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A New Kind of Champion

This post brought to you by Sports Authority . The content and opinions expressed below are that of hungryandfit.

As you guys know, I’m on a mission with some certain summer fitness goals. More specifically, I’ve been working on bodyweight exercises like increasing my pull-ups, push-ups, wall sits, handstand push-ups, and planks. It’s a mix of muscular endurance and strength. I need fitness apparel and clothes that aren’t going to confine me and give me seamless comfort, letting me give pure performance. Have you ever had clothing that were just too tight in some place and distracting during your workout? No bueno. That’s why I choose to take Champion GEAR on my workout journey and fitness goals. 

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We Dare You…to #GetActiveWDY!

That’s right, we dare YOU to get active–whatever it takes. Even though summer is winding down, that gives us no excuse to stop having summer fun! You know here at Hungry and Fit, we are all about getting active and enjoying ourselves while doing so! We encourage you to join us in getting and staying active for this month of August and beyond. We are partnering with UnitedHealthcare to bring this to you and to your friends and family! We’ve discussed time and time again about being the example, being the model for everyone else around you pays off. Not only does it inspire others, but it inspires you and enables you to give it your all every single time. 


Resting between sets of exercise!

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Super-Powered Protein Powder

How’s that for an internal slant rhyme! Alright, down to business. You’ve heard us talk about Sunwarrior protein powder and all its goodness before. Can things really get better for this one-protein-fits-all? Apparently, they can! Sunwarrior recently came out with the Classic Plus

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Fuel Your Adventures

What are summers for? Adventures. Beach-bumming, camping, road trips, cookouts, picnics, backpacking, and so on. Are you getting excited yet? I am. Tastes of grilled cheeses, s’mores, sangria, burgers, and ice cream. Now, you must be getting excited. Summer adventures are the best: the remaining shades of sunburn on your skin tingling as the sun dips down into nightfall where family and friends galore get together for some grub. Everyone has their own summer dream and that’s what’s fun about it: with everyone’s differing ideas, you get to experience a little of everything. 

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10 Food and Exercise Tips for a Healthy Life

Eating nutritious foods and getting into shape aren’t just physical goals; they’re mental challenges, too. Here are ten ways to lead a healthy, fit life.

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7 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Fall

October is here! Woohoo! I know Hungry is excited—Halloween is one of his favorites. What else does October mean? Fall is really here. Those closing their eyes and pretending it’s summer have to stop now. Well, you don’t have to, but come on—there are pumpkins now! I find that everyone I talk to has different opinions about Autumn—fears, loves, and so forth. Some detest it because the weather starts to get too brisk for outside workouts. Others love it because of the hearty produce it yields and the way it makes them feel. If you are ever feeling lost in Fall, here are a few tips to keep you happy and healthy while the leaves change color and drift away:


1. Don’t let the weather keep you inside. Yes, it may be getting colder, or even downright cold in some states, but that shouldn’t keep you confined to your personal quarters. That’s why layers were invented, of course! To allow you to bundle up and go outside, even when the wind threatens to flay you. You can even workout outside when it’s cold! Put as many layers on as you need to and remember—you can always take them off!

Talk about beauty!

Talk about beauty!

Using layers ;)

Using layers ;)

2. Fight off negativity. Don’t get down on yourself if you find yourself indulging in pumpkin sweets and heavy foods. Negativity is the worst thing you can consume if you’re striving to be a healthy person. Even if you have an unplanned splurge, don’t trash talk yourself. Instead, learn from the moment and move on. Put it in perspective.

Indulgences happen...move on

Indulgences happen…move on

3. Set a new goal for the fall. This is important because your goals should always be fresh and exciting to you. Otherwise you will fall away into boredom and apathy.

4. Indulge in autumn produce. Just because it’s no longer summer and watermelon isn’t on the daily menu anymore, doesn’t mean you have to resort to boring foods that give you the “blahs.” Even though in most states, it is getting colder, you must remember that Autumn is still a vibrant season with so much to offer! Think squash, pears, pomegranates and more!

5. Find a gym. If it is getting cold, and you find that it deters you from your workouts, find an indoor arena or gym you can perform your preferred workout. It may seem superficial, but atmosphere and environment are huge factors when it comes down to whether or not you will have a good workout, or even workout for that matter! Bite the bullet, hand over some money to either buy yourself some home workout equipment or a gym membership.

Home workouts galore!

Home workouts galore!

6. Try new things. Change is scary, but it’s also really exciting. With new seasons, come change. And what should you do with change? Fight it? No! Embrace it and give it meaning! Learn something new! Try a new form of exercise! Do yoga! Take a dance class! Roll with the punches of nature and use the opportunity to embrace change and try something new.

That time I did a triathlon...

