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The Third Best Holiday Movie of All Time

We are on our first of three movies on our Holiday Movie countdown! Are you getting your hygge on for the holidays? We sure are: hot cocoa, warm fairy lights, blankets on the couch, and so on. Yeah, Southern California may be getting a little confused on its seasons this year (80 degree high in December?! Come on! I want some cold weather), but there still can be a slight chill to the air and anyhow, the magic spirit of the holidays is coming alive. What better way to invite the holiday magic in than sitting down to watch your favorite holiday movies? You might recognize some of the contributors below from our previous movie braintrust. Here’s the #3 out of the Top 3 Best Holiday Movies of All Time! 

Andrew (Hungry’s brother) – “Elf”

My top three will have different themes. My #3 is “Everyone of all ages.” When Elf came out, I was a big Will Ferrell fan but I did not like it. It later grew on me and has become a Christmas favorite of mine. I could watch it all year round.
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2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah, or just so happen to have a birthday (or anniversary) that falls in December, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re either going to be giving or receiving some gifts. For many, this whole process makes this month one of their favorites, but for some others, it brings nothing but stress. Lucky for you, we love everything about the holiday season so we present the Hungry & Fit 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! 

For the sake of convenience, everything here will be available on Amazon, since they ship everywhere at reasonable rates and can generally give you accurate shipping details. Also, above everything else, we’ve found that their return policy is extremely easy going. Also, we’re going to provide low and high end (not-so and pretty expensive) options, as well as items for gym rats and nerds. This should have a little something for everyone, we hope.

holiday gift guide 1
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Our Christmas Long Weekend in Pictures

We had an amazing, lovely time over Christmas, all thanks to good friends and family! Major pic overload incoming!

Getting in the spirit with Love Actually

Getting in the spirit with Love Actually

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Hungry & Fit’s Christmas Lists

Hungry and Fit aren’t big on birthdays, the 4th of July, Easter, or most holidays that fall outside of the last three months of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are definitely the most celebrated in our household. Since we’re sticking to the holiday season theme for a lot of our posts recently, we thought we’d add another fun one and hope, in turn, to learn some more about you, our readers. 

Last year's loot

Last year’s loot

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The Best Holiday Movies

It’s that time of the year and at this point, you’re already three weeks into ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. There are the classics like A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and A Miracle on 34th Street. There are amazing animations including The Polar Express and The Year Without a Santa Clause. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a staple in almost every home and some people even share a laugh over Jingle All the Way and Fred Claus. Then you have those people whose favorite Christmas movie is Batman Returns or Harry Potter just because of the short scenes that time of the year in Gotham or at Hogwarts. Let’s not forget about Die Hard either.

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Five Last Minute Gifts for Him

Christmas is right around the corner, so that’s why we got your back for gifts! We know you may be busy, y’know, with a full-time job and a family or something, so we’ve created a little list. This list is easy last-minute gifts ideal for “him”! We hope this makes your holiday shopping a little easier. Whether he’s an athlete, a handyman, or an organizer, there’s something here for him!

1. TRYM II – There’s no need to have a big set of hair clippers and an overly large groomer. This has attachments that allow you to cut your hair, face, or body the way you want. It has a convenient vertical charging stand that doesn’t take up much space, looks good, and doesn’t use batteries. $30, Amazon Prime.

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Our Christmas in Pictures


IMG_5578 IMG_5579

We got my dad a puppy!

We got my dad a puppy!

photo 1 (27)

Great loot for Fit (Hungry got a PS4!)

Great loot for Fit (Hungry got a PS4!)

Noke loves her new bed

Noke loves her new bed

photo 3 (21) photo 4 (17) IMG_5580

Good eats

Good eats

Our December Goals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the end of the year! 2015 is right around the corner and even though you might be working on those New Year Resolutions, we all need to realize we have three more weeks of quality time that shouldn’t be wasted! So let’s brainstorm… think of five REALISTIC goals for December. These will help keep you focused during the frenzy of the holiday season. They will also get the ball rolling so you have some momentum moving into January. It’s hard to go full throttle the first of the year, so build some steam in December by creating and achieving these reasonable goals. 

Hungry’s Goals

1. Train every day! For what? Life! I don’t have any fitness related goals right now but after skipping the last six days of November, I’ve trained every day of December. Let’s keep it going since consistency is key for progress. 

2. Perfect work attendance! Since starting at my new Y in October, I haven’t missed a shift. I want to stay healthy, or tough, enough to keep those paychecks flowing and build other’s trust in my abilities at my new workplace.

3. Bring all meals to work! Every time I forget to pack lunch or go grocery shopping, I end up spending an average of $10 on a meal. I can eat healthier and save crucial money by preparing simple meals once a week.

4. Continuing Education Rush! I did a TRX GSTC on Sunday and have loads of YMCA training courses lined up for December. Still, let’s push the envelope and finish one more I didn’t plan to do! I have some ideas so stay posted.

5. Celebrate Christmas! I love Christmas. I love presents. I love the holidays, the decorations, the music, the meals with the family. And if I’ve done 1-4, you better believe I’ll be celebrating such a great month and year. 

photo 1 (22)

Fit’s Goals

1. Train six days a week. This means either lifting, cardio, yoga, OR all three! There’s always room for something. I’m letting myself have one day off, but I’ll always be doing with my walks with Noke at the very least. 

2. Bake once a week. This was my jam every week back in Boulder, where everything was simpler and easier. I’ve baked only a few times since living here in LA, whether due to lack of time, lack of ingredients, or just laziness or tiredness. No more! Getting back on that baking…plus it’s great therapy. 

3. Cook legit meals at least three times a week. This doesn’t mean I’m eating out the other times, but Hungry and I have what we call “lazy meals” which we’ve been thriving on lately. This means quick microwaving, or fridge food. I want to get creative and into cooking more and come up and try out new recipes! My work provides my lunch so I just have to cover breakfast and dinner! 

4. Meditate every day. Oh this horse I have fallen so far off of! Yesterday, I was thinking how badly I need to get into meditation. It creates such a healthy impact on my life and I crave it especially during these stressful times.

5. Go through my emails every day. Boring one? Most certainly, but for me–necessary. I used to be good at keeping up, categorizing, etc with every single email, but during these hectic times, I just throw my hands up. Every day, I want to have my inbox organized by the end of the day. This doesn’t mean every email is taken care of, but at least it’s starred or in the proper folder. Even though it’s slightly more work, it will alleviate stress in the long-term.

photo 1 (23)

For December, there be our goals. I’m excited for us to start this tradition every month. It’s always good to set goals. It keeps you motivated, it keeps you focused, it keeps you grounded while you dream. Remember to make them (or at least most of them) realistic so that you can reach it! It’s good to set standards high, but you want them completable so that you can feel good about yourself at the end of the month. Encourage yourself and those around you to create at least 3 monthly goals. It should help keep you in line ;). Make goals to stay hungry and fit!