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How to Deal with Negativity and Hate

Fit sent me this article earlier, which was written by one of her favorite bloggers… Young Adventuress. Honestly, I don’t know much about her outside of the Instagram pictures that Fit has tagged me in for the past few years. As far as I do know, Young Adventuress is a travel blogger, which means she gets to paid to travel and blog about it, basically. It is an amazing opportunity that relatively few bloggers are fortunate enough to fall into, although it isn’t all luck. It takes a lot of work… like, a lot.

I haven’t been on her website in what feels like years, but it looks better than I ever remembered. Her emails to her mailing list and well-formatted and although they might be a bit long, this past one containing the article, was fairly entertaining and sadly representative of an alarmingly large part of the general population. 

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Hotel Room Workout

Whether you’re travelling for work or fun, sometimes you are stuck in a hotel with no gym. You’re in a town that you’re unfamiliar with and aren’t subscribed to a gym nearby. You may even be short for time before your morning meeting or adventure, but you still want to get some movement and exercise down. What do you do?! What you certainly will not do is let this turn into a way for you to squirm your way out of a workout. No more excuses! I’ve designed a hotel room workout for you that you can do anytime anywhere. Let’s get to it. 


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Top Gadgets That Make Life Easy for Working Moms

Please enjoy guest blogger, Danielle, for today’s post! Danielle is a blogger by profession and loves sharing her thoughts over wealth and wellness blogs so that people can live a healthy life with a handsome income. She is based out in the UK but is planning to move to Malta soon.

Take it from us – working moms don’t have it easy. Working women have to take care of their jobs, and then take care of their ‘jobs’ at home. Bring in a child, and it would appear almost magical how these ladies are able to do everything, still, and then take care of the demands of the baby too! And if that’s not commendable enough, there are working moms with more than one kid at home. The kind of stress, hustle, anxiety, and labor in their lives is beyond the grasp of words. The one quality that gets them through the trying phases of life is their will power, and that can neither be bought, nor gifted. However, we’ll tell you some pretty cool products that can make things easier. If you’re a working mom, or know one, just think about how these smart, practical, and exciting products can take care of little things, and add some breathing space in the lives of these lovely, brave, and indefatigable ladies.
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Featured in VoyageLA Magazine!

Life and work seems to be a balance of reaching out and having people reach out to you. While it feels like we’re almost always reaching out to others, there are times where the opposite happens and when it does, it leaves you asking, how did they find out about us? 

VoyageLA is a magazine (and online media source) that searches for the brightest and best new businesses (or old, undiscovered ones) in the LA area. Once they find them and find out more about them, they try to spread the word so others can enjoy what they have to offer.

Times with each other
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Our 1000th Post!

On August 14th, 2012, we arrived in Boulder, Colorado with nothing but a 1998 Ford Taurus filled with everything we owned. We didn’t have jobs, a place to live, or money… but we had each other and decided that would be enough to make it. After loading up our credit cards and with student loans of over $50,000 we decided that the best place to go was the Boulder Public Library. Fortunately, we found jobs relatively fast, even though we both were hired as part-time hourly staff.

We finally found an apartment, but we couldn’t furnish it, so we pulled a futon from the dumpster and slept on that for months. Eventually, when we felt comfortable enough, we adopted Nymeria and Misty, and everything else is history! Over four and a half years later, you’ve followed our journey through 1000 posts on this blog! What started as a “personal blog” turned into a “food and fitness blog” that sat under Hungry & Fit LLC. 

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Hungry & Fit Cookbook!

Well… this is EXCITING!

We decided, for some strange reason, to publish a cookbook and we want your help! Here’s the idea: we use some of the countless recipes that we’ve posted on the website and throw them into a cookbook with some amazing photos. We also come up with some surprise new recipes that we cook often at home but have never shared with you!

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Introducing Dani California Cooks

I wanted to use today’s post in order to introduce a new blog run by a very good friend of mine. When she told me about her idea, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait til it started. Well, it’s here now and it’s wonderful, beautiful, and everything in between. We’ve known each other since middle school and have kept in touch ever since. She has a huge gregarious personality and wonderful sense of humor–a deadly combo for a blog. I’m thrilled to present Dani California Cooks. Here is an interview with Dani from us:

And she’s pretty to boot!

