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The Perfect Gift for Men

This week, we’re going to release our 2017 Guide to Holiday Shipping, filled with tons of ideas, most of which are available through Amazon. Before we get there, we want to take advantage of some amazing deals that one of Hungry’s favorite brands is offering right now. This might just be the perfect gift for men this holiday season. Why? Let us tell you!

Oliver’s Apparel is a higher-end men’s clothing company based in LA that makes all of their product in LA, which we love. They don’t have a ton of designs or crazy patterns, but everything is high-quality, durable, comfortable and multi-purpose. Hungry told you more about their other products HERE, but no matter what you decide to buy, you should do it now!

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The Ultimate Men’s Jacket for Fall

The ultimate. I know, that’s a bold statement. How could I possibly make such a claim about a product that has only been launched this week? I don’t need to look any further than Oliver’s All Over Short. After being introduced to it just a month ago, I’ve already decided that it is hands down my favorite pair I’ve ever owned or worn.

Wearing the shorts on a trail run

Wearing the shorts on a trail run

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Join a Society of Strength

This is a post that I recently wrote for Society of Strength, a new organization trying to bring all strength sports together in one supportive group. The article is called “Defining Strength” and while you might read the post here, please visit Society of Strength after and look around! You never know what you might learn! Often I have seen individuals fall in love with powerlifting, strongman, Crossfit, and more. What’s even better is that more often that not, those individuals are not athletes but just average people who love the cooperative nature of those sports, as opposed to bodybuilding or some other disciplines that can be very lonely. Either way, your experience is what you make it! Read this and you’re already going to be one step closer to being hungry and fit!

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Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

There are a few ways to measure whether you’re working hard or not. Well, there are a lot more than a few ways, but there are only so many that are relatively accurate. When it comes to exercise, the best way to measure progress is over time. We can watch our strength and conditioning grow as we can do more pull-ups or as we can see more abs in the mirror. As our mile time decreases and our lean muscle mass increases, we receive positive feedback from our body and it feels good. But what about during that painful workout? What can keep you going during the hard times?

Let’s go back to the first statement made in this post and reconsider the two most popular options. The first one is called perceived exertion, which basically makes you subjectively rate how hard you’re working on a scale of 1-10, or 1-20. It usually takes me a few minutes to explain it enough to your average fitness enthusiast before they get the general idea. It could take them weeks, months, or years at that point to fully understand it and apply it. It’s not reliable enough for most people. It’s too qualitative and not quantitative enough because of its subjectivity. So what is the second option?

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Hungry’s New Favorites: Frozen Kiss Apparel

Back in Boulder, through a friend that has lived in Boulder for decades, I found out about a local clothing brand owned and created by his friend. His friend, who I won’t name because he was not consulted about this post but may be featured in the future, is from Boulder but spent time in California and really seems to appreciate living right. That is, enjoying life and being positive, while sharing those good feeling with other people.

Colorado Flag custom Hoodie  3 layer sewn flag zippered sweatshirt

He is now spreading that through his Frozen Kiss apparel brand. You can find the clothing on his shop on Etsy (an online store for handmade and homemade goods and more!). If you had been following me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or our other pages, you would see how I have been featuring the tanks.

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

Sporting the tank with some tiger balm for pre-workout

My orange tank is made from American Apparel and has been hand embroidered. The fabric is of the highest quality and is ethically made in the United States. The brand name is on the front and the classic Colorado design is on the back. As a result, you are paying a premium price for all of that goodness but it is worth it. The tanks are perfect for the summer and warm days in general. They are comfortable sleeping shirts or for wearing around the house. The hoodies are just as good and the shop offers a New Mexico-based design as well. Finally, the color selection is tremendous… very fun and different.

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Hungry and Fit are enjoying their Frozen Kiss apparel and hope to create ties with the company in the future to offer fans of both some custom Frozen Kiss/Hungry and Fit gear for healthy lifestyles! We’ll keep you posted on that progress and let us know in the comments below if you’d be interested in some apparel by sharing your ideas!

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