That time I did a triathlon…

7. Stick with the old. Alright, now you really must think me crazy because now I’m contradicting myself. Contradicting? No! This is simply an add-on. While you embrace the new, hold onto the old that comforts you. It could be your morning routine, it could be your favorite snack, or your favorite drink. For me, it’s my Silk milk that I put in my smoothies and protein shakes. No matter what, my Silk Soymilk or Almondmilk will be there for me, giving me sustenance while the world around me continues to change.

photo 3 (26)

We are all different. We all have our likes and dislikes, our habits and our avoidances. However, one thing is the same, ironically, and that is change. Nature teaches us to accept change and let it nurture us into better people who try new things and have a wider range of experiences. There is always the “old” or our rocks, our foundation that keeps us going to balance the change in our world. If you want more of the old and the new, check out Silk’s Facebook page, which is constantly coming out with new recipes and tips to stay at your happiest, healthiest you. You could also win a year’s worth of Silk products if you sign up for their newsletter.

Even though this may seem like a list of ways to stay healthy throughout the Fall (and it is), the deeper meaning is to allow yourself to experience change (and enjoy it) while balancing yourself with the things that make you who you are and keep you sane. I hope these tips help you along your way in your Autumn journey. As always, stay hungry and fit!

*Question of the Day: How do you stay healthy during Autumn?

This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all ours.


Blaze New Trails: Mizuno Shoes

And I mean, blaze them. What the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about my new pair of favorite shoes–Mizuno’s Wave Kazan shoes. They are truly wonderful. Some of you may know, some of you may not know, and some of you won’t believe that I’m not a big runner. It’s not easy for me. Sometimes, I really struggle through my runs. I’m not one to get a runner’s “high”– that usually comes when I’m beasting lifts. Why am I sharing this? Because I don’t thrive on running, it’s important for me to have good shoes to keep me safe and give me a leg up. If I got any old shoe, I am setting myself back in a farther position. Even worse, I could hurt myself. When I got the opportunity to try the Wave Kazan shoes, it was love at first run. 



Pretty neat video, huh? I was first attracted to the shoe because of what it was designed for. The Wave Kazan is designed after Japanese rock gardens. What does this mean? You can use these on any terrain and they will adapt. Concrete, grass, sand, rocks, trails, and so forth–the design makes it all possible. It is incredibly versatile, which I appreciate. I like to go on trails a lot and slipping or twisting my ankle is not going to help out my progress. The Wave Kazan is designed to fight against that possibility and help you push harder and faster through those obstacles or terrains. And guess what? It only weighs 8 ounces. EIGHT OUNCES! It’s so light, it doesn’t even seem real.

photo 1 

My favorite part of the shoe is the heel. It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it. It was so nicely padded and worked with the rough terrain I was on–it truly felt like walking on a cloud. I felt so supported that I had no worries in trail running. Even though the shoes are so light, they are incredibly supportive and protective. You must try a pair to see what I mean! I think my feet may be having a love affair with these shoes…

photo 2

I’m not writing this review just for the heck of it–I’ve tried these shoes through many terrains. So far, it’s battled concrete, grass, sand, and a hiking trail. This pair of shoes did wonderfully, especially on the trail! The grooves on the bottom allowed me to grip onto rocks that I could’ve otherwise slipped off of. With the amount of injuries Hungry and I get, it’s nice to have equipment that protects against that. This may sound weird, but these shoes allowed me to better connect with the trail. Instead of wearing my normal thick running shoes or hiking boots, the lightness of the shoes and the grips allowed me to feel the trail, if that makes any sense. 

photo 3

Successfully used the shoes on a trail run with these two

Successfully used the shoes on a trail run with these two

If you can’t tell, I really like these shoes. I’m so happy to review them for Mizuno and FitFluential. Check out the Women’s Wave Kazan here, but also look around–there are other types of shoes and plenty for men as well. Use Mizuno shoes to stay hungry and fit!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fitfluential. All opinions are 100% ours (we actually love this shoe dearly). 

Beat Average

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of GNC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you seen GNC's new commercial? I feel like I've been showing everyone lately. GNC  is centering their new campaign about beating average (#BeatAverage). We are ALL about this. Who wants to be average when you could be so much more? I find it absolutely inspiring and motivating. Look at the commercial below. 

How awesome is that commercial? There are so many truths in it. How often have you made an excuse in order to not workout? How many times have you "forgotten" to workout? It happens to all of us. But GNC is challenging us to be greater, to be stronger, to be more focused. GNC is here to help us beat average. I appreciate that which is why I've been trying to show everyone that commercial, to inspire them to beat average. 

GNC has been around for almost 80 years, originally called the General Nutrition Center. It started in Pittsburgh as a place to go to live well and perform at your very best level. This is still very relevant today. If you aren't performing at your best level, why are you performing at all? When we strive, we should strive for the top of the top. We should be pushing our mind and body to get to that point we haven't ever achieved before. Average is blah, average is not for winners. Average is for those who want to just "get on" through life. No push, no struggle, no achievement. When you work hard, the rewards are endless

Average Won't Cut It - Blog photo 86952fd7-e9a4-4c2c-af92-f9ee3ec2dc19_zpsc4868efd.png

I hope many are with me when I say I want to conquer "Average." Let's conquer and beat Average. No longer do we need a society with run-of-the-mill people. Let's push to the top, push ourselves to struggle through the pain for the path to greatness. If you're with me for this, stop over to GNC Live Well and join #TeamGNC along with Hungry and I. Average is not for us. Beat average to stay hungry and fit!

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