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Our 1000th Post!

On August 14th, 2012, we arrived in Boulder, Colorado with nothing but a 1998 Ford Taurus filled with everything we owned. We didn’t have jobs, a place to live, or money… but we had each other and decided that would be enough to make it. After loading up our credit cards and with student loans of over $50,000 we decided that the best place to go was the Boulder Public Library. Fortunately, we found jobs relatively fast, even though we both were hired as part-time hourly staff.

We finally found an apartment, but we couldn’t furnish it, so we pulled a futon from the dumpster and slept on that for months. Eventually, when we felt comfortable enough, we adopted Nymeria and Misty, and everything else is history! Over four and a half years later, you’ve followed our journey through 1000 posts on this blog! What started as a “personal blog” turned into a “food and fitness blog” that sat under Hungry & Fit LLC. 

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Hungry & Fit Cookbook!

Well… this is EXCITING!

We decided, for some strange reason, to publish a cookbook and we want your help! Here’s the idea: we use some of the countless recipes that we’ve posted on the website and throw them into a cookbook with some amazing photos. We also come up with some surprise new recipes that we cook often at home but have never shared with you!

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Passion Fruit Pudding Cake

My boss has a big bounty of a garden and he generously brings in lots of different kinds of fruits. One of these fruits in which he brings surplus of is passion fruit! Passion fruit is such a treat because it’s not very common. The abundant amount of rain Southern California has received lately has helped more fruit, well, come to fruit. Passion fruit has a certain tropical flavor. It also absolutely looks like an alien fruit: it has a purple shell and inside, there are a bunch of green slime covered seeds. Sounds appetizing, right? Well, it’s actually super tasty and they’re only about 15 calories a pop!

My boss had brought in a large amount this time and I had quite a few sitting in my fridge. I didn’t want them to go bad, so I looked up passion fruit recipes and found this one. I altered it a little to have less sugar. A passion fruit pudding cake…full of moisture and flavor without being too sweet. Those who know me know that I’m not a huge cake fan, but this recipe is a cross between a pudding and a cake so I like it. It may look a little intimidating, but it’s quite simple to do. I’ve already baked it twice because it’s so delicious. It’s perfect for a guilt-free dessert because it’s so light, but also hits the spot because of its flavor and texture.

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What is QC? The Importance of Quality Control

Well, what is QC? Quality Control. You might have already known that, but you still started reading this because you were curious what we might have to say about it. If you didn’t know what quality control is, we’re going to introduce the concept to you and share some insight because we think it’s crucial. Now, there’s a good chance you have a different name for the same concept and that’s fine because at the end of the day we’re all trying to accomplish the exact same task: to provide a quality product. 

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Our Week(end) in Pictures

May have been a rough week for us but we made the best out of it

My pillow after election night...yikes

My pillow after election night…yikes

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The Update You’ve Been Waiting For

Hey team Hungry & Fit, we have some exciting announcements for you, and obviously for us! Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to expect moving forward. You might have noticed that there was a month or two where we weren’t posting much content and that is because we have moved from one part of LA to another part of LA… again. That only marks the fourth time in three years and the seventh time in six years. It seems we just can’t stay still. Now that we’re mostly settled in our new place, you should expect (and demand) more from us!

This really is an exciting time of year. It starts to get cooler, we fall back with the time change and the sun sets earlier, and some of the most enjoyable holidays are right around the corner. Thanksgiving and Christmas plans are being made and lists are carefully crafted. Amazing movies and video games are released nearly every week for the rest of the year so there are plenty of reasons to be in high spirits. If you want to find out a bit more about those releases, look here.

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New Exciting Projects for Hungry & Fit

When team Hungry & Fit officially started back in 2012, we had no idea what would happen. It could have failed after a month but we’ve stuck with it, thanks to our amazing followers. We’ve had our successes and failures, but we’ve kept pushing forward because we want to be good role models for all of you. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle, after all, is a challenge and you’re faced with endless forks in the road, dead ends, and other hazards.

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Review: Influencer Marketing for Dummies

The science, logic, and technique into marketing brands always fascinates me. It can be a lot of work. But, brilliant people also make amazing decisions in which one line of text or one photo sends their brand booming. It seems like alchemy when you think you just have to pour a little bit more of this to this and then just then will you have the perfect marketing material or entrance into social media. I was given a copy of Influencer Marketing for Dummies to review by CleverGirls, and I can honestly say that it was fascinating. It provides a “backward” view of what we do here every day.

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Introducing Dani California Cooks

I wanted to use today’s post in order to introduce a new blog run by a very good friend of mine. When she told me about her idea, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait til it started. Well, it’s here now and it’s wonderful, beautiful, and everything in between. We’ve known each other since middle school and have kept in touch ever since. She has a huge gregarious personality and wonderful sense of humor–a deadly combo for a blog. I’m thrilled to present Dani California Cooks. Here is an interview with Dani from us:

And she’s pretty to boot!

1. What is the name of your blog and what is it about?
My blog is named “Dani California Cooks” and it documents all the things I cook, eat and do as I split my time between Los Angeles and San Francisco! 
2. Tell us a little about yourself.
I was born and raised in California, but spent my college and several post-grad years living on the east coast. But then I came to my senses and decided to make the move out west again! When I’m not posting awkward pictures of me eating on my Instagram, you can find me at my management consulting job or hitting the pavement for a run no matter where I’m located. My mother calls me the “whirling dervish” as I am never in the same place at once – just in September I was in Baltimore, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 
3. What inspired you to create and run this blog?
I have been an avid reader of many food and healthy lifestyle blogs for years now (like Hungry and Fit!) and earlier this summer I decided I wanted to join the community of bloggers and actually actively participate. I am so glad I went for it – it’s a truly inspiring blogosphere to be a part of!
4. What is your goal in having a blog?
I’m really looking forward to connecting with other food and foodie bloggers out there, pass along some ideas for amateur healthy home chefs, and document my own day-to-day culinary experiences to share with the world! You’ll find that my blog posts fall into two categories – recipes, and the rest of my life! 
5. What’s your favorite food?
Besides the fact that I’ve already planned out my last meal on earth (penne bolognese and carrot cake, since you asked) I think my favorite foods are chocolate and a good tuna salad sandwich. Not together. Perhaps sequentially.
Lentil Soup - Dani California Cooks

One of Dani’s pictures

Take it from us that her posts will have you drooling and laughing–sometimes awkwardly at the same time! Her pictures are absolutely gorgeous (way higher caliber than ours) and her writing style keeps you coming back for more. I can’t recommend checking out her blog enough! I know you will enjoy it. If you’re looking for some great recipes or other food-style posts, check out Dani California Cooks. And as always, stay hungry and fit!