1. What is the name of your blog and what is it about?
My blog is named “Dani California Cooks” and it documents all the things I cook, eat and do as I split my time between Los Angeles and San Francisco! 
2. Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in California, but spent my college and several post-grad years living on the east coast. But then I came to my senses and decided to make the move out west again! When I’m not posting awkward pictures of me eating on my Instagram, you can find me at my management consulting job or hitting the pavement for a run no matter where I’m located. My mother calls me the “whirling dervish” as I am never in the same place at once – just in September I was in Baltimore, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 
3. What inspired you to create and run this blog?
I have been an avid reader of many food and healthy lifestyle blogs for years now (like Hungry and Fit!) and earlier this summer I decided I wanted to join the community of bloggers and actually actively participate. I am so glad I went for it – it’s a truly inspiring blogosphere to be a part of!
4. What is your goal in having a blog?
I’m really looking forward to connecting with other food and foodie bloggers out there, pass along some ideas for amateur healthy home chefs, and document my own day-to-day culinary experiences to share with the world! You’ll find that my blog posts fall into two categories – recipes, and the rest of my life! 
5. What’s your favorite food?
Besides the fact that I’ve already planned out my last meal on earth (penne bolognese and carrot cake, since you asked) I think my favorite foods are chocolate and a good tuna salad sandwich. Not together. Perhaps sequentially.
Lentil Soup - Dani California Cooks

One of Dani’s pictures

Take it from us that her posts will have you drooling and laughing–sometimes awkwardly at the same time! Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous (way higher caliber than ours) and her writing style keeps you coming back for more. I can’t recommend checking out her blog enough! I know you will enjoy it. If you’re looking for some great recipes or other food-style posts, check out Dani California Cooks. And as always, stay hungry and fit!

Guide to Hungry and Fit’s Posts

Here at Hungry and Fit, we give you a large variety of posts. From recipes to workouts to movie reviews to video game nerd alerts, we give you it all. However, after some discussion, we’ve decided to bring you more of a “routine” regarding our posts. I’m sure we won’t always follow it, but it will be our guidelines. So now we bring this guide to you. 

Mondays: Entertainment (movies, video games, tech, Weekend in Pictures)

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Related to food–recipes, suggestions, reviews, etc.

Wednesdays and Fridays: Related to fitness–workouts, reviews, advice, etc.

Saturdays and Sundays: Anything or nothing–we could post something random or not post anything at all!

h and f posts

Pretty simple, huh? I’m excited for this. I think it will be a lot of fun for us and for you. We will see how long we follow it and how much we can stick to it, but for now, I’m liking the plan. Hope you are all having a great Saturday. As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: What’s on your agenda for the weekend?


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Work with Us!

Happy Tuesday (at least in Colorado)! We just wanted to send out a short post letting you know that we have (finally) put up our official “Work with Us” page. You can find it by clicking hereWe wanted to write up an official page to make it easier for others to work with us and find us in order to establish opportunities and so forth. You will find our contact information and various options of what we are open to (anything from food to fitness to travel to nerdy stuff!). And besides…who wouldn’t want to work with us?!? (See below picture…yikes)

photo 1 (17)

We also updated our “Contact Us” page where you can find every which way to contact or follow us be it instagram to email to YouTube. Click here to see that page. We would love to hear from you in whatever you have to say! We are all ears! So please stop by those pages and give it a looksie.

As per our workouts this week thus far, we have stayed pretty true! I did legs and went for my run and Chris was able to get his back workout in. Trying to keep up the good work! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What did you workout Monday?


Cuties cuddling

Cuties cuddling

Sugar Cookie Chex Party Mix Recipe

This weekend, Chris and I attended our first blogging event. Chex had researched the blogs in the Colorado area and we popped up on their list! We drove down to the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree (which is BEAUTIFUL) and attended the event for about an hour. The bloggers were all female and a slightly older demographic. Everybody was super friendly and it was great to meet other bloggers, especially some of who I follow daily like Dinners, Dishes and Desserts. We spent half the time trying out the easy peasy Chex holiday recipes and then the other half bundling up the goodies in little gift boxes and bags. All the recipes we learned were easy and delicious–perfect for procrastinators like me for gift-giving. And then Chex sent all of us home with goodie bags that we very much appreciated. Thank you, Chex! It was hard picking one recipe out of the many we tried, but I’m going with the Sugar Cookie Chex mix. Now onto the yummy stuff…

Their setup

Their setup


  • 6 cups Rice Chex cereal
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tbsp corn syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk chocolate chips
Ingredients all ready for us! Very nice

Ingredients all ready for us! Very nice


  • Put the cereal in a large bowl that can be microwaved
  • Line a baking sheet with some wax paper or foil for when you are finished
  • Get your butter melted, whether through the oven, microwave or other means
  • Mix the regular sugar and corn syrup into the butter, then microwave to loosen everything up
  • Stir in the vanilla. 
  • Pour the mixture over the warmed up cereal and stir it so it is mixed properly. Also add in the white chocolate chips at this time
  • Microwave for 2 minutes
  • Sprinkle with the powdered sugar and really spread the sugar around
  • Now let’s lay the delicious cereal mixture onto that lined baking sheet. Sprinkle those sprinkles on top and have fun with it!
Amazingly delicious and simple

Amazingly delicious and simple

And that’s it. You can absolutely make this in under 15 minutes, no problem. If you prefer the oven, go for that! Next time when I do it on my own, I will probably substitute the corn syrup for some sugar and water. This dish is really delicious and it’s perfect for the holidays and school parties. Take advantage of it! And as always…stay hungry and fit!

  • Question of the Day: What is your favorite holiday treat?


photo (18)

Nymeria and I watching kitty videos