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Tips for a Better Rest and a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is an essential component of maintaining your emotional and physical health, but with all the stresses and obligations of modern life, it isn’t always easy to get a good and restful night’s sleep. Psychological therapies to help reset our sleep cycles take time to have an effect and the pharmaceutical sleep aids are addictive in the long term.

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The Easiest Shave…Anywhere

As Hungry and Fit, we are always on the go (yes I include Hungry in this because he actually uses this razor as a 6 foot 210 pound man). Whether it’s to the gym, to one of our favorite dining spots, to a local trail, or to another country! We are on the move. With that movin’ and groovin’, we certainly need products that can keep up with us. Enter Venus Snap mini razor.


The pictures can’t quite describe how mini  it is. I was shocked. It is the smallest razor I’ve ever had. And that is a good thing. It comes in this neat little container, similar to the size of a pill case. I love it because it’s so easy to transport and bring anywhere I need. I’ve been keeping it in my bag (which comes with me everywhere) because you never know when you might need it. We all know those moments when you’re the one with the prickly legs. Awkward. So without me even realizing it, it’s become my perfect handy accessory I can sneak anywhere. The other night at the gym after a good back workout, I decided to loosen up and let my mind clear with a good swim. Good thing I had put my Venus Snap in my bag! I easily took care of the problem before I jumped in the pool. So handy. I love things that are actually useful. 

Slip it out of your bag!

Slip it out of your bag!

photo 4 (25)

Gettin dat calf action at the gym!

So now you know how useful it is, let’s learn more about the actual product. It is the Venus Embrace razor, first and foremost. You may be wary about how small it is, but the grip is easy to handle. It comes with that pivoting head that Venus makes which makes it actually hard to cut yourself.  And I know I already mentioned how awesome the cute compact carrying case is, but seriously, you can take it with you anywhere! I wish I had this on our New Zealand trip because from almost sleeping in our car to finding rooms in hostels, this is something you want small and compact.

See how little!

See how little!

And voila

And voila

So next time you’re at Target, pick up one of these bad boys. I promise it’s the perfect must-have accessory to your everyday life. Gym? Yes. Beach? Duh. Hiking? Easy and done. List can go on and on. That’s why the Venus Snap is perfect for us because you know we are always active and on the go. So just do yourself a favor and join the awesome club so you’re not the porcupine of the group. Use the Venus Snap to stay hungry and fit!

photo (42)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Today’s post is going to be short! It’s not because we are feeling tremendously lazy due to the heat and long work days. It’s not because we’ve run out of ideas… we have pages full of ideas that will last us until 2014. It’s simply because we’ve been very much into what we have been doing on our blog at www.hungryandfit.com (this site!) ever since we started last year. In fact, we are becoming continually more enthusiastic about it, as you can tell by the additions and innovations to the website.

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

Sajah being adorable on a hot summer day

For months, we have been tracking our progress and setting some unofficial goals. Obviously, we don’t make much money off of the blog… we simply love to offer some advice and tell fun stories to people who are interested. While we continue planning to expand upon our free and paid-for services, such as online comprehensive training and free YouTube videos (and MORE), we will keep the blog alive. So let’s get to the main point because I’m speaking without thinking about structure since I’m so happy. Just today, we passed the 1,000 follower mark, whatever that means. We’ve been aiming for it for quite some time and we hope you continue to refer us so that number can grow and the number of people we entertain and educate can expand.

Getting ready for a wedding...Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Getting ready for a wedding…Chris the self-proclaimed French hairstylist

Thank you again for all the love and support. And please look on our other pages besides the blog posts. We have some interesting stuff to see and it will continue to get better. Please let us know if there is a topic you would like us to talk about so we can add it to the list!

Stay hungry and fit!

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