you beat the game you unlock hero mode, I am almost through with it, so I can say more later. It is similar, but a hit basically kills you! (Not quite) There is also a Streetpass battle function that I haven’t messed around with too much but its another function! Small SPOILER: You can choose the order of dungeons to complete, to a certain degree, and rupees actually mean something! You buy many key items instead of finding them! Remember the last time those two functions were available? 1986’s The Legend of Zelda for NES. It brings back amazing memories.


So basically, this game obviously has very few downfalls. It has a riveting story with tons of integration into the history of Hyrule. It also goes more in depth with certain characters that have been neglected in the past. It may not be revolutionary, but it is very innovative and might influence a better flow of handheld gaming. Gamespot named it 2013’s game of the year, across all platforms… not a bad title.

Give it a play and let me know what you think. Also comment below on your history with the Zelda franchise and which games were your favorites! The original Legend of Zelda will always be first on my list since it was my first game I ever played and the game that got me into gaming.


Sassy girl

Sassy